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7 hours ago

Very pretty and you can follow it down to Brickworks!

3 days ago

Went april 22, 2018 and trails were flooded and muddy. The banks along the Rouge River have collapsed due to high water levels. Also there are notices of ticks. If you have a dog i suggest not bringing them due to the ticks and mud

I think this is probably the best walk/cycle trail in the city. The views are spectacular and they vary the further you go. You eventually end up at the Lake. A small company called Toronto Adventures even does kayak+canoe along the humber. That’s located under the subway station on the trail. Overall great area.

It's so long that you can literally find anything you're looking for. It's not so crowded so that's really nice. You go on the paved trail but you can explore all the mini trails encompassed within the path! Wildlife sighting is incredible here. Would come back to finish the rest of the trail!

There are some trails here for walking but it’s mostly a paved road. It’s kind of boring as a walk (trail is closed right now due to debris) but it’s a really nice short bike ride out to the lighthouse. Some great views. This is all in full sun so dress appropriately and bring sunscreen.

road biking
14 days ago

Very nice and smooth trail... a lot of bugs though in a humid weather..

Easy walk. Some of it is nice but a lot is along the road.

So nicely maintained and gorgeous to walk along! Just starting out!!

Good train covering a nice distance between the Brickworks and Moore Park Ravine, trails connect and give you a nice loop throughout the Ravine, along side the Don Valley, along the edge of the Brickworks and up to Mount Pleasant. Nice stroll and verry pretty populated in Winter so I can only assume it would be more congested. I would take a stroll along this trail again. Great trail for beginners!

I love this quaint and beautiful park. Lots of birds hang out in this park with a pretty river. Easy walk or run through the trail. Great to take your dog for walks.

I've always come here for the beautiful beach and cliffs. In the summer it can get a bit crowded but they provide a place to play volleyball. One of the beaches that allows people to have bonfires right at the beach. There is also a marina and places to set-up bbq and picnics. Also have multiple trails that can be challenging.

Awesome park right in the city. They offer different trails that span from easy to medium. If you're training for a run or an obstacle race this is a great place to train due to different terrain. They have a huge playground for kids, a garden for those who just wants to sit and relax, a free zoo where you can pet and feed llamas, and a restaurant right inside the park. This is the baby version of Central Park. A must visit.

26 days ago

Nice walk. Most of the way is paved, gravel, sand beach, or wide dirt paths. There is very little elevation change. None the less it is a lovely walk along the beach. I'm not sure why it is listed as moderate. Maybe it is moderate if you try to climb up or down the bluffs (which you really shouldn't do as the sand is very unstable).

1 month ago

Really nice scenic trail, I went mid week on a damp overcast day, there wasn't allot of traffic but I would imagine it will be packed in the summer when the foliage is in full bloom. There were a couple of washrooms throughout the trail which was nice. The main trail is paved and is fairly level but there is a fairly steep incline in and out of the park, there is paved ramp with stairs in some part but is steep to get down. I think there may have been another ramp down that was less incline that started at the same part and entered the trail further down. I really enjoyed this hike unfortunately the trail was closed for maintenance half way down to Eglington, there was a ramp to get off the trail, so I think you could have went up to the street and re-entered further down the trail

Nice place to visit its great to take pics.

trail running
1 month ago

Visit today 1st time for a trail running and have a fun time. Beautiful scenery with some good technical uphill, downhill, muddy, stony road and single lane. Some obstacles and in forest on the hill you can run around off-trail and run on branch and tree. Still very muddy and wet on the ground with some fallen trees, but that's what's trail running for. Definitely come back to explore and run again.

BTW, some of the trail marking is not clear, just be caution.

1 month ago

Did about 5km with the family (husband, wife, two girls and our pup). We stayed on the main trail and then kept going and found this great little place under a railroad bridge that also provided great views of the Rouge Creek. It was perfect for setting up a little camp for lunch. Very few people, but may be due to time of year. There are well maintained parts and also side trails that make you forget you are pretty much surrounded by the urban sprall. Recommend for a 2-3 hour getaway.

Short and sweet. If you swim hang out by the beach after

1 month ago

Nice vistas and ever changing landscape with a good hike for an hour. Great different trail elevations. Fun trail for a family hike.

Plenty of free parking. Great views of the City especially walking back. Trails run parallel to the shoreline- but bikes must stay off. No rest stops, picnic area etc. However portable potty’s along the route. Pets not allowed. Hard to believe a park like this so close to a
major city. Great for cycling or hiking.

2 months ago


Nice boardwalk; plenty of parking at 10am; easy access to beach; many dogs were off leash on the beach. Bike trail parallel to boardwalk; access to washrooms ( some closed for the season). Western end was more scenic with views of the city and more of a hikers trail compared to the Eastern boardwalk area. A bit crowded in the boardwalk area. Less crowded in the trail areas.

This was a pretty good trail, keep in mind this is in winter with feet of snow on the ground, cross-country skiiers were out there. Great for all types, easy trail, well owen in paths and the loop that goes through moore park to the brickworks is a great workout at about 7km.

2 months ago

For what and where it is, beautiful spot year round. On rare occasion you might even spot some interesting wildlife! Trail is super easy, definitely not “moderate”

2 months ago

Beautiful walking!

2 months ago

Easy and scenic for Toronto!

A long walk, flat and concrete, nice views though. Very hot on a hot day, no shade.

I love this trail. There is ample parking and a few porta potties along the route.
The trail is flat and well maintained. If you are nervous about walking alone in the woods...this trail is for you. It’s clear and there are many friendly hikers around. This doesn’t mean that you won’t see any wildlife. There are many birds including owls, coyote scat, and snakes in summer. A lovely urban-type hike.

Beautiful trail!

Near where I grew up. I swam in the radioactive waters basically my whole life so I’m fucked but it’s home.

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