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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Map
mountain biking
off trail
20 days ago

It is so nice to be able to go for a long bike ride off of the busy streets and enjoy the view of the river. It is also the perfect trail to enjoy a long walk on!

Really nice to walk, jog or run when the sun is out. You can stop for a drink along the way or stop at a sand dune and stick your feet in the water.

There are many trails down off the main trail towards the river that span the entire trail even to cranberry flats, where you can take trails that start there even further down the river, trails are on both sides of the river, although the better ones are on the side opposite to down town. Be warned, these trails are made not by the city but by fellow mountain bikers, they’re not used very often and get debris in them over the winter, so if you’re going down it for the first time in the season, try and go slowly. Also, the mountain biking trails aren’t regulated or anything, some sections are easy, others ( closer towards cranberry flats) get into the expert level, due to the tight squeezes, drops, climbs, jumps, and obstacles.

I came to Saskatoon for work. Ran 6miles around the river at sunrise. Easy walk to any point of the trail from most downtown hotels which was great. Great houses to look at, intertwined with trails, pavement and bridges. Got a great view of a hot air balloon. Some hills and straight away so you get a good run!

road biking
Saturday, August 18, 2018

A pretty easy ride, I did about a 9 mile loop. The old train bridge was fun to cross.

Don't be fooled by the 26 km length into thinking you need to hike the whole. Saskatoon is called the City Of Bridges for a reason and depending on which bridges you take, you can hike from a .5 hour to 3 hrs. Lots of stops along the way for coffee, meals and picnics through the heart of the city.

Amazing city, amazing views, amazing trail. I’ll be returning to this wonderful place.

This is all Saskatoon has to offer for trails or this type of natural beauty. Funding was cut recently for Meewasin Valley which is a sad day for those conservation minded individuals. Many homeless people setting up camps and leaving their garbage (toilet paper throughout the trees, sleeping bags and blankets tossed on the ground and many plastics / sharp litter clutter the shore front. I was out walking my dog along the Sutherland Dog Park that connects the trail and came across 3 used needles just sitting right off the trail. Absolutely this trail on both sides of the river are used as dumping grounds. What a shame when it’s Saskatoon’s ONLY trail.

mountain biking
Thursday, April 26, 2018

Our favourite goto family place! If we don't go there for 2 or more weeks, we feel something is missing!

A wonderful winter route from Sutherland beach olra to poplar point bridge. On a winter's day. Very beautiful and sunny today

Walked the Silverwood off leash recreation Meewasin valley authority multi use trail. Dogs walkers and bicycles were out in good numbers today after the rain on family day and it felt just like a walk in Newfoundland thank you awesome

Beautiful sunny day walk after the snowfall. Amazing winter scenes in this mixed woodland area

Had a fantastic off leash dog walk at Sutherland Beach Off leash recreation area. Sun was beaming after the snow storm

Very delightful scenery and trails at the south west off leash recreation area in the Richard St Barbe Baker Urban Regional Park. Superb weather got there in a fluffy snow storm.

Trail is heavily used by walkers, hikers, cyclists, runners, photographers and really most of the population of the city. Amazing views of the river and opportunities to see wildlife in the early morning and evenings when it is not so crowded. The upper trails are paved. the lower trails are dirt, much rougher and popular with trail riders and trail runners.

I love meewasin. I can easily access the river for canoeing, running and biking. It's a cool place for a picnic or to watch the sky.

This is a nice paved trail that offers the runner/jogger the opportunity to explore multiple side trails that mountain bikers have created weaving in-and-out among the trees. Additionally, the views of the city are nice. Sections of the trail follow a creek and do provide a feeling of being in a forest, but trash and other litter remind you that you're well within the city.

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