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Beautiful quiet scenery nice and close to the city. The perfect forest escape.

Le sentier est accessible actuellement (mai 2018). Le stationnement se trouve au 557 chemin de Coaticook, East Hereford. Belle randonnée, montée très douce, vue sur le ruisseau fréquente et superbe vue au sommet!

It’s one of the best trails in BC. We hiked during weekend, not too much crowded and easily find a parking spot. High Knoll is definitely a great view. I highly recommended this trails including beginners, it’s fun and challenging

45 minutes ago

Great views. Some snow still up top. Couldn’t find the trail but still a lovely trail!

49 minutes ago

Easy to navigate. The elevation gain definitely dusted off the cobwebs from last season. Great views.

Closed as of May 24 2018.

The best!

2 hours ago

Head out early or later on a hot sunny day, mid day on the trail it’s hot, little shade. The little river is nice to catch a cool breeze, but it disappears for a stretch. Nice bike trail! Ends at the Bridge over the river and there is camping for over night hikers.

Short but steep hike all the way up. Stunning view worth the sweat.

3 hours ago

Did this today..... Trail is very easy to follow and I laughed at the “pure hell” someone has graffitied onto the trail head sign.

Pros- the waterfall at .65 km is worth the trip just to that on its own. Great view.
The water and the rivers can make some decent places to sit and take a break at along the way.
It’s a challenge (at least for me) this trail from approx 1.25km is a fully uphill grind with a great amount of switchbacks. Take lots of stuff to keep hydration. And energy up

Cons (kind of)

It’s in the forest the entire way up, there is not a lot of respite from the uphill trek. Yes I know, ITS CALLED HIKING FOR A REASON!!!

As of May 24, the other side of the lake trail is non accessible. So you can get to the lake but you’re very limited to what you can do while there

Snow pack is still present is spots at the very top.

For me, the grind up and the limited amount of space to enjoy the views didn’t make it worth the climb. I’d try it again once there’s more accessibility.

Solid trail with good scenery.

the trail isn't very well marked, and we came across several confused people.

quick synopsis;
park behind olives, there is 3h free parking in back. the trail starts there.
you cross a small stream and enter a clearing for some power lines. this was the first unclear part.. there are two graffitied stones at the path that goes to the left. that's the correct one.
follow that to the highway, where you cross under it, over a rock pile (not very hard to cross.. but if your balance isn't that good.. be careful)
after that you end up coming to the opening where the train tracks run.
you have two options.. cheat and follow the ACTIVE AND SOMETIMES NARROW train tracks.. or enjoy a shaded, winding trail next to the river.
we chose to follow the path, as we had a toddler and active tracks are not worth the risk.. plus it was 30deg. so the forest was cooler.
After you're on the track, you'll wonder where the trail is.. it is almost directly across the track at that point, after that the entrances continue to be kind of illusive and you'll wonder where the heck to go, but if you follow the blue marking tape.. it will lead you the right way.
we ended up back on the track a couple times, as the trail comes back to it. we were forced to take the track for the final little stretch, because the actual trail has eroded and (toddler again) we did not have a lot of faith in what was left of the trail, to prevent us from plummeting into the river.
at this point, if you cheated.. you'll be at the same place the trail followers were.. a couple minutes on the track and you'll see the trail marked by a painted stone.. which once said trains.. and currently says meth.. with an arrow pointing the way. follow that trail and you're there. don't forget to check out the suspension bridge. it connects to the "trash" trail at that point.

The trail was interesting enough to keep me happy, and not too challenging for my pregnant wife.. although it was rather hot and my toddler started getting whiny.. he still did quite well too.

I would take the trail again, instead of the track, if I were to do it again. there were two trains when we were there.. so, don't get caught in a narrow spot with nowhere to go. plus it is cooler, and more interesting in the forest.

Great hike. The stretch of walking up to the bottom of the mountain pays off with a short yet fun scramble up the route we took. Exploring the cave was phenomenal but not advised to people with claustrophobia as the inner channels can get really narrow. At some point I even had to take my daypack off just to fit making it a fun adventure. Some tips if its your first time, bring a flashlight and a jacket, it gets colder the deeper you go in the cave. If you plan to go really deep then a headlamp and gloves would be a good idea.

7 hours ago

Went just to see the small hot springs on the side of the mountain. The trailhead was a bit hard to find, we used the directions from guidebook which helped a lot! The hot springs were a great temperature at sunset. Would be an amazing sunrise hike if you are camping in the area!

7 hours ago

Would be a beautiful view in the fall with the aspens. Trail seemed to be built more for bikes and horses. Fairly muddy in areas, I would not advise going after rainy spell.

Up Grand Brule down Vertigo. Beautiful views. River and ponds on the way.

rock climbing
9 hours ago

awesome hike. first 2km ho hum forest walk. final push is craggy steep and awesome. gotta have your wits about you on the steep terrain.

My first real mountain hike and I absolutely loved it. It is continuing uphill but well worth the amazing views.

Did the short hike from the parking lot to the dam, amazing views through the forest and walking on the dam was exhilarating

I have never hiked before and a local convinced me this would be easy. I managed to make it to the top , slower than most but it is doable. I wish I would’ve been more prepared but it was worth it. Very fun and all the other hikers were very kind to us.

We also got lost off trail for an hour or so. Be careful to stay on the proper trail!

Completed this hike yesterday. This hike is a constant climb, from the minute you start at the trail head until you reach the peak. I’ve done so many hikes but never quite experienced how amazing it is to stand at the ridge of a mountain, being able to look down on either side. It’s so worth the difficulty, but bring lots of water & take your time :)

This hike took my friend and I approximately 2 hours to get to the top, and about 1 hour and 15 minutes down.

11 hours ago

Quite a good hike! Bit slow with so many littles in tow but we made it.

This is a steep incline the whole way up and a hard climb down. The incline is at least 45 degrees. The views from the top can not be beat. Stunning! The river crossing is easy and actually feels nice to dip the feet after the descent. Two summits. Bring lots of food and water and expect to take some breaks. Rocky trail in some parts. I took my dog and he did fine but it did wipe him out pretty good for rest of day.

Not for the faint of heart, it’s a fair trek in and out and not to be underestimated. It’s one of my favorites partly because of the waterfall, but it’s definitely not an easy hike.

Beautiful hike. The smell of spruce filled the air up to the top. The view was spectacular. Went during the contained fires happening in the distance, interesting to see the orange-red smoke clouds. Highly recommend.

Visited from Sweden and decided to try it out. Beautiful trail (surprisingly familiar type of environment for a Swede) which is well marked and quite technical. Rocks, roots, some pretty steep inclines and overgrown sections. A little muddy in a few places but no problem to keep your feet dry this day. I do a fair bit of trail running and really liked the technical terrain which for sure can be challenging if you are not used to "climbing" inclines. Did not see a living soul during my hike, apart from a few bugs when I stopped for view, water or snacks. Completed it in 4 hours in a fairly quick and steady pace with a few shorter stops. Loved the lakes and the parts where the forest had a "troll"-ish feel to it. Was tempted to go for a swim in the lakes but decided against getting wet this time. :-)

Beautiful park, love the tam tam’s on Sunday’s all summer long

Super en famille!

Very nice cinder track, little elevation gain, amazing view of Mt. Baker. An absolute fantasy for a training run. I’m thankful for the maps at every intersection, plenty of parking, and friendly park go-ers!

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