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Very nice cinder track, little elevation gain, amazing view of Mt. Baker. An absolute fantasy for a training run. I’m thankful for the maps at every intersection, plenty of parking, and friendly park go-ers!

Tough for an out of shape oldie like me but I almost made it to the summit. Got above the tree line and had to watch my buddy hike the rest of the way up. Took me about 5 hours round trip. I was happy to soak in the hot springs that evening. Lots of goats and even a black bear in camp with her cub.

A little underwhelming after all of the stellar reviews. The clearing is lovely and offers a nice view, however it’s a bit of a trot for such little payoff. It took us an hour and 45 mins to do the first half and and an hour and 15 back at a moderate pace.

In my top hike of Quebec province. A hidden gem you must do if you're in the region. It's a difficult one though.

The first 1/3 was fairly doable and exciting. A little scrambling was needed. The second 1/3 was gravel fields and we somewhat lost the trail as it wasn't marked (try to stay somewhat right). On our way back we saw the "trail" but it was still very loose and difficult. We didn't do the last 1/3 as the gravel field wore us out too much. I think the trail is doable when you find your way through the gravel and you need to be in shape a little. I would also recommend good hiking boots and poles.

The terrain was a bit tricky in places but the views throughout and at the top were amazing!

We went in May- WAY to muddy! That said- it has great potential in mid summer or fall hiking! As a family we will return!

An easy hike anyone can do. The view from the bridge is wonderful!

Is a very steep mountain . The last part is a scramble. The path is not very clear because not too much people do it. In general a good an hard hike

1 day ago

This trail is not for the faint of heart! The first 1/3 of the trail is on an old logging road now covered in large pieces of crushed rock. Challenging with hiking boots - would not attempt with sneakers or sandals... Once off the road the trail is very enjoyable. There is one steep decline followed by a steep incline. The return trip more challenging but we were tired by then. Make sure the tide is out as inlet makes a beautiful beach to rest and eat at. I will do it again, but will aim for a cooler day

It's not too difficult of a hike and the views are amazing. We went on a June weekend and there was still quite a bit of snow as you got higher up and fairly wet but not too bad.

Awesome, relatively easy trail! Like many have said, the first majority is paved, but there are some gorgeous views of the river and the mountain range. Once you hit the end of pavement, definitely worth it. Some beautiful moments along the trail, and it’s not terribly difficult.

Amazing hike today. The wife and I did it but next time I would recommend walking sticks!!! It’s steep both soooo worth it when you get to the top.

It takes about 90 mins to go up the trail and about 75 mins to come back, with brisk walking. The view from the top of cliifs, on a good summers day, is quite stunning. No special gear needed, except for a pair of trail/running shoes with a decent amount of grip.

Amazing trail. So beautiful and peaceful, highly recommend!

Some ice and snow and mud but was quite doable. Great hike.

Très très très beau

Just went to the fall. Very well maintained path until we hit some snow. Couldn’t seem to find the trail for about 10 minutes just before the falls but forged a path through the snow which was still doable. Super easy and the water is incredibly clear right now. About 4.5 hours round trip just to the falls at a moderate rate.

Not much of a hike, more like a walk. The falls are breathtaking. A must if you're in the area.

Such a pretty hike with the trilliums in full bloom. Busy right by the falls but not many on the trail hiking. Nice spot to get some exercise.

amazing views. well marked trail. a few "do not pass this point" signs ignored to get to some stunning views. a must do again!

1 day ago

Completed this on May 8th 2018. I would give yourself all day (6hrs) to complete this hike. We didn't go all the way, as we were exhausted upon breaking tree line. Trail was very snow-covered and hard to find, added to our time.
Good workout, I would say 80-90% of this hike is an incline.

1 day ago

a gorgeous hike to take. there's a few off the trail paths that lead to amazing spots well worth it.

Very easy trail. Well marked throughout. Crosses a few other trails along the way.

early walk in the morning with friends so great, love the nature so much!

Great scenery and well labelled!

Nice stroll, great place to take in some nature yet still enjoy views of the city.

The chained part isn’t as difficult or frightening as some might think. Cool Bits of scrambling. Very lengthy runs of scree coming down. I wouldn’t do this hike again without hiking boots. Views of the mountains and the prairies. Lots of exposure on this one. Wear sunscreen & a hat.

Awesome trail for a quick hike. The views are rewarding.

This is a really tough trail for beginners. The first 2 hours are absolutely awful. The view is beautiful at the top but coming from the prairies with little hiking opportunities, this was really hard.

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