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Sun Feb 10 2019

Great hike, amazing views!! Loved the graffiti ✌

Thu Feb 07 2019

its worth doing the whole hike to the 3rd waterfall..

Fri Jan 18 2019

The beach at the end is rocky. Good outing.

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Thu Dec 27 2018

Great quick horseback ride! Great view of Jaco Beach!

Thu Nov 29 2018

great trail with tons of wildlife

Thu Oct 18 2018

Gorgeous hike if your in the area. Steady incline the whole way up but very doable. There's a part where the trail forks near the top with a sign that says private property. If you follow it back it will take you to an unfinished structure with some awesome views. Wonderful spot to watch the sunset. Overall a nice hike. Stay hydrated and enjoy!

Mon Jun 18 2018

The first big waterfall is easy and fun to hike to but the next two are on a vey intimating climb. A lot of the ropes that were in place to assist you up are no longer intact. If you don’t have a fear of heights definitely go for it but be extremely careful.

Thu Apr 26 2018

Great and easy hike. The trailhead is across the road the stop sign at Calle Madrigal and HWY 34 (another reference point: Its also across the road from the gas station). At the trailhead there will be a house on the left, some wooden recycling bins on the right, and then a steep paved roadway in front. This paved roadway is the beginning of the trail. It will turn into dirt. Along the way there will some archways on the road for a nice viewpoint. At the only fork in the road, take a sharp LEFT and then shortly you will see a paved sidewalk on the left. Follow this to the main lookout/abandoned restaurant.

Mon Apr 02 2018

Good hike for bird watchers

nature trips
Sun Mar 25 2018

Sat Jan 06 2018

Fan hike & the bird watching.

Thu Jan 04 2018

Great trail for nature lovers. It is long and it can get very steep. Most of the trail is completely natural, so you won't find many man made "adaptations". Not recommended for children or small dogs.

Sun Dec 31 2017

hike report: https://travel2walk.com/2018/07/01/trip-report-costa-rica-december-2017/#claro

Wed Jul 19 2017

The trail is unmarked, the gas attendant across the street showed us how to get there. Once you hike up to the top there is an abandoned restaurant on the side of the mountain. It is so cool! It's overgrown and graffitied. Would highly recommend!

Tue Feb 07 2017

Adventurous hike up a series of 3 waterfalls. The trail is not well marked aside from random blue dots painted on rocks throughout. The hike begins at the bottom of the first waterfall, hopping from rock to rock in the river. You eventually have to climb a wall to a set of rustic stairs to get to the upper falls. At the second waterfall, you can swim and jump from an old rope swing into the pool. You can also get close to the cascade of the first waterfall and it is quite a site looking down. There have been stories of people jumping into the first waterfall cascade from here but it sounds like some have died trying. Best to wade and jump from the rope swing to enjoy your journey! You can continue on to the third and smallest waterfall however the pool at the second was the highlight. This journey is great for those who enjoy the rainforest scenery. You can also see and hear howler monkeys lurking in the trees above.

Tue Mar 22 2016

Short hike, up to abandoned restaurant that is gorgeous. Very unique, lots of Mediterranean-inspired arches, and structures. 2 miles round trip for a nice way to start your day. Steep at first and then levels off.

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Sat Jan 16 2016


Wed Oct 15 2014

Awesome light trek, beautiful pictures with unique patterns overgrown walls on the road/path. It has a vista from the road and from the old restaurant that was never finished. You can take your hike past that up to where there was once zip lines from the restaurant ruins. Which may be the steepest and most enchanting part of it all. You are surrounded by canopy cover and still can capture beautiful views in a few points.

Fri May 23 2014

Nice hike in a beach town. Trail head is across the street from Calle Madrigal as it hits 34. The trail starts out paved and is steep in parts. About half a mile or so, you'll hit the first "ruins", arches looking over the beach. Continue up the trail to the next set of ruins for an even nicer view.

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