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Puntarenas, Costa Rica Map
3 days ago

Good trail, very dusty during dry season

It’s crazy to see all these animals in their natural habitat. We’ve seen 2 species of monkeys, a lot of iguanas, birds, a deer, a few sloths with babies and other mammals that I don’t remember the name. Definitely worth it! Do the trail with a guide or you won’t spot anything yourself, these guys have lynx eyes!

12 days ago

Great hike, amazing views!! Loved the graffiti ✌

Long line ups to get in so go early. everyone is trying to sell you parking as well so delay paying the first person you see. once in the crowds at Main trail are large and noisy. But we did see Toucans near main gate which we heard guides say was rare. also saw Maccaws lots of Monkeys,raccoons and a Blue Iguana. waterfall trail and Caterdal trails much less busy likely due to there being many stairs to climb. waterfall was dry this time of year but we saw a couple of monkeys along the path. Beach at end of main trail is amazing so take swim gear as there are change rooms and showers available. watch out of thieving monkeys and raccoons here as they are very bold.

15 days ago

its worth doing the whole hike to the 3rd waterfall..

Not really a hiking trail. More of an overcrowded walking trail. You’ll see sloths and monkeys for sure, but it’s expensive to get in, and so many people pushing up against you, makes it hard to enjoy the experience. The line to get in is ridiculous. However, at the end of the trail when you end up in the monkey beach, it’s stunning. One of the top rated beaches in the world. But it’s completely possible to just pay less to get into the private beach and enjoy the water And the monkeys trying to steal your bag. My least favorite CR experience by far.

1 month ago

The beach at the end is rocky. Good outing.

Beautiful wet plant life! Every once in a while we could see sun rays peaking through the clouds in the forest. Closest you can get to walking in the clouds. Very neat!

To the eastern most point: end of the Bosque Nuboso trail. Saw elfin forests on the Caribbean side of the slope, where clouds roll in with gusty winds. Out and back in 1.5 hours — would have stayed longer if we had more time. Trail well maintained and elevation gain moderate. Unguided. Saw some wildlife.

You need tickets, as most places in Costa Rica. Line can be long. The main attraction is wildlife viewing, hiring a guide is strongly recommended (equipment and experience). The walk itself is very easy. Do not touch any plants as our guide showed some unassuming but poisonous ones, and the chance of fer de lance and other snakes. At the beach watch out for capuchin monkeys who will steal everything left unattended, and for those signed large toxic trees.

We took a guided tour of the reserve. The trails are well maintained obviously and we saw some wildlife (quetzals, monkeys, hummingbird, ...). Great park.

horseback riding
1 month ago

Great quick horseback ride! Great view of Jaco Beach!

Like everything in Costa Rica, it is not free. $22 USD per person. Gorgeous. Fun. Smooth trails (well, well maintained—some areas are concrete grates). Also, if you go solo, be prepared to get stuck behind large tourist groups.

great trail with tons of wildlife

Muy bueno! Se pueden ver monos, perezosos y muchos otros animales

4 months ago

Gorgeous hike if your in the area. Steady incline the whole way up but very doable. There's a part where the trail forks near the top with a sign that says private property. If you follow it back it will take you to an unfinished structure with some awesome views. Wonderful spot to watch the sunset. Overall a nice hike. Stay hydrated and enjoy!

windy and dewy but fun to walk around in the forest much unlike the rest of costa rica

This was a great mellow hike with so much to see.
When we arrived at the beach the snorkeling was perfect, clear water and tons of fish. Watch out for the raccoon looking animals and monkeys they will steal stuff out of bags:)

8 months ago

The first big waterfall is easy and fun to hike to but the next two are on a vey intimating climb. A lot of the ropes that were in place to assist you up are no longer intact. If you don’t have a fear of heights definitely go for it but be extremely careful.

Beautiful, tranquil, and a great workout if you’re spending time hiking the longer trails. I would actually say it’s more moderate than easy. If you only do the waterfall trail, it’s easy. If you go to La Ventana, across the suspension bridge, then out to the waterfall - you are climbing steps and it feels like you’re on a stair master for a good 40 minutes. It’s hard. We did a few trails and it came out to about 5.5 miles. We spent 2.5 hours and the reception told us that the trails we did normally take 3 hours. Bring water. The mosquitoes are minimal if any (here in May) but there are lots of bugs so bug spray is helpful. It’s mostly shades but there are a few spots you’re exposed to sun.
La Ventana (continental divide is not labeled anywhere on the deck, it’s pretty lack luster. Good view of the forest though. Also if you cross the suspension bridge then you don’t need to do another sky walk tour because it’s the same thing; walking on a bridge over the air plants. Very cool but if you’re looking to save money and see it all, come here and do 3-4 trails.

Sendero Mirador has a beautiful view point when you get up there. Totally worth it.

9 months ago

Great and easy hike. The trailhead is across the road the stop sign at Calle Madrigal and HWY 34 (another reference point: Its also across the road from the gas station). At the trailhead there will be a house on the left, some wooden recycling bins on the right, and then a steep paved roadway in front. This paved roadway is the beginning of the trail. It will turn into dirt. Along the way there will some archways on the road for a nice viewpoint. At the only fork in the road, take a sharp LEFT and then shortly you will see a paved sidewalk on the left. Follow this to the main lookout/abandoned restaurant.

10 months ago

Good hike for bird watchers

nature trips
10 months ago

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Fan hike & the bird watching.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Great trail for nature lovers. It is long and it can get very steep. Most of the trail is completely natural, so you won't find many man made "adaptations". Not recommended for children or small dogs.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

hike report:

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