Photos of Saskatchewan Fishing Trails

Another example of the fine work the Parks Canada staff do to preserve nature in its purest form. I was lucky to hit a windy day, which kept the bugs away. Only found blueberries around the Northend campsite, but ate a lot of raspberries along the trail. Left the trailhead parking lot at 3pm, arriving at 7:30pm and overnighting at the northend,, hiked the 3.8kms to Grey Owl’s cabin in the morning, then hiked out. Probably wouldn’t do that again as you have to keep a steady pace to do it in the day and a half I had available. Ideally, I think I would backpack all my gear to Sandy Beach, overnight, take a day pack to go to grey owls and back the next day, overnight again, then hike out. One would have more time to swim and soak up the solitude!! Highly recommend!

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