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yeah Mon! this is a Great Fulfilling Tail to walk with the Family and or dogs!




20 hours ago

Fairly easy hike. Went in mid April so still snow and slush all over the trails, which made the hike up a lot harder than it would've been in the summer probably. Gorgeous little lakes at the top, but kind of busy even though we went on a week day.

To early in the season! Definitely took us long time with all the snow but the view was beautiful the whole way up! Could see how you would be way to exposed on a hot day , got a pretty bad burn, definitely recommend this hike though!

22 hours ago

There is still snow so it's slippery but when you got to top, it's worth it.

Good hike but of the 10 views I only really thought one was worth stopping for and the final loop around the lake is a little boring.

Go early to avoid people. The first bit is not at all exciting but the end is worth every step.

Not hard but really the reward at the top is worth it!

One of my favorites. Good mix of terrain and always love trails with waterfalls. Lots of places to take in the view and do some rock hopping. Never made it to the top of the large fall because I’ve gotten off to a late start (all 3 times)! One of these days!

Enjoyed this trail as a kid and again as an adult. Views are fantastic at the top. I prefer to hike this trail when it is on the cooler side. Hot summer days can be brutal.

Extremely fun and challenging trail. In the summer you can run down the scree slope on the backside for an added bonus

Beautiful views. Pretty moderate once you get down but going back up the wooden stairs is intense. My dad and I hiked all the little trails within the map and was about 9km. Super fun and beautiful. I recommend it!!

Great trail..very rocky.. don't know why it's rated as moderate, it's fairly challenging !

Travel light but bring plenty of water. Prepare yourself for amazing views. No one is overstating when they say the trail is difficult. Did the trail in August 2015

My boyfriend and I hiked this trail in mid August 2015. I would say this is a moderate difficulty, not hard. The last leg requires a lot of climbing over tall rocks but it was otherwise just a walk up an inclined trail. Highly recommend.

It is a good trail about a 4km hike that loops around. If you park at the end of power line road this trail will loop you back around and bring you back to the start. There are some hills to go up that do make it a little difficult, it is well worth it.

Trail is closed from dec 31 to June because of wildlife look forward to hike in june

1 day ago

This is one of my favourite Kamloops trails! Dog friendly, with a beautiful view at the end! Make sure to pack water for you and your dog though, it gets quite hot even in the spring and fall.

Beautiful hike. Well traveled and easy to follow. I would agree with earlier posts that this is not an easy hike due to length and elevation....it was the equivalent of 137 floors on the Apple iPhone step tracker. It is has some fantastic views!

You wrote a review for Long Lake Provincial Park 9 minutes ago
4.0 star rating 4/24/2018
Hi everyone,

Before I get to the review, I just wanted to direct you to my YouTube video of my experience here at Long Lake Provincial Park. Simply go to youtu.be/PxGNBHnov-I

It was a fun day, and it would be great to share my experience with you!

Long Lake Provincial Park is a short 10-15 minute drive from the city. Located near a subdivision, this is a popular spot to visit. Since this place is close to the city, they did make sure to ensure ample parking.

There are several trails from the parking lot (one goes right, and one goes left). We ended up going left during our trip. The paths are well maintained and follow the lake. I found as though the trail intersections could have been better labelled, as we had a bit of an issue finding the correct one back to the car.

You can access the lake in several different spots where you can swim if you'd like. The only ones in the lake when I was there were a couple of doggie friends!

There is no admission, and as far as I'm aware, no services - including no washrooms.

Trails are easy

Hope this was helpful, and I hope you check out the video to get a better sense of this park!

Definitely too early in the season for this hike! We fell through the snow, sometimes waist deep in it, around 200 times, without even exaggerating. The views all the way up are pretty spectacular though, it would be perfect once the snow has melted some more/more people have made it compact too.
The gondola is free back down apparently only until May. Which we were glad about seeing as it took us 5 hours not 4, with all the fluffy snow! Pretty sure we saw some bear tracks on the trail at one point too!

Did this hike in February. Busy but very beautiful. Traction devices are recommended due to walking on the frozen creek, we saw many people falling as a result of not having any.

Loved this hike. This was my second mountain to summit EVER. We did this hike in early March. Traction devices are suggested as well as poles, not necessarily for the way up but instead the way down. The climb up to treeline is nice with lots ot switchbacks, but once you are above treeline its a bit of a grunt. The wind is cold and started blasting us as soon as we were out of the trees. The views are incredible from the top though! Please note that this trail is going through upgrades Spring and Summer 2018 during the week and will be temporarily closed, so please check trail closures before going.

1 day ago

Trail had some gorgeous views but was very narrow so passing people was a bit of a pain as the snow to the sides of the trail was VERY deep. Once we arrived at the end of the trail the wind picked up and snow rolled in so we did not stay long.

We hiked this in January or February 2018. Be prepared, the trail goes uphill almost the entire time with hardly any switchbacks, and is steep in quite a few spots. Poles and Spikes are highly recommended due to the snow and ice. The views at the top make up for it though, if you look west you may see the Calgary skyline, just be prepared to be blasted by wind.

We went on a Sunday and were surprised at how quiet it was. While we did see others doing the trail it isn't as hectic as other trails in the area. Spikes are recommended as there was a layer of ice under the snow. Views are gorgeous all the way up.

Great easier hike. The inkpots are beautiful and the scenic views are incredible. It was windy at the top despite a very warm hike up and down so be prepared. Show up early for parking as the tour buses and tourists plug it up quick. The trail to the upperfalls is VERY busy but the tours turn around at that point so after the inkpots it was quiet and serene.

trail running
1 day ago

Awesome potential but trails still too soggy and trail maps and markers a little disappointing. Would try again in May-Oct if in the area!

Fun! good warm up!

I spent 45 mins trying to find the trail head with directions from the phone app. It’s pathetic. Don’t waist your time. I get so little time off in my life and I was really looking forward to a great hike. There’s no way to give less than one star!

Quick traditional first warm up hike of the season. Beautiful easy walk to upper falls before too many tourists make this family friendly hike too crowded. Still some beautiful ice formations to see but melting fast. As of 4 days ago when we were out recommend ice cleats between Lower and upper falls as trail was pretty slick but shouldn’t need for long with the recent warm weather.

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