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I went as far as Taylor road about 15km was a beautiful hike. planning on finishing entire trail by end of summer 2019. look me up watch me get old or have any questions . . Instagram- curemdap1

2 days ago

A cold beauty today.

4 days ago

winter wonderland

4 days ago

Fantastic trail, although I pout when I see how busy it's become.

Overnight camping is lovely, although it's becoming increasingly difficult to find fuel for fires at campsites. Keep in mind that while not an operating park you can still be fined for cutting down live vegetation. The wardens are cool, but they are serious about their park.

Enjoy the trail, but for the love of God, please help us keep it 'wild'. Pack in, pack out. Follow 'Leave No Trace' principles.

trail running
4 days ago

Nice if you get out early - sadly lots of dog owners with no respect for leash rules .. really frustrating to be chased and jumped on by dogs. Nice tho if you can’t get out of town to other trails

Wonderful hike at Beamer Conservation. The views of the escarpment are amazing to look at and you get a nice view of Lake Ontario. It was nice with all the snow although some parts of the trail are icy. Hiked part of the Bruce Trail further down and came back up. The terrain is mostly flat with a few uneven areas however the rivers provide a great scenery.

We did about 2.5km of this trail and made it as far as the old military radar tower. Beautiful scenery and trail was not difficult at all. Our kids came with us and enjoyed it as well. We plan to see more of the trail soon.

Trail was well maintained in the winter. stairs over the major bridge were well salted. Very easy trail mostly flat also did the hardwood trail that connects to this trail much more hilly.

Really enjoyed this trail, although it was a total challenge. We only managed to get out there in early November and we committed to hiking it in one day. We were able to complete it in just under 5 hours, but that was really pushing it because we were short on daylight. I wouldn't recommend a November hike because it was also very swampy. But the stony elevations and the views and the micro-environments were fantastic. Challenging but satisfying!

What a great experience! We loved the boardwalk loop and all other trails it leads off too!

The sugar shack loop was my favourite part! Seeing the old, dilapidated shack was interesting. Walking along the old stone farm fences at the end of the hike was a nice change of scenery too.

12 days ago

Nice little trail down Walkers Creek. Took the dogs where they had a chance to play in the snow. Terrain is flat all the way through and also great for running or cycling.

I hike this trail often with my dog. This trail offers ease of access and is an excellent beginners trail with a spectacular view. As often as I’ve walked the Hawkes Ridge Trail, it never seems to get old.

Things to remember;
1. Definitely bring a camera.
2. You may want to consider water/mud resistant footwear as there are two areas that can be a little muddy. No big deal if you forget, you can easily go around.

Beautiful trails, nice variety of loops to choose from. All three bird trails can be completed as a continuous 4.5 mile loop. Careful in the winter—trails can ice over and become quite slippery.

I take my dog to this park a lot! There are 2 big ponds for them to swim in. A lot of dog and people interaction. Good trails for walking. There are a fair bit of bikers, so if your dog is nervous around them be ware. Overall a great place to check out!!

Easy trail. Nice views especially in the winter when trees are leaf bare.

A nice easy walk (if icy due to the recent thaw/freeze). The original info on this trail said dogs on leash...we drove all the way out there to discover that there were no dogs allowed at all. Played responsible dog owner, did it anyway, really quickly as we were the only ones there. Will be lovely in the summer.

14 days ago

What a gem! I was so pleasantly surprised by all that I found upon arriving at the entrance gate to the conservation area. I paid the entry fee of $7 for one adult and parked the car in the spacious parking lot.
The trail head gave great direction to 3 wide and well marked trails in 3 different lengths. I chose the longest ( purple 8 km round trip) This was obviously the less traveled of the 3 but was wide and clear and mostly flat with forest, and a few ponds to view. Around the halfway point was a fire pit, picnic tables and plenty of fire wood. A great place to stop and warm up and have lunch and due to the longer trail and distance there are very few children.
The yellow trail was very flat and very smooth and possibly acceptable for a fitness strolled. Lots of families and children were on this trail. Along the way was a rest room and several random table to stop and take a break.
Upon arriving at the falls there are several tables and a big fire pit with plenty of seating and wood to burn.
There is a set of stairs that take you down to the bottom of the falls and is a great place to take photos.
This trail was not a difficult or strenuous trail but beautiful.

Things to bring: marshmallows, hot dogs, bird seed to hand feed the birds.

a longer trail, took us an hour to walk in january with a toddler. some slopes are steep, so not ideal in winter with ice.
perfect in summer for trail running.

My husband and I had a great time here! The trails were well marked and the views were beautiful!
Cant wait to come back and hike this trail in the fall.

I give this trail 1 star simply for the fact that it is $7/person to enter! Considering all the free options, I would never recommend this to anyone. 4 of us drove here without any forewarning and were shocked that we would have to pay $28. Would have really appreciated a note about this from someone on Alltrails so here it is now. Consider Waterdown trail 20 mins away..FYI it is free.

Nice trails! A bit icy today, but can’t wait to come back in the summer.

Great trails. We went begining of January and the trails were very icy. Lots to see, train underpass was a big hit. Trails are unmarked so screenshot this map before heading out. Parking is free. 4/5 would walk here again.

a bit icy in spots but a nice walk

Great views! We went in January so there weren’t huge crowds. Maybe a dozen people passed in the 4 hour hike. Would definitely go again.

Out on this trail today with a friend; absolutely beautiful. Definitely very muddy in parts but completely tolerable if you’re wearing proper hiking shoes. Trails are well marked but make sure you’re paying attention and have time to go to Crawford loop - we went out in afternoon and didn’t notice we made wrong turn and ended up in Crawford trails (only planned on 7.8 loop) - our loop turned into a 16k - we started later in day so we’re worried about losing sunlight. That was our bad though and still a beautiful detour. Look forward to doing this again.

Did the beaver snowshoe trail. Perfect weather with fresh powder. Kiddos had fun for about a quarter of the way!

17 days ago

Nice trail. Wish there was a better view of the water, but beautiful forest. Saw an owl!

17 days ago

Nice, easy trail. Falls are mesmerizing to watch. Great place for a picnic/snack.

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