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San José, Costa Rica Map

Awesome hike!! I would definitely recommend this to those who want to get out into nature and challenge themselves. You can make it up in an hour, but it will likely take more time than that (90+ minutes) if you want to chill a bit along the way. Definitely follow the "getting there" instructions as it's a bit tricky to find! At the second cross, you can head down to the lower path and take a different way back: from that way you will find a road with a semi-regular bus to San Jose!

Great little hike - takes about an hour up to the high point and the same back. It’s pretty steady uphill all the way and can get very warm under the trees but a nice breeze awaits at the top. We only saw one cross and one place where there used to be a cross so not sure what happened to the third one. The effort to views ratio is very good. Fantastic vista of the city and then further on from the last cross you come to a saddle with tremendous views of the valley and Pico Blanco.

This hike is pretty steep and primitive. Definitely not for beginners. Would certainly not recommend doing this after it has been raining substantially. The trail is very slick when wet. Spectacular views from the top.

After completion of your hike I highly recommend the Aztec restaurant on the left side. They have three floors - the second floor is a sports bar with $2.50 US beers and excellent views. The Italian restaurant to the right is expensive and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb in your sweaty hiking clothes.

2 months ago

Very beautiful hike. A must see if you're in the area! Bring plenty of water, a couple snacks and some stuff to get wet in. The trail can be very muddy in parts so be mindful of that. Open toed shoes aren't recommended but you can get by if that's all you have. Be sure to bring some colones for the ticket purchase and if you can drive down to parking lot it will make the hike a lot easier. Enjoy!

Amazing views and the crosses were really cool. The second one had fallen down to the side. The hike is pretty difficult, with a steep incline the majority of the way up. Also had to double back a time or two to get to the right trailhead— off the dirt road there’s a small white sign on one of the trees to the side of a pasture. It’s very easy to miss so keep your eye out! I wouldn’t recommend this hike to an unseasoned hiker. I’m a 22yo from the blue ridge mountains and had some trouble w it.

4 months ago

The views are well worth the hike. Park off the road by what is no longer an Italian resturant. you cannot miss the only dirt road up the ridgeline. After a few KMs you will see a small white sign labeled "tres cruzes" follow the trail for the rest of the way.

Great views of the whole valley as you up the path. Not too challenging but does get a little steep in places.

Trail was moderate basically a dirt road the whole way. It gets steep and in some parts if it has rained really muddy so wear hiking shoes if possible. I wore some track shoes so it got really slippery in some places. You will see some cattle and horses along the way, and some shots of the river. It gets pretty steep towards the end and your heart rate will get going. Then it opens up to the most amazing waterfall I have ever seen. Make sure you go to the top falls and explore behind the rocks! Pay the extra 3 dollars to park in the parking lot you will be glad you did trust me! Trail is four stars but the waterfall is 5 stars!

6 months ago

AWESOME hike to the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen! The hike is longer than the 2.5 miles one way that is advertised. More like 3. So six miles round trip. Very steep in parts but totally worth the hike. Definitely bring your for wheel drive car so you can drive down to the parking lot. It’s a steep muddy road and if you can’t drive down it you have to walk and that would add another 3 miles to your trip!! But this is a must see!!!

Take caution if you come here. I’m studying abroad in Costa Rica for five months and one thing I learned is that if a local tells you not to go somewhere..don’t go. I got home after doing this hike and my host mother was appalled that I went to such an unsafe place. The location of this hike is in one of the most dangerous/ crime-infested areas of San José, so if you go, go in a group or not at all. The view was cool though.

Great views! Very steep in several places, but worth it.

Great trail in the dry season. Seems nearly impossible during the rainy season. Well worth the easy half-day trip out of SJ.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

This trail is not as easy as it looks.. Park at the top and walk/run down.. or if you have a suv you can drive down and park at the parking lot 1.5km down.. MAKE SURE YOU GET A WRIST BAND AT THE TOP BY THE ROAD! It’s $8 otherwise they might turn you away right at the waterfall.. total hike from the road 9.6km
Bring lots of water

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

there are multiple trails that actually go up to the biggest cross so I've heard. the trail was slick and overgrown, but the views going up were worth it. very steep and rocky.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

the trail itself was great. our only difficulty was that there was zero signage and a few times we had to double back. there were a few spots where the rain has washed the trail to a fairly steep grade but other than that it was good.

Friday, March 17, 2017

The hike was as reviewed by the others. We went on a Friday and met exactly 0 people on the trail which is nice. If you had a 4x4 you could drive up past the resteraunt about 4-500 meters before the trail forks off which is marked. we were about 2 hours up and 40 min down. It is pretty much straight up, a good slog for my 61 year old lungs.
Fantastic views and cow pattys. Unfortunately the two resterants were closed when we got down, Friday 1.30?beers delayed

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Great hike with awesome views of San Jose. Trail was A little overgrown with vegetation in some areas, but clear visible path the entire way. Previous review with directions to Restaurante Valle Azul (great view and hospitable for beer and wifi afterward) and dirt path to the right were spot on. Recommended!

they charge about 20 per person. ..at least gringos. 2.4 miles isn't worth 10000 colones.

Fantastic views. Bring a camera! Not technically difficult but very very steep in places though. Would recommend a walking stick for those who need it. On the way down, the earth is loose, so watch that you don't slip.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Great hike in Escazu. Park at Valle Azue Restaurant, and start up the dirt road to the right of the restaurant. Takes you to 3 distinct crosses, with each one more impressive. It's a pretty steady incline, but the trail is in good condition with no need for technical climbing. The views at the 3rd cross are outstanding, and there were many families there enjoying the views and having an early lunch picnic. Definitely worth the climb!

Short out and back hike that ends at a refreshing, 2-tier waterfall. Starts at a nice restaurant (El Restaurante Selva) and follows a dirt road up along side a river. At the end of the dirt road starts the backcountry trail for a short-ways, which opens up at the river right below the lower falls. A quick scramble up to the left of the lower fall gets you to the upper fall. Nice, gradual hike with no technical parts to it. Do it early to avoid the heat! Make sure to enjoy an inexpensive meal with some cerveza after the hike at the restaurant!!

4 days ago

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