14$ to enter. A few different trail options:
Du castor (1.8 km)
Du draveur (5.2 km)
Du grand salut (1 km)
Du pin (8.5 km)

I’d rate this as easy. Was concerned my knee would act up again (IT band) after earlier strenuous hikes but it went well. The 300 steps for descente aux enfers can be hard on those with bad knees but you can take it slow and be fine - not too much traffic. The falls themselves are okay, beware of the mosquitoes though - they will bite you even if you have insect repellent on. I finished the draveur loop in 1.5 hours even though the guide says 2.5, didn’t do the du pin loop because of the mosquitoes. Good trail for families. Lots of places to enjoy the view or rest (if you have kids). Some dry toilets on the way and a restaurant at the entry to grand salut (closed when I went there). While returning, I stopped by du marais which is a pond with some wildlife - I saw two beavers. No water fountains along the trail so make sure to carry your own.