Photos of Limón Bird Watching Trails

4 days ago

Cons: We asked a guide about this hike and was told it was about 5 km- definitely closer to 6/7 miles. It has been raining here in Puerto Viejo so the trail was primarily mud with some spots for breathers where you can actually walk and look around. When I say mud, I mean nearly knee-deep, unavoidable spots. I admittedly didn’t have proper footwear so ended up hiking 4+ hours barefoot. It should also be noted there was horse manure scattered throughout the trail as well. It was an experience to say the least! Pros: We did see some cool wildlife– monkeys, frogs, crabs, huge spiders, a capybara (we think). Slipping and sliding was funny at times. There’s another trail off the main trail from Manzanillo that brings you to a beach cove – definitely look into that one if you’re not up for all of that! It’ll still be muddy (so be prepared for that) but much less of it. The final destination/end result was not worth the hike unless you are staying at the Punta Mona community.

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