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18 hours ago

18 hours ago

That is a nice little climb to get to the lookout. Trail is well kept. Signage is a bit dated and one sign is missing.
My dog got a little too close to the edge when he figured he could actually get one of the pair of vultures that were above us and below us.
There is some old fire hose that was once used as hand railing. Just looks messy now.
If you want to look over the edge, best to bring a rope for safety

Beautiful day, dry. Lots of bugs - bring bug spray


Great alternative to the Grotto! I found the trail itself and the lookouts very similar to the Bruce Peninsula National Park, but with fewer people. I would definitely do this trail again.

Nice trail, easy enough for kids, and yeah, those big pines are a sight to see!

Beautiful trial in the woods with some awesome views of swamp/wetlands areas. There is a Wild Birdcare Centre here too. The trail is easy and great for anyone or a family to come explore!

1 day ago

I was able to hike this while trail in sections, or you can go the whole trail out and back if you want to. I only went the one way and hiked some others off of it. It's a fairly easy trail with a few parts that can get hazardous due to either slippery rocks or fallen trees that blocked my path so much I had to try to find the trail again. It takes you along the entire shoreline of the park and I stopped to have lunch and hang out by the water multiple times. The trail also has backcountry sites you can stay at as well. definitely a must!

1 day ago

Great trails

rode it this past Saturday with my son-in-law. Trail was in excellent shape. Met lots of users, many Shady spots which were appreciated. stopped at Shand Dam for lunch. food truck was there.

Nice to spend an afternoon there!

Nice experience!

walk this nearly everyday, it's an awesome trail!
not great for winter walking though, there is NO winter maintenance done even to the parking lot.

Well shaded walk through lovely forest with some short paths to the lake. Very few mozzies on a hot day.

Do take the time to get to the lake. Few people and stunning views.

in the park it's posted as Lakeview Trail.

Great trail! My dog, 12 year son and I loved it.

love love love. single track, technical and a few good climbs. fairly easy trail to follow but you have to be able to read trail markers that are on the trees.
amazing scenery!!

got up early for a holiday Monday. We took the dog and went for a nice easy walk through the trail. Lots of chipmunks and even seen a gardener snake. not too many people on the trail which was nice . Weather was perfect. Easy hike for anyone looking to just walk around in nature without breaking a sweat.

the deer flies chased us off the trail! there were swarms of them!

nice trail although green markers are not advisable when the trails are overgrown ;) of course I got lost and found it tough to find my way out, perhaps that's just me. overall, good trail I'll visit again

Nice trail..

Overgrown trail. It was ok. would go back.

4 days ago

great kid-friendly family trail

4 days ago

This route has a variety of terrain. Rocky, bushy, slopey. Wear long pants. Be prepared with 1.5L water , Sandwich, 2-3 cereal bars. 10km Hike

4 days ago

Brought the dog and kids, lots of rocks and vines to climb and step over through the trail, the first lookout point you can climb down rocks to go swimming, clean clear water, very cold, and slippery rocks underneath.

Overgrown. Hasn’t been cleaned or used in a long time. Lots of bugs.

5 days ago

Great little trail system that goes all along the water with little scenic off-shoots. Lots of places to swim (at least in 2018 when the water was low) so bring your suit on a hot day. With the number of different trails you could make this as short or as long as you like.

There are also some neat points of interest, in particular the spirit trees. However, an environmental suggestion: please don’t leave your man-made junk at the foot of the spirit tree as an offering. If you feel compelled to leave something rather than leave the trail as you found it then please make it something that is a timeless offering that fits the spirit of the trail - a rock you painted; a note you etched on a piece of bark you found; a leaf snipped into the shape of an animal; or a small inuksuk. Nobody, including the spirits I’m sure, thinks your trash, plastic items, or manufactured toys and crap are a particularly great spiritual gift. If someone travelling this path could not have gifted it hundreds of years ago then don’t gift it now. I’m pretty sure the spirits don’t think all our industrial churn-out is particularly uplifting.

Great views, the tour is good but wandering around could be just as interesting.

We saw 3 owls and the parts along the river very pretty!

on Old Quarry Trail

5 days ago

I like this trail. Sometimes alot of people walking with can be a bit of a pain when biking. But trails sprouting off of this one are alot of fun.

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