20 hours ago

It’s my first hike in Alberta, I just moved here, and I found it enjoyable. I went on Friday evening and I was the only one on the path.

This may be obvious to some but when I parked the car at the lot along hwy 40 I saw a little trail opening so I hiked there for about 30 minutes, followed some blue flags but eventually I was lost in a forest. This was NOT the hiking path, in case someone makes the same mistake...you have to cross the hwy and there’s a sign that marks the start of the trail.

I made it to the pass, there was a nice view. It wasn’t too hard (I am someone who hasn’t really hiked this long but I am active). It was a great workout and definitely doable for beginners. It took me 1h30 min to get to the pass.

At the pass there was a trail to the left that started descending after a while, I wasn’t sure where that led but I wasted a bit of time there.

I am assuming this hike ends at that pass. There was an option to continue up following orange flags and you start scrambling. I tried that for a bit but then I couldn’t find any flags and it got a bit steep, so considering it was my first time doing it and I was alone I stopped there. Curious to try going higher maybe w someone who’s done it before.

I think coming back down took 1-1:15 hours.