Entdecken Sie die beliebtesten Wanderwege in Rio de Janeiro mit handgefertigten Wanderkarten und Wegbeschreibungen sowie detaillierten Bewertungen und Fotos von Wanderern, Campern und Naturliebhabern wie Ihnen.

Well maintained trail. Easy to moderate. Too rainy and foggy when we went to enjoy the viewpoints but beautiful forest still.

4 months ago

Beautiful location , but this is not a hike , it is more of a stroll . Kid-friendly but not jogger -friendly . Running is strictly forbidden after 8 or 9 am and they will enforce that.

Not really a trail, it’s just the sidewalk along the beach except for the eastern end where you climb the rock. Excellent views from Arpeador. Lots pf places along the way to purchase a drink.

Did this hike in March 2018 and it was a beautiful hike! We were a little spooked after hearing about the robberies but didn’t have any issues. However, would highly recommend you not bring anything of value just in case and go early!!

Did this trail several years ago when we visited Rio for the Olympics. Sad to hear it’s unsafe these days. It was a fun one with a couple really steep areas!

I have done this trail three times in the past 3 years. While it is a great hike, it is also notoriously dangerous. bandits routinely assault trailers. tourists especially are easy targets as they often are disillusioned/unaware of RJ's violence. ask any Carioca and they will tell you the same thing. If you choose still to do this trail, I highly recommend you go early (robbers are not known for being early birds) and on a day of low traffic. perhaps a week day. do not bring items of high worth, bring some back up money hidden in a shoe just in case. For those risk takers out there, enjoy and stay safe!

Please be aware the section between São Conrado and Leblon is permanently closed due to landslides at Av. Niemeyer and three different events that resulted in the collapsing of the suspended trail.

9 months ago

Beautiful trail through the rainforest with a couple of beach stops on the way. The trail is well marked and can be easily done alone. Residue from the rain the night before meant some of the trail was muddy and slippery especially walking downhill at times. There were some dogs along the way to lead you :) The beautiful Lopes Mendes beach is a wonderful reward for the long walk (though nice to also take a break at the two other beaches before). You can buy drinks and snacks at the beaches. Lopes Mendes has very limited resources (just drinks and snacks) so worth bringing food with you and enough money to get a taxi boat backs

Very easy trail. 30 min max. Now they’ve built stairs!

This trail is extremely dangerous right now. Lots of robberies. I would suggest you to avoid it.

If you are going to call this Beaches of Rio, you should include the two most populars: Copacabana and Ipanema.

Rio is magical, best place on earth !!!

Tue Jul 31 2018

According to https://www.halfwayanywhere.com/hikes/brazil-hikes/hiking-morro-da-urca/ the hike up Urca Hill is not difficult, but https://www.halfwayanywhere.com/hikes/brazil-hikes/hiking-pao-de-acucar-sugarloaf-mountain/ says that the hike up Sugarloaf Mountain indicated on the trail map should carry this warning: "This track is generally considered a climb and not a hike. There is a fair amount of scrambling up exposed rock faces (you slip and fall, you die) and a section of trail that requires you to climb a 20 meter vertical section of rock (Costão do Pão de Açúcar). Most people use ropes and climbing gear to reach the summit (you probably should too)." So this loop should not be labelled EASY. If you don't have gear, probably it is best to climb Urca Hill and to take the cable car from there up to Sugarloaf and back (about half price, since you won't need to take the first cable car from the base up to Urca Hill).

Tue Mar 13 2018

Awesome hiking in a sunny day

Nice scenery and easy hike. I saw lots of monkeys and tropical plants.

Great view and amazing people around! Luckily there were not as much people at the end of the day as usually when I was on this trail.

3 months ago

3 months ago

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