Entdecken Sie die beliebtesten Rennradtouren in Victoria mit handgefertigten Streckenkarten und Wegbeschreibungen sowie detaillierten Bewertungen und Fotos von Wanderern, Campern und Naturliebhabern wie Ihnen.

First few km nice, than boring. Good for biking with dog or roller skates - asphalt bike tracks all the way. No off leash. Watch for snakes in summer.

10 days ago

4 stars for the half close to downtown, zero for the rest. Average 2 stars. Ear plugs recommended, traffic noise is horrendous. Bikers use the trail for racing it seems. Plain dangerous for hiking. Cannot recommend it.

a very scenic, relaxing and stimulating walk for all fitness levels. the mangroves offer nice fauna and flora and connection to Altona dog beach. great one to bring kids and the dogs along. well paved route.

A really poor trail unless you like walking or riding beside a heavily trafficked multi lane major commercial access road for most of the way.

3 months ago

Lovely riding trail with a variety of surroundings. Regular water fountains and a few coffee places where one can stop. Nothing difficult or dangerous, but the stairs at Gipps Street / Collins Bridge are unpleasant. The trail is mostly well signposted, except at a few locations. Earle Orenstein's post lists some of them. All in all, very enjoyable. I did it clockwise.

3 months ago

Good trail by the city. Easy one. Better suited for runners..

Pretty straight forward trail - great to get some distance in if you don’t want to exert yourself too much. It’s a flat path, great for beginners as well!

8 months ago

A lovely loop around Melbourne and an easy way to clock up 20km+.

Casual walking track through wetland. I use for running for fitness rather then for a planned hike

Great suburban bush trail, suit young kids. Goes past the site of the first farm in Seaford. Great sunset vistas across the wetlands.

So beautiful, the creek is so calm and relaxing. Lots of trees and a good escape from the city. Bike riders are usually polite and let you know they are coming

10 months ago

I came to the track for a run. The direction coordinates are a touch off in terms of where to park. Just drive a little further along the coast and there are places to leave the car. Trail is similar to Merri Creek or Yarra Trail in terms of being paved and split for both directions. It was bloomin windy. I was glad I had big over-eat headphones to protect my ear holes. I ran about 6k if it. Not too busy. Different things to look at along the way. On the way back I enjoyed walking barefoot, especially on the sand to toughen up ankle strength. It fit the bill and I’ll come back to train here.

Mon Jan 14 2019

Great circuit around the city! Southbank to Docklands could get packed and dodging tourists is a big test of patience.

quite a boring trail. good for a walk with kids i guess. and possibly good on a bike.. whole track is tarmac path.

Generally a really good trail. However, there are a few spots where b the two doors not seem to be well marked so it's easy to miss turn offs. If going in a clockwise direction from the city, .. Don't miss the turn across Footscray Rd St the lights immediately after Costco. I completely missed the turnoff from The Moonee Ponds Creek trail to get across Flemington Rd into Royal Park. If you do then use the underpass under Mount Alexander Rd and U-turn to get on to the north side of Mt Alexander / Flemington Rds. Ride along Flemington Rd and turn left at the tram line which is the park. Look out for the underpass at Rushall Station. If you miss it turn right on to the Merri Creek Trail and you'll get back to the Capital City Trail. Once on the Yarra River Trail people on hand cycles or with buggies need to look out for the stairs. Not sure how to get around them though. After that it's plain going. With those small quibbles fixed, it is definitely a 5 star rating. With the knowledge I have now I'll do it again for sure.

my local can choose bike or walking, short or long walks, take water, well treed, path paved so hard on legs for long walk.

Thu Dec 27 2018

This is part of the Capital City trail and can be extended for as long as you'd like to go, before actually completing the whole Cap City trail. Or, you can continue for approximately 6 more km to the Yarra bend park, and then route around the park before returning on the other side of the Yarra river; Trail is flat and mostly paved. Lots of bike riders, some runners and walkers (like me). Most of the trail is buffered by the river on one side and a narrow strip of bush and woods on the other side. Otherwise, its in an urban setting.

An excellent ride; but have seen several brown snakes one of which I ran over accidentally. It just slithered away hopefully no harm done.

Fri Oct 19 2018

Not a bad trek around the city of Melbourne

Wed Oct 10 2018

love it . done it on skates and bike

Excellent, lots of different scenery. A great afternoon. :) Was about 15km and took us 3hrs at an easy pace with a couple of stops.

Great walk along the bay, take your time and grab a coffee along the way!

A nice ride, plenty to look at along the way albeit some of the sites are industrial scuzzy! Enjoy a Williamstown coffee at Carter Smith Devlin!

Nice easy ride. Good for family and kids. Pretty noisily because of cars and tracks.

Stunning ride.

A great ride for all the family.

Wed Jan 18 2017

A great ride around the city to see the sites, with plenty of cafe options for coffee.

10 hours ago

6 days ago

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