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Fun easy trail to the beach. Some climbing and a rocky walk back along the beach. Better at low tide.

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Absolutely breathtaking. Easy to access this waterfall. Really nice swim in beautiful blue water. Cool suspension bridge to get to the falls. Highly recommend. If you stay at the "resort" nearby, you can get wristbands for free access to this waterfall, another beautiful set of 2 smaller blue falls, and the hot springs. Highly recommend all 3.

Really beautiful forest, felt like thick jungle. Very commercialized, with paved paths all throughout. Absolutely worth it, though. Spent an entire day here and hiked every inch of this reserve. Didn't see as much wildlife as we had hoped, but the forest is amazingly beautiful.

The Rincon de la vieja sector las Pailas Rincón de la Vieja is the largest volcano in Costa Rica . It contains More than 200 species of birds .The Las Pailas or cauldrons section is a about 2,5 miles (3.5 km)or a circular path That runs through the most interesting points of the park. It is perfectly signposted and even paved in some sections., along with natural fumaroles, bubbling volcanic mud pots, small geysers and rushing rivers. Some of the most colorful examples include emerald toucanet, motmots, turwhite-fronted parrots, keel-billed toucans, northern-barred woodcreepers, and more. Rare and exotic mammals found in the area include kinkajous, pumas, a variety of monkeys, sloths, tapirs, and jaguars.  Inside the park there is a road to la Cangreja (3h). This route is quite long and if you arrive a little late, they do not let you access (initially, the last access is at 12h).

Rio Negro Waterfalls is a 1.3 kilometer moderate trail The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and bird watching . there are four waterfalls flow, and all of them have pools where you can swim. Getting to the waterfalls is an adventure on its own Peaceful and refreshing experience The Hot springs of Río Negro These hot springs are located in the forest and that's such an idyllic place. This is a secluded natural hot springs where you could paint on the mud and then wash it off in the river. You can choose between different temperatured pools and you can take a bath in the cold river.

Great trail, directions were a little confusing, but i started the trail from the end. Either way it was really good. Great views of the bay.

1 month ago

Great birding!

Great birding!

2 months ago

Beautiful easy to moderate trail with gorgeous views . Dog friendly. Finish at the beach and Jump in the water! Very private small beach. Bring a snack and spend a relaxing day here .

La casona played an important role in shaping Costa Rican identity , because of the military political events . Santa Rosa National Park and Liberia City Tour. The Santa Rosa National Park is the most important monuments in the dry forest of freedom after independence. “La Casona” is where in 1856 the Costa Rican army beat a group of filibusters that tried to conquer the whole central American territory. In 1890 it is purchased by Sacaza family who demolished the casona and builds a new one The haciendas in Guanacaste had a garden with crops such as cocoa and sugar cane . Haciendas extracted timber and farmed cattle y dairy products. The battle of Santa Rosa is one of the most important moments of National Campaign . The campaign stemmed from a Civil War between the Liberal and the Conservative parties in Nicaragua from 1854 to 1857 . To win the cause the Democratic Party appealed to William Walker And his mercenaries. Colonel Lorenzo Salazar with 480 men from San José vs 230 filibusters . The battle lasted 14 minutes. 19 filibusters died and 20 were executed.

Getting there is not complicated. From Liberia , it is 6 kilometers going towards Bagaces . There is a sign on the right that leads to the site, about another kilometer away. You do not need a 4×4 vehicle or legs of steel. Moreover, it is the perfect place for those who want to leave the car in the parking lot, walk a couple of minutes, contemplate the beauty and enjoy taking a dip in the water.There are not many steps that you have to go down to reach the water. It doesn’t even take five minutes, but it could be complicated for someone elderly.After the steps, your feet touch white sand, like a beach. The sound of water becomes the center of attention and a moist breeze begins to refresh your face. It is 19 meters (62 feet) high, while others say 21 meters (69 feet) , but the curtains of water drawn on the landscape are more striking than the dimensions. Some say that the pool is more than four meters (13 feet) deep. During the dry summer months, many Guanacaste families visit the waterfall since it is one of the few places where water flows year round. On ordinary days, about 300 people can come, but there are days when up to 1,000 come..You can climb to the top but it a little slippery.

2 months ago

Located near the Rincon the La vieja Park . To go you walk rustic trail and includes an amazing hanging stairway. There is an observatory deck down at the waterfall. It is a tall narrow waterfall with with an impressive 25 meters high . It has a bubbling turquoise pool where you can swim or jump down of the rocks

A magical experience!

3 months ago

Beautiful views. Hard to find the start with the construction in progress. The Dantita trail was closed with a "keep out" sign so we took a detour to re-meet that trail.

Beautiful forest, path is well constructed, super easy, didn’t see much for wildlife (small birds and centipedes)

This is a beautiful walk. You encounter many hanging bridges. You get to see many birds especially Costa Rican Tucan.

A really good walk. Well maintained track.

A really good walk through the jungle. Not very steep. Well maintained track and good information. Track is muddy and slippery in places so would recommend boots if possible.

Amazing view from the top, hiking is beautiful, some creeks, some bridges, a few strenuous spot towards the end, but the view it’s worth the while. Only Cons: not enough sign, easy to get lost, never do it at night.

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8 months ago

The parking for us cost 4$ usd. Then a man escorted us and helped us down the trail, which was absolutely unnecessary, it’s an easy trail to follow. He showed us a baby porcupine and another swimming hole nearby. Then when we wanted to swim, he and what seemed like his friend loitered arround our bags... so I guess just be careful, it does feel like it could be sketchy. Once your mind is at ease with your stuff and you actually experience the waterfall and get to swim arround it’s very enjoyable! There are people here but it’s popular for a reason ! Check it out if you get a chance. If you have more questions you can contact me through @j.wwest

We begin the trail from Rinconcito Lodge. The trail was very beautiful and it's vert nice to swim near the waterfall or in the hot springs.

great trail. easy-moderate only due to rocky river crossings, not difficult just need to pay attention. hike to the hot springs is on a nice wide trail. roots and rocks here and there, well marked. Hot springs are simple with heavy sulphur smell. The road off of 918 is bumpy. It's actually flat and no ruts but consists of 2 to 4 inch rocks and its crazy bumpy. A car may make it but no struts or shocks left when you get there

10 months ago

I’m a professional trail runner and this is as good as it gets. NEED YOUR PHOTO ID AND $15 USD for each person. Single track and wider trails with no scrabble and perfect climate. I did a counterclockwise loop called Sector La Pailas off of the Hot Springs Trail. Although I report on trail running I loved it so much I took my wife walking which is why it took 4 hours at walking pace. Saw 3 large groups of capuchin and howler monkeys. There are 6-8 water crossings that will NOT get your feet wet and some crossings have cable assist. This is an awesome trail for walking AND running.

There are a few things people need to know before they do this hike. The first is getting there. The beginning of the trail looks like it's to the left of a dirt road (right after the fork in the road). That is not the beginning!! If you look on the trail map, you'll see it veers to the right for the first half and then juts to the left. The trail starts when the trail juts left! Don't park your car off to the side of the dirt road--drive all the way up until you see the info/ ranger station (if you zoom into the map you'll see there is an info sign right by the top right most point of the trail). There is parking, a bathroom, etc. You'll also need to bring $15 CASH for each person in your party. The trail itself was nice and not too hard. I'd recommend going to every side trail too as that is where the sights are (the side trails are all marked on the map with black dotted lines). First there is a hummingbird trail (we didn't see any), then the longest side trail is to the cold sulfur bubbling water pools (if you want to skip any, this would be the one), then an enchanted forest which has a waterfall and a brook, then a bigger waterfall, and then finally the hot-springs. It's worth bringing a towel and a bathing-suit. Remember that sulfur reacts with lots of metals so remember to take off jewelry!

We visited the reserve by ourselves, did not saw any wildlife. It is less crowded than monteverde park hopefully. We did the 1h30 and 25 minutes hike (from which you can see the Arenal).

Well worth the hike to the mud bath and hot springs

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