Entdecken Sie die beliebtesten Laufstrecken in Ligurien mit handgefertigten Streckenkarten und Wegbeschreibungen sowie detaillierten Bewertungen und Fotos von Wanderern, Campern und Naturliebhabern wie Ihnen.

Great trail, well maintained and empty in low season

Enjoyed experiencing this amazing trail with my wife on our vacation. We hiked this trail during the off-season in November, so we only came across a handful of other hikers and some cats. We were extremely lucky to get the perfect three hour window without rain to reach Vernazza from Monterosso al Mare. I recommend this trail, especially during off-season, to anyone wanting to walk a perfect path.

1 month ago

A must do. Don't take the train walk the trails

Fun hike, but the stairs are the real deal.

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3 months ago

This trail has a lot of stairs going at a steep incline , especially leaving Riomaggiore. Watch out for bees and wasp hidden in bushes. My group went over the car bridge and through the car tunnel due to the SVA/ del amore/ ocean side trail being closed for the remainder of 2019. Pretty short trail. Only took about 45 minutes at a steady slow pace.

pretty awesome. lots of traffic jams though

Beautiful but very crowded even off season.

A beautiful hike which you can end with a dip in the Ligurian Sea

Nice trail with a couple of gorgeous views of the towns.

Nice walk. Do it in the morning or evening in summer. Views of the towns from above but brief.

Amazing view, but a lot of stair.

Beautiful ocean views! From Volastra to Corniglia, first a walk through the vineyards, then in the shade of trees.

5 months ago

I would recommend this trail for semi-fit people. The trail is not that long but it can be steep. Wouldn't recommend this trail for dogs. There are two water tabs with clean water on the trail free to use.

Great trail as an alternative to the sea side trail. We started later than we should have but still want terribly busy but it was quite warm. Start early and enjoy all the stairs!

Amazing views from the top of the trail, bit of a hard slog getting up and was medium-busy when leaving Montorosso at 8:45

Nice hard hike up but unsure of what the end result was, nowhere nice to sit down comfortably at the top. There was an abandoned building right up the top but mostly angled away from Montorosso. But all in all, nice walk up the edge of the mountain

6 months ago

This “trail” is an ancient footpath connecting houses and villages overlooking the Gulf of Paradise. The oath has stairs, cobblestones, packed earth, and pavement. You’ll get lots of Mediterranean sun, but also plenty of shade as you pass through groves and forests. It took me about an hour from the trailhead in Camogli to reach the Trattoria do Spadin, where I had an amazing lunch of branzino, vegetables, and sparkling white wine. Highly recommended!

I would recommend splitting this up and staying in Riomaggiore for the night and continuing on to Portovenere. This hike was awesome with a lot of good views from Riomaggiore to Portovenere.

7 months ago

this trail is closed right now

Because the main track between Corniglia and Maranola were closed, the Cinque Terre Infopoint (great service by the way!) person directed us to the Volestra-trail. So far, that has been the best trail of them all! Beautiful views, strawling along «cians» (the stoneshelves they grow wine on) gave us an incredible nice time! A little step in both Corniglia and Manarola, but take your time instead and enjoy the views. Be sure to take the «panoramic trail to Manarola when you have option to choose between the valley or the panoramic trail!

Did the hike last week. Go early in the morning if you want a better chance of avoiding crowds. Hugged by beautiful views of the ocean, vineyards and wildflowers. There are a good number of steep steps and rocky path and some people use walking sticks for assistance. Path can be narrow (only 1 person can pass) at some parts. I started from Monterosso and it was magical to see Vernazza appear as you get get closer.

2 months ago

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