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Pontiac, Quebec Map

nice trail. it was challenging in a good way. no waterfall, not even a trickle

rock climbing
17 days ago

Very poorly marked trails! Had two girls see us and they said they were lost. Thought nothing of it. Till I went to east down, ended up on a dangerous cliff and had to get 911 to help us.

A favourite for a good workout and beautiful when the falls are active. Recommend doing the loop portion counter-clockwise because the descents are safer that direction. Good training for hiking in the Appalachians!

I took my 13 year old and 7 year old on this hike. It was long but fairly easy. Going through the cave made it totally worth it but be prepared with water shoes and headlamp to get through the cave.

1 month ago

Did this last weekend starting counterclockwise (so through the marsh first) and was stalked by a SWARM of deer flies for the first 4km or so, to the point where I almost turned back and threw in the towel at one point. I was wearing DEET bug spray but clearly it wasn't enough to deter the pests. I spent most of the 4km waving my arms around me CONSTANTLY to stop them from landing on me and biting, and by doing short running bursts to try and lose the cloud, which was very annoying and pretty exhausting but a good workout in hindsight considering the rest of the hike was very easy.

If you decide to do this hike, I'd recommend a bug net and thick hiking clothing to prevent them from biting through your clothes (Lululemon leggings are NOT adequate protection! as I learned the hard way...). Bringing a can of bugspray with you to spray as you go probably wouldn't be a bad idea either, unless you don't mind waving your arms constantly and bursting out in a sprint every now and again.

The bugs let up at about 5-6 kms in though and the hike is pretty nice after that. It's relatively flat so pretty easy but makes for a good trail run since it's pretty well worn (not too many snags or rocks).

Best part: Bring your bathing suit and jump in the lake to freshen up at the end of your hike!

1 month ago

A bit busy mid-May. Easy for a beginner hiker. Nice places to stop.

Did the hike clockwise and loved it. Ended up doing 12k by time the excursions off-loop were done. Was absolutely beautiful! The end maybe easier for sure but a nice reward along the lake. That and a momma dear with her 2 little ones! There were bear sightings today by some other people closer to the campground FYI.

Trail closed along the east side of the lake, presumably due to poison ivy along the trail.

Very poorly marked. Very unsafe if you lose the trail which is very easy to do.

3 months ago

A serious hike for the ottawa region. The nicest part of the hike is the first 2/3 when you are walking near the waterfall and scrambling up the rocks. However, you can continue on towards the fire tower. That's ok but a bit anti-climatic.

A negative of the trail is that the signage towards the fire tower is a bit poor. You have to cross the stream and it isn't as obvious as it should be.

Another negative is that we went on the Victoria Day weekend and it was crazy busy. I have never seen a trail this busy in Gatineau Park - and that includes the main trails in the park during the Thanskgiving weekend. The sheer volume of people takes one star away from the trail. Otherwise I would probably rank it 5 stars as it was quite varied and interesting.

3 months ago

I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to hiking, so I hard to rest throughout the hike as it's quite the ascent. Absolutely loved it.

3 months ago

Wasn't able to do the full hike today because of unforseen circumstances, but I'll definitely be back.

Great trail for a good workout steep ascent if you take the harder route! Lots of fun!

4 months ago

Great trail. Was a bit muddy and still some snow and ice, but overall pretty fun!

I like hiking on this trail for elevation gained similar to many high peaks in ADK NY. It’s good for preparing before heading to high peaks.

9 months ago

Beautiful trail with gorgeous waterfalls in the spring and early summer. Quite a challenge in some areas and a great workout!

Would probably be better in the spring when the water levels are higher and the falls are heavier! Still, a nice short hike, not far from Gatineau. Quick climb, scenic views!

Gorgeous trail in the fall. Was quite busy on a Sunday, Oct 22nd.

Found it quite challenging with a baby carrier, but thoroughly enjoyed it!

Very rocky and steep!

9 months ago

This trail is nice as it follows Lac Phiippe and the fall colours are very pretty. A couple of negatives though:
1. The crowds! I was hoping that because the trail is in the Lac Philippe sector and not off the champlain parkway it would be less busy this time of year (October). Nope! Very busy. So you never get that true you-alone-in-the-woods feel.
2. In the fall they close the road at Breton beach. That means you have to walk through a series of beaches before you get to the trail. Of course the walk is also pretty but it would be nice if they left the road open all the way to parent beach so half the walk wasn't actually the walk to the trail.
Still, overall, very beautiful fall colours up here and the lake itself is nice

Maybe not do it again but still glad I did. It's a nice long walk, but in the end reaaaally easy. Not too crowded if you go for the loop.

Tough climb but worth it!

11 months ago

Challenging hike with lots of steep and rocky places along the trail. Numerous spots along the way for great photos of the creek and falls. Beautiful view of the valley from the top. Very buggy so bring nets, bug spray or do as I did and just keep moving! * Please Note: Currently there is no informational signage about the surrounding area as the NCC has removed them all.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Very intense for novice hikers, but the river can be used to cool off , views are fantastic and trail never gets boring.

We started at Parent beach and headed south on the south west side of the lake. It was lovely and quiet once we moved away from the lake. As we rounded the end of the lake and started the north east side, the path was much more over grown and we quickly turned around because of poison ivy. We do not know how far the poison ivy went. We returned​ on the south east side close to the lake where there were many more people.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

nice trail with a good challenging climb.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

We dressed in long sleeves and hiking pants and sprayed for mosquitos, black flies etc. And we saw few! Most of the trail was marked fairly well. We had 4 instances on the return back where we were off path, met other people looking too, but in a short period found our way again. The terrain initially and at the end requires you to watch your steps very closely. You don't want to fall onto jutting rocks or exposed roots! Take your time for sure. I will come back in a different season, it's great outdoor exercise!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Best in the area! Your legs take a pounding on the way down but worth it for the views.

on Luskville Falls Trail

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Lovely run. Hilly. Well worth it. We had alot of fun!

Monday, July 24, 2017

One of the best trails in the area just make sure to bring a headlamp and clothes you don't mind getting wet in!

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