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road biking
1 month ago

Riding the trail from the north, the proper trail ends just east of Kennedy Road. Some work has begun on extending the trail and some of it is marginally rideable. However, just before Tomken Rd, the trail is impassable. It would be nice to have some signage to indicate when the trail is expected to be completed.

on Willowdale Park

1 month ago

it's a nice short walk and passes by a playground.

Dull, too busy, it's just a walk along a road and sometimes you get smells from nearby industry.

didn't really get to use the trail.just reviewing for your info..its closed at the 401 underpass..
Looked like a nice paved path in that area though..I rode from north of 401 up to Courtney Park..

mountain biking
1 month ago

amazing gem tucked in the west. start from Lake Ontario and head north. surprisingly technical MB trail. you would not want to go in (recent) rain as you’d definitely get stuck in certain areas. Must have spare tire kit (or kevlar protected tires) as the trail gets gnarly especially through the overpass sections -broken glass everywhere.
try to speed your way thru the golf course. players and staff get UPPITY AF if they see you. (Bonus: reenact a “Falling Down” golf course scene if possible)
Overall amazing trail. will try to make it all the way to Brampton next run.

Be warned though the trail turns into a golf course. at Bloor St and Markland Woods and it remains a golf course until Burnhamthorpe Road (20 minute walk between the two) During off season you can walk through the course, but you have to be careful of Etobicoke Creek it floods in the spring and long heavy rain falls and it very very dangerous. Growing up in the area multiple people have died when it floods out.

Never had a problem with people on this trail!! Bike road through the forest .. there is 100 little trails offside the path ! Beautiful place

2 months ago

Gorgeous little nook tucked away between Mississauga and Toronto, couldn’t believe this was right by my house. 10/10 going back.

There are some trails here for walking but it’s mostly a paved road. It’s kind of boring as a walk (trail is closed right now due to debris) but it’s a really nice short bike ride out to the lighthouse. Some great views. This is all in full sun so dress appropriately and bring sunscreen.

road biking
2 months ago

Very nice and smooth trail... a lot of bugs though in a humid weather..

So nicely maintained and gorgeous to walk along! Just starting out!!

Good train covering a nice distance between the Brickworks and Moore Park Ravine, trails connect and give you a nice loop throughout the Ravine, along side the Don Valley, along the edge of the Brickworks and up to Mount Pleasant. Nice stroll and verry pretty populated in Winter so I can only assume it would be more congested. I would take a stroll along this trail again. Great trail for beginners!

Plenty of free parking. Great views of the City especially walking back. Trails run parallel to the shoreline- but bikes must stay off. No rest stops, picnic area etc. However portable potty’s along the route. Pets not allowed. Hard to believe a park like this so close to a
major city. Great for cycling or hiking.

Nice boardwalk; plenty of parking at 10am; easy access to beach; many dogs were off leash on the beach. Bike trail parallel to boardwalk; access to washrooms ( some closed for the season). Western end was more scenic with views of the city and more of a hikers trail compared to the Eastern boardwalk area. A bit crowded in the boardwalk area. Less crowded in the trail areas.

A long walk, flat and concrete, nice views though. Very hot on a hot day, no shade.

I love this trail. There is ample parking and a few porta potties along the route.
The trail is flat and well maintained. If you are nervous about walking alone in the woods...this trail is for you. It’s clear and there are many friendly hikers around. This doesn’t mean that you won’t see any wildlife. There are many birds including owls, coyote scat, and snakes in summer. A lovely urban-type hike.

8 months ago

The trail map shown here is not accurate for the stretch between Bloor St and Dundas St. There is no access (at least not visible) around the creek and the trail map would actually indicate walking on the private golf course, which we did not see as possible. The stretch fro the West Mall to the Queensway is not along the creek at all.

9 months ago

I see some lovely photos of this trail - can someone tell me where along the trail I can find these unpaved areas? I want to avoid the paved paths and urban parks...

Very pleasant urban walk

Very pleasant walk in the park.
Very easy. A Beach walk.
Walked for about 2 hours - lots of cyclists.

road biking
10 months ago

great escape from the city, with fantastic views. It's not only open on weekends as someone said in another review. It's just only open from 4pm to 9pm Mon to Fri.

Not really a hike, more of a walk , but definitely worth it and beautiful. Took us 2.5 hours to do the whole thing. Saw lots of wildlife like snakes and muskrats and tons of birds and wild flowers as well. Great views of the city too!

Best sunset view along with city landscape

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A short walk in the Willowdale. Kids playground, tennis courts and the rock legend park. Nice.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Don Valley trails, get's a bit more open and less green as you continue towards the water. Good for long runs.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mainly a nice boardwalk stroll. The East end of the city is a slower pace which can be great.

Monday, February 20, 2017

I love the Leslie Spit, whether for running or walking or finding unexpected nature in the heart of the city. The Leslie Spit is a landscape of contrasts, nature digging it's way out of industrial cast offs.

Definitely a hidden (in plain sight) gem.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


road biking
Friday, October 07, 2016

It's a pretty nice trail for cycling, but not so much for walking. I like it because it's easily accessible from downtown Toronto but still not too overrun. It's also a good place for bird watching, since Leslie Street Spit is actually a birds sanctuary.

Monday, May 23, 2016

More or less walking a road. Beautiful views of the city. Open only on weekends.

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