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awesome trail! light house should not be missed!

I would rate this hike as moderate and it offers some great unique views of Lake Superior.

Lots of trails. Very clean.

A hidden gem. I asked a couple on the main trail if I was near the entrance to the side loop and they had never heard of it. It was the most challenging hike I had taken my 5 yo grandson on and he loved it (even though he thought the cave was not big enough.).

1 day ago

Great little trail system that goes all along the water with little scenic off-shoots. Lots of places to swim (at least in 2018 when the water was low) so bring your suit on a hot day. With the number of different trails you could make this as short or as long as you like.

There are also some neat points of interest, in particular the spirit trees. However, an environmental suggestion: please don’t leave your man-made junk at the foot of the spirit tree as an offering. If you feel compelled to leave something rather than leave the trail as you found it then please make it something that is a timeless offering that fits the spirit of the trail - a rock you painted; a note you etched on a piece of bark you found; a leaf snipped into the shape of an animal; or a small inuksuk. Nobody, including the spirits I’m sure, thinks your trash, plastic items, or manufactured toys and crap are a particularly great spiritual gift. If someone travelling this path could not have gifted it hundreds of years ago then don’t gift it now. I’m pretty sure the spirits don’t think all our industrial churn-out is particularly uplifting.

2 days ago

Solid 5+ Km'er
In one ear and out the other

Wide, flat and well maintained trails for an easy hike but no views from the actual trail.

Wide, flat and well maintained trails but not much a view in the summer.

Agree with the last review, pretty easy to get lost if I didn't have this app because there are tons of forks that don't make it clear which the correct way is, so lucky I had it.

Trail itself was nice and was a relatively easy hike.

on Old Quarry Trail

2 days ago

I like this trail. Sometimes alot of people walking with can be a bit of a pain when biking. But trails sprouting off of this one are alot of fun.

It's a nice easy walk for all, nice one to finish the day of longer hiking. The beaver dam is quite neat and worth the visit! Mostly in the shade and doable without hiking shoes. Enjoy!!! :)

Nice trail! They changed it a little bit and the trail now starts from the highway approximately 2km to the west of the original one.

Nice trail. Lots of squirrels. LOL. Would walk it again.

really pretty, very short trail and was really easy to complete.

Extraordinaire. Walking in these walls was exceptional. My favorite in this area.

Absolutely amazing. It is a very difficult trail, though. It seems it's designed to break your ankles, lol. The air pressure(?) changes when you get up onto the cliff, and it feels like a different world. McKay Harbor is an overnight camping spot (no fires allowed, AMAZING spot though), and from the Harbor down to Cemetery road (bottom right corner) might be the hardest spot. Definitely recommend a sandwich and some granola bars (I found eating a clif bar on the cliff somewhat humorous) and taking LOTS of water. Highly recommend a camelbak. <3 <3 <3

Not a bad hike but large volumes of people on it when we went. A couple very good viewpoints after many stairs.

Great hike, make sure to bring lots of water if done in the hotter months. Amazing views from the ridges. Would recommend doing the hike in the fall during the color change.

Nice hike,beautiful place. Parking lot is small and the road to get in is terrible.

This is a flat trail. You follow the grand river around the loop. You can begin anywhere off of Grand River road. Lots of free parking. Be mindful of people leisurely walking, they rarely pay attention to their surroundings. I recommend a weekday ride, less congested. I do not recommend solo rides for women in the evening, since the trail is also an artery for many unsavory individuals.

Overall great beginner trails

Combination of dirt and paved paths, lovely scenery. A fantastic way to spend a few hours in nature without having to drive outside of the city! Easily accessible via transit which is another plus.

Cute little trail well maintained

This is a great trail, fairly easy for many ages and full of fun things to explore.

Well maintained pathway.
Bring bug repellent!

A lot of good memories created on this trail. We walked it mid-April every year to mark my ex’s birthday, in-laws and babies to big kids all managed the hills. Feeding chickadees and spotting turtles sunning themselves, skunk cabbage and marsh mallows, quiet reflective times and rowdier races. We always enjoyed it! Now I’m blissed, knowing my sons carry on the tradition with their children.

Fairly active path, met lots of people, is quite the climb but it super worth it. Extremely unique and a little challenging.

Really good to walk where there is no auto traffic.

Beautiful forest walk! We did the 0.9 km trail loop from the Heritage trail. Up hill half the way so it was good exercise and the granddaughters loved it!

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