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Wed Jan 30 2019

Steep at times with loose rocks/dirt. Definitely worth the view, unfortunately we went on a day where the forest fire smoke blew into the valley and washed out our view. Would do it again.

Thu Dec 06 2018

Simply spectacular!!! The last leg, Divide to Talus, was my favorite one... specially when Tombstone Mountain started to peek... Oh, and going over Glissade Pass was the most challenging trek Ive done to date...

Sun Oct 21 2018

Some really great views. About 20 % of this route is either paved trail or road. One section along the western part is a small and uneven trail along a cliff side. Would definitely be dangerous during ice or snow. There is parking closer to where the path loops that saves you some of the pave walking towards the SS Klondike and shortens probably a km.

Sun Oct 14 2018

A quiet route with variety in hills, flats, forest trails, pavement, and beautiful scenery. Decently marked with trail signs but some trail junctions are not marked.

Wed Oct 10 2018

Cool hike

Sat Oct 06 2018

Beautiful view in the evening. Great spot.

Fri Oct 05 2018

Weather was perfect for us on Oct.3rd. some parts can be pretty steep and getting down can be pretty slippery. But the view up top is great and there are plenty of Juniper, Cranberry and rosehips to grab. Also we saw a porcupine on top of a tree at the top of the mountain which was weird.

Fri Sep 28 2018

Very nice !!! Trail not always easy to follow

Thu Sep 06 2018

I hiked through Carcross Desert to the viewpoint in early August on a very windy day. The effort-to-view ratio for the viewpoint is very high. It's low effort and super amazing views of Bennett Lake. I would recommend stopping there on the way to Carcross!

Sun Sep 02 2018

Fun trail, not too difficult and easy access from Whitehorse.

Mon Aug 20 2018

Nice hike, great views.

Sun Aug 19 2018

Mon Jul 23 2018

Great views

Sun Jul 22 2018

This is a great trail with fantastic views the entire way - LOS goes for miles in every direction and is especially nice if you've already done a couple hikes on nearby peaks since you can easily see them. Possible to avoid the steepest parts if they're too much for you, but each offers great views and so are all worth doing. The road up is bumpy once you get past the Biathlon centre but saves what would otherwise be an uneventful climb - keep driving right up to the radio tower and the trailhead sign.

Fri Jul 20 2018

Fish Lake Loop is fantastic up to the summit, with a nice view of the surrounding valleys, peaks, and lakes. The hike starts a bit steep but has several forgiving flat stretches and there's a nice breeze up on the ridge. Everything behind the final ridge is worth skipping - the descent is a bit too steep and overgrown, and the view in the far valley isn't worth the extra time it takes to get there. This also had the most bugs of any trail we’ve done up here, and had quite a few swarms follow us. 4 stars if you only go to the summit and loop back from there - that part is definitely worth it.

Sun Jul 15 2018

The glacier/ice bridge/cave is super neat and one of a kind, you can literally see it dissinegrating and melting in front of your eyes, so it feels absolutely stunning to be in its presence. Near the trailhead there is a sign saying a large chunk fell on April 2nd 2018 and it is dangerous to go inside, when you see huge chunks and rocks falling down in 10 minutes of being there you can see this is true, my fiance still went inside just for a minute. Be aware that (coming from an experienced hiker) this is a treacherous trail if you dont want to get wet, there are MANY cold river crossings if not frozen over, or dense bushwacking. No snow on the trail in July, but lots of bear poop, though we saw no wildlife.

Fri Jul 13 2018

Good paved trail. Perfect for an easy 5k without real elevation. Large enough not to have to mind the bikes too much.

Wed Jul 11 2018

Great trail near from Whitehorse !

Mon Jul 09 2018

It’s amazing!

Sat Jul 07 2018

Great views of Whitehorse, Marsh Lake and Lake Laberge as well as south view towards Carcross. Definitely a worthwhile hike!

Mon Jun 25 2018

Nice, easily accessible trail with varied scenery and good chances to encounter wildlife (foxes, bald eagles, black bears). It's popular with trail runners but not crowded apart from the area around the suspension bridge.

Fri Jun 22 2018

Very easy trail close to the city. Has some nice stretches but I didn’t like the fact that you’ll walk on pavement most of the time. Decent chance to see wildlife, especially foxes and bald eagles.

Thu Jun 21 2018

This was one of the best hikes I have ever done! We completed it in 2 days however those were long 12 Hour hiking days, it is recommended to do it in 3 days if you have the time.

Tue Jun 19 2018

I did as day hike, well marked trail, moderate difficulty, lots of moose prints but did not see any. Beautiful lake at end of trail to camp or break.

Sat Jun 16 2018

Fri Jun 15 2018

We did a few km on this trail until we ran into a few grizzlies and decided it was best to walk in the opposite direction. Pretty easy trail with epic views, hope to get back one day to enjoy the full hike.

scenic driving
Fri Jun 15 2018

Such an epic adventure up the Dempster. We made it all the way to Tuktoyaktuk and back to Dawson. Road in better shape than expected, no flats or windshield chips. Views around every corner it really is a photographers dream. Or if you’re looking to escape everyday life a few days on the Dempster is well worth it.

Sat Jun 09 2018

Awesome view for very little hiking time. Trail is well marked but made of rocks, definitely need good footwear.

Tue May 29 2018

This route was recommended to me by a few locals in Haines Junction. It was a wonderful hike/scramble. Some of the scree was very steep and difficult, but the views at the top and along the way were worth it. We saw a mama bear and her two cubs along the way, and then another big papa bear walking up the riverbed on our way down.

Thu May 24 2018

A great hike with awesome views. Still lots of snow, and lots of melting at the lower elevations. Saw some wild flowers and an eagle.

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