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12 hours ago

I haven't finished the entire trail yet but definitely intend to. The sound of the DVP isn't favourable but the trail itself is very versatile.

started at brickworks and headed up to mount pleasant where path is paved and flat (i.e. many families and strollers). coming back down through balfour park is not stroller friendly at all for about 1km, then there is a split, where a paved trail can be rejoined.

This is a perfect getaway close to downtown, both for walking and jogging, and with a bit of detour also for biking.

Eh, wheres the real hiking trail? My gps took me to toronto zoo so i had to go back to the bridge at old finch and park.

7 days ago

Fairly decent paved trail

Great for a leisurely walk with nice scenery. Amazing venue considering the devastation caused by Hurricane Hazel October 15-18, 1954 along the river route.

I'm lucky that this is my everyday commute. Great for walking, biking and birdwatching.

Simple, easy, lots of great picnic/bbq points along the path. Slow incline. The newer bridge at the parking lot might cause issues for some pet owners. One of our dogs is ok with it but it’s not the greatest on her paws, the other won’t cross it.

13 days ago

Great for strollers, bikes etc. Opposite side of river has a dirt path for mountain bikes/dogs to avoid the heavier traffic on the paved pathways which is nice. Tends to have sewer smells every single time I visit so it’s not my first choice of trail.
Has a fully enclosed off leash dog park at the DVP end and a decent amount of free parking.

Welcome To The Humber River Recreational Trail Out In Toronto, Ontario Canada!

This is another part of the Humber River Recreational Trail that we visited along the Humber River and What A Beautiful View it was with tons of Ducks Swimming In The River.

On This Bright Sunny Day: We also saw plenty of bike riders and trees with the leaves changing colors as well!

I want to personally Thank Allan for taking ME there back on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul Shore
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PS: Please Check Out My Youtube Video Under: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b58-RHB6Yg

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mountain biking
18 days ago

Single track trail for novice to advanced mtb riders. However, there are some sections that need maintenance with fallen trees obstructing the path. The east side of the river is rideable for the most part whereas the west side is more of a hiking trail. This was my experience of the Etobicoke Creek Trail from the Queensway to Dundas East side https://youtu.be/KvvNNMdujb8

Love going to the top of the cliffs at this bluffs.

19 days ago

Parking was difficult to find if you just drove to the coordinate provided. The trail itself was quite pleasant, flat with some views of small lakes and streams. Probably even prettier with the fall colours a few weeks later!

its always a nice walk to go on on a nice sunny day

1 month ago

mountain biking
1 month ago

I agree to some of the comments. The trial map is 30% not accurate. Admin please fix this. This is misleading. There are a lot of stretches where there are no trails. I have tried doing this on my mountain bike.

I'd recommend parking along Lakeshore just west of High Park. Pay parking lot in the summer. Nice view of the skyline. Super easy multi-use trail, gets very busy in the summer. Dog friendly. Lots of water and beach access. I bring my grandfather for walks here for something easy to do.

Was in construction.

on Mast Trail

1 month ago

Lovely trail. I like how it varies from old forest to fields with flowers, flats to hills. I wasn’t expecting to hike up the old ski hill but loved doing it! I hiked back along the river and a good part of that trail is sort of falling in to the river. Signs said that part was closed for regeneration.

mountain biking
1 month ago

One is the best in Ontario

Forest meets city. I once posted pics of my family in this trail and.people asked me how far from the city it is. It's a block from my house!

very easy walk. paved road lots of people walking, take advantage of the beach and if you're interested the nude beach :)

Mostly flat trails. We took the Moore Ave. trailhead entrance w/c is a bit hidden. Parking is just along the street, in front of the cemetery or one of the residential roads. It's nice that it connects to the Evergreen Brickworks. This will be a nice way to go on the Saturday Farmer's market in the morning when parking is packed :)

Was good to hike for an hour or so. Got to see what’s under the 401

Incredible view and landscape! You can climb over the fence and look over but be extremely cautious! Police may come and in that case just climb back over the fence and walk away and don't look back.

You can go on top of the cliff it’s risky but view is worth it !

2 months ago

mostly paved walking beside the river. pleasant.

so beautiful

2 months ago

Solid 5+ Km'er
In one ear and out the other

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