Photos of Los Andes Trails

Los Andes

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6 months ago

Exciting, technical trail that I would rate as difficult not so much for any elevation gains, but more for the loose rocks and ever-changing landscape. Park at the Portillo Hotel and Ski Resort (free) in the off-season (southern hemisphere summer) and proceed to the left side of the lake. Most of the trail is along the shoreline and is relatively easy with a few climbs to circumvent snow gullies and steep shoreline spots that are impassable. Dangerous, loose rocks on climbs and descents, but the views are mind-blowing and will leave a lasting impression. Not sure about overnight restrictions, but there is no entry fee and swimming is allowed but as with any alpine lake, it is darn cold. Mystical location that oozes history. Bring lots of water and sunscreen. The fishing is decent too.