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1 month ago

Trail is doable in one day if you have 2 vehicles, wouldn’t recommend but doable. Hoorigan bay has a fantastic beach and would highly recommend a swim.

Great day hike. Hard to swim there due to the rocks. If you continue around the bay you’ll find yourself at some old fishing cabins. Trail is a little hard to navigate once you head north from the picnic tables but the few at the fishing cabins is great.

You can bike right to the base of the trail. Cuts off lots of time. Few big hills on the sawbill lake trail if you take that route which is faster. I’ve done this hike biking to the base climbing to the top in just 40 minutes, that’s giving er a 100%. Would recommend 3-5hours complete time.

Lot easier to bike, this bike/hike should take about 4-6 hours biking and 6-8 hours hiking.

This is probably in my top 5 best hikes I’ve ever done. I think the distance probably turns many people away but I promise the views make it worth it. The cliffs up there need to be seen to believe. I saw many pictures before going on the trek but nothing prepares you for the real deal in person. The 1-2 kms is almost straight ascent in my opinion wasn’t bad but I do a lot of hiking and an fairly endured.
If you’re gonna do the trek, start early. This allows you time to spend up top as well as detour over to Tee Harbour which is gorgeous (you’ll see signs for it along the way) and get back to your vehicle in time the dinner. It took me and my husband 6 hours or so to complete this hike.

the first part of the trail (kabeyun trail) was relatively flat, lots of rocks & mud, we regret not bringing our bikes, it would of made the first part much quicker. we took the extra 1km to the "sea lion rock formation" an easy little hike, worth it. there is a bike rack at the Talus Lake trail where you turn off the Kabeyun trail. the talus trail was nice, some inclines! the 3km up to the Head of the Sleeping Giant trail was a fairly challenging 3km, quite steep. the extra 2km to "the chimney lookout" are so worth it, and youre up there anyways might as well do it! those 2km's are easy. such beautiful panoramic views of Lake Superior, Thunder Bay & the park. we stayed at the top for half an hour. the entire 24km + 1km for the rock formation took us 5:30hours. The views are amazing, no pictures do it justice!

Hiked around the park and this was my favourite view. Very steep for 1.8 km or 1 km depending on what map/sign you look at. Signage isnt great.

on Kabeyun Trail

mountain biking
4 months ago

We biked part of this trail to the trailhead for the Top of the Giant trail. It was my first time ever mountain biking. Definitely an adventure.

4 months ago

We did a combination mountain biking and hiking. Definitely recommend biking the first part of the trail to the base of the giant. They do have bike racks at the base. The hike up was brutal and quite the workout. The top of the giant was gorgeous and the view made it worth it. One of the hardest hikes I’ve done.

A fairly easy trail, ridiculously easy to follow up to the knees. A gorgeous and very rewarding view make it well worth it. The trail is less easy to follow if you continue around it so keep your eyes open. Watch for wildlife and enjoy the lakes and trees that engulf you.

Wide, easy trail with some small hills to keep things interesting. Beautiful crystal waters in the bay at the end.

A steeper climb than Top of the Giant, but equally impressive views! Well marked trail with some fun scrambling to be had if you want to explore the lookout.

4 months ago

Pretty challenging hike due to length and steepness once you start the climb from the base of the giant. I recommend biking the first portion between the parking lot start point and the base of the giant trail (there are bike racks). The final view point are unbelievable and totally worth the trek!

Great for kids.

5 months ago

I was able to hike this while trail in sections, or you can go the whole trail out and back if you want to. I only went the one way and hiked some others off of it. It's a fairly easy trail with a few parts that can get hazardous due to either slippery rocks or fallen trees that blocked my path so much I had to try to find the trail again. It takes you along the entire shoreline of the park and I stopped to have lunch and hang out by the water multiple times. The trail also has backcountry sites you can stay at as well. definitely a must!

one of my favorites at sleeping giant! The way up (last few miles or so) were definitely the most difficult since it was humid. Plus the ascent up the mountain was pretty steep in parts. However it was a great hike and I saw many kids and dogs too. The views were worth it and I'm going to have to go back for a weekend trip.

It was very peaceful easy hike, the water was very calm, we had the beach all to our selves

The Bay was a little disappointing , it had a little opening to the bay, that was mostly rock, but still very peaceful

One of the best hikes you will find for a scenic view.

Great trail! I took my two boys (10 & 8) and we loved it! Well marked and a beautiful view at the top where there are lots of wild blueberries that are very tasty!

One of Ontario's most stunning hikes. I enjoyed it once the ascend up the cliff began. There is a lake right before the climb that you may use to filter water. Since this is a long hike, mind the bugs and be prepared.

Stunning! The first portion is a little dull (biking it would certainly cut down on time!), but once you’re past Tee Harbour, things start to get interesting. The top section would likely benefit from more trail markers, but it’s fine. The views are absolutely incredible and well worth the steep climb!

6 months ago

Nice off-leash trail for dogs. Easy rolling trail, but very muddy right now.

My family and I traveled from Wisconsin, USA to hike this trail and it did not disappoint. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. The first part of the trail goes down past Seal Point lookout. It is about 3 miles long and is quite flat, but follows the shore line, so you get to hear the lapping of the waves. You reach a couple of check-marks along the way, but make sure to stay to the right and follow the trail signs.

When you actually reach the Sleeping Giant trail, the climb is pretty steep with roots and rocks and a lot of undergrowth that obscures the trail a bit. When you make it to the very top there is a sign that points you to a 2km trail along the ridge—do it! You’ll come to a few different false lookouts, but continue on and you’ll reach a lookout with a few trails veering off. Take the one going into the forest, follow it for awhile and follow the blue arrows. You’ll come to an absolutely gorgeous lookout over Lake Superior. The ravine is beautiful and you can hear the echoes of the birds.

It’s a long hike, but the view at the end is totally worth it!

I'm heading up Top of the Giant Trail from Kabeyun Trail/Talus Lake Trail and hoped someone who had already hiked it could confirm if there are any water sources on the way that can be accessed to filter water. Thanks,

Long hike in but it is relatively flat compared to the chest. Once reaching the top of the giant trail head you pass a really nice lake. The trail starts to become pretty strenuous as the trail begins to zig zag it’s way up the cliff side. The hike offers amazing views!! One thing I noticed upon reaching the top is that you need to continue hiking until you find the chimney chute route which climbs between two massive cliffs. There is not a lot of trail markers at the top to direct you but don’t get discouraged.

Just did this hike with my son yesterday and the view from the top was spectacular! The hike was moderate for part of the way and then became difficult for the last 4K climb to the top. 100% worth every sore muscle I have today!

Wonderful reward for the effort in the hike. The views from the Knees of the Giant are breathtaking!!

My Favourite Spot

Excellent view, decent day hike!

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