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Nice little walk, especially the harder to find off-park trail through the woods.

More of biking trail than hiking but it was okay.

road biking
8 days ago

Riding the trail from the north, the proper trail ends just east of Kennedy Road. Some work has begun on extending the trail and some of it is marginally rideable. However, just before Tomken Rd, the trail is impassable. It would be nice to have some signage to indicate when the trail is expected to be completed.

it's a nice short walk and passes by a playground.

Usually do this every September for the Terry Fox 10KM event.

Gets too crowded in the summer, it has lost the feel of being on a nice quiet wildness hike, too many people using it now

Bottom half from East Don to Cummer is paved and more well travelled. North end from Cummer to Finch is woodland path and quieter.

15 days ago

Went for an afternoon hike. It was with lots of up hills, downhills. Some part of the trail goes by the river. There was lots of wild life and different type of wild flowers. It was overall a good hike. Definitely recommend and will do it again.

15 days ago

There are hills. The views are alright. Free parking.

didn't really get to use the trail.just reviewing for your info..its closed at the 401 underpass..
Looked like a nice paved path in that area though..I rode from north of 401 up to Courtney Park..

mountain biking
18 days ago

amazing gem tucked in the west. start from Lake Ontario and head north. surprisingly technical MB trail. you would not want to go in (recent) rain as you’d definitely get stuck in certain areas. Must have spare tire kit (or kevlar protected tires) as the trail gets gnarly especially through the overpass sections -broken glass everywhere.
try to speed your way thru the golf course. players and staff get UPPITY AF if they see you. (Bonus: reenact a “Falling Down” golf course scene if possible)
Overall amazing trail. will try to make it all the way to Brampton next run.

good for walking

good trail

27 days ago

The first km of this trail was a trail, dirt/ground. The next km was a bike path, so asphalt. I only went 2km and then turned back (short evening walk). The scenery was very nice, overlooking the lake, passing by a beach. I just wish that it had been all trail.

liked it. the unpaved sections are especially nice. some paths are narrow, some wider, all in all not difficult and offers good options for whoever want to hike, casual walk, cycle and jog. saw a big and beautiful deer jumping in the river. will go back for sure.

Be warned though the trail turns into a golf course. at Bloor St and Markland Woods and it remains a golf course until Burnhamthorpe Road (20 minute walk between the two) During off season you can walk through the course, but you have to be careful of Etobicoke Creek it floods in the spring and long heavy rain falls and it very very dangerous. Growing up in the area multiple people have died when it floods out.

Never had a problem with people on this trail!! Bike road through the forest .. there is 100 little trails offside the path ! Beautiful place

1 month ago

Free parking. If you take the loop starting from the west side, can avoid hill climb lol. Initially near highway and can hear it, but eventually end up in nice forests with no sounds. Lovely 5km.

1 month ago

Gorgeous little nook tucked away between Mississauga and Toronto, couldn’t believe this was right by my house. 10/10 going back.

So nicely maintained and gorgeous to walk along! Just starting out!!

Good train covering a nice distance between the Brickworks and Moore Park Ravine, trails connect and give you a nice loop throughout the Ravine, along side the Don Valley, along the edge of the Brickworks and up to Mount Pleasant. Nice stroll and verry pretty populated in Winter so I can only assume it would be more congested. I would take a stroll along this trail again. Great trail for beginners!

Awesome park right in the city. They offer different trails that span from easy to medium. If you're training for a run or an obstacle race this is a great place to train due to different terrain. They have a huge playground for kids, a garden for those who just wants to sit and relax, a free zoo where you can pet and feed llamas, and a restaurant right inside the park. This is the baby version of Central Park. A must visit.

2 months ago

Really nice scenic trail, I went mid week on a damp overcast day, there wasn't allot of traffic but I would imagine it will be packed in the summer when the foliage is in full bloom. There were a couple of washrooms throughout the trail which was nice. The main trail is paved and is fairly level but there is a fairly steep incline in and out of the park, there is paved ramp with stairs in some part but is steep to get down. I think there may have been another ramp down that was less incline that started at the same part and entered the trail further down. I really enjoyed this hike unfortunately the trail was closed for maintenance half way down to Eglington, there was a ramp to get off the trail, so I think you could have went up to the street and re-entered further down the trail

trail running
2 months ago

Visit today 1st time for a trail running and have a fun time. Beautiful scenery with some good technical uphill, downhill, muddy, stony road and single lane. Some obstacles and in forest on the hill you can run around off-trail and run on branch and tree. Still very muddy and wet on the ground with some fallen trees, but that's what's trail running for. Definitely come back to explore and run again.

BTW, some of the trail marking is not clear, just be caution.

3 months ago

For what and where it is, beautiful spot year round. On rare occasion you might even spot some interesting wildlife! Trail is super easy, definitely not “moderate”

3 months ago

Easy and scenic for Toronto!

Near where I grew up. I swam in the radioactive waters basically my whole life so I’m fucked but it’s home.

5 months ago

Great during all seasons, lots to see and a decent variation of elevation

5 months ago

beautiful scenery in the winter time. easy trail with variety and multiple paths. campground parking was the best option for us, great hills and sledding spots.

Good for rollerblading

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