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1 month ago

Thoroughly enjoyed getting right into nature on this hike. The path is narrow and for the most art, not maintained. In some areas the path was clear and there were boardwalks for short distances. The scenery was awesome! Fields of flowers, tall trees, babbling river — worth coming here for a nature trip! Wear comfortable shoes as the terrain varies quite a bit. And yes, there are a lot of red ants so comfortable shoes AND socks is a good idea. I’ll definitely be back to explore more!

on Seaton Hiking Trail

1 month ago

hike this trail every day ....best trail in this area

it could be a nicer place. IF dog owners would pick up after there dogs more often
also the portable washrooms are in horrible condition. they are not attended too as often as they should be.
also I really wish "DOG WALKERS" would not bring 5 PLUS BIG DOGS in the SMALL DOG off leash area as small dogs have gotten hurt

2 months ago

Went yesterday for a walk with my pup and the trails were covered in red aunts, I’ve never seen so many.

Great trail! My dog, 12 year son and I loved it.

love love love. single track, technical and a few good climbs. fairly easy trail to follow but you have to be able to read trail markers that are on the trees.
amazing scenery!!

Trail head in Locust Hill is infested with Red Ants. We had to get our dog into the river to get them off, ran back to the car after and still had to pick about 15 off of her. We must of disturbed them on the way in because they were everywhere on the way out.
The trail seemed really overgrown this time. We havent been in a couple years.

2 months ago

This route has a variety of terrain. Rocky, bushy, slopey. Wear long pants. Be prepared with 1.5L water , Sandwich, 2-3 cereal bars. 10km Hike

2 months ago

I made my own South Side Loop and it was great! A lot of variety from smooth paths to rock scrambling! There's even a river crossing! Rough, Rocky, Slopey, Bushy. Wear long pants! There might be a beaver in the area. Pack atleast 1.5L water, Sandwich, 2-3 Cereal bars.

2 months ago

Agree with the last review, pretty easy to get lost if I didn't have this app because there are tons of forks that don't make it clear which the correct way is, so lucky I had it.

Trail itself was nice and was a relatively easy hike.

2 months ago

Good for group hiking. Easy to get lost

Many great options here with the river and cliffs..very scenic winding river to follow..park one car around pine ridge then drive up to whitevale and start there

3 months ago

Was there recently and the trail was seriously overgrown and there is Giant Hogweed around the northern part of the trail. Construction under the 407 also makes it difficult to access. We did however see a beaver.

3 months ago

Very poorly marked, many time there was a fork in the trail with no markers to help. Without this app I would have gotten off track. One good hill up and down on the trail.

Really liked this for a shorter hike.

I hike this trail a lot. from the dog park on Concession 3 to the look out at by whites Rd great elevation changes. runs along the river for a lot of it. works out to about 9k there and back.

I used to love bringing our husky through the trails - as it isn’t as busy as other trails in Durham Region - but recently have avoided it because it has become very overused.

7 months ago

This used to be one my favourite local spots. Back in 2012-2013 I would have given this a solid 5/5 star rating. The trail since then has been seriously overused and suffers from lots of erosion (the whitevale section in particular). And now a construction site for a new subdivision boarders the southern portions of the trail.

Late sept - oct is the best time to go, as the mosquitos & deerfly are BRUTAL throughout summer.

Having said all that, the trail does have nice sections especially in late fall and early spring. If you do the whole trail return trip is 5-7 hours pending on your pace, which is longer than most of the other trails within the area.

8 months ago

Was a nice trial to walk in the winter, looking forward to seeing it in the summer. Slightly icy on some paths but easy to follow and nice scenery. Was hard to find using the directions on this app. The entrance we found was on Mutual street in Pickering. Had a parking lot there that was fee. Also has a play ground and a soccer field. Will defiantly be back again.

Very good

The trail itself is amazing! It’s gorgeous with lots of different elevations. There’s also an off-leash fenced dog park in the south end of the trail. Dogs must be on leash on the trail though. Unfortunately enforcement of this rule is minimal as everyone let’s their dogs off leash on the trail. We probably won’t be back again because our pup was attacked by two different dogs who were off leash on the trail. One lady claimed her dog “didn’t like dogs who were not neutered”. Our pup was 4 months at the time and isn’t scheduled for a neutering until 1 year. Nevertheless, how could you allow your dog to roam free off leash when you KNOW your dog may potentially be a threat to other dogs, dog owners and walkers? Definitely such a negligent act. Wouldn’t trust having our pup on the trail again. Even though we kept him on leash, it’s hard to control other dogs and the actions of other owners.

10 months ago

we started at HWY 7, the trail was closed at the 407 bridge (I think) there were signs up saying use at own risk. We did, went down to Whitevail and back, its bit a not a bad trail to walk, the trails are well marked. the weather wasn't the greatest, damp and foggy so we only seen 1 other pair of hikers on the trail. There wasn't that much took look at other then dead bent trees from the ice storm a few years ago.Going to start at Whitevail and head south next time and eventually finish the whole trail

Sunday, September 24, 2017

This was what I consider to be my first real hiking trail as my previous excursions were basically the WFT and various conservation area trails which are super easy. The Seaton is a gem, easily accessible, great viewpoints due to the ridge's elevation and challenging in spots. Development continues to encroach on the trail which now backs onto sub-division construction in areas. Suggest you do this trail while it is still all there.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The wilderness between cities.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Great trail with awesome elevation. caution when crossing the river section.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

not a good trail for dogs ... way too many red ants! my dogs feet got bitten so much ... poor girl ☹

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Love the elevation change, stream, and scenery. Not too shabby for so close to Toronto.

on Orchard Trail

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beautiful trail, not very challenging, but very beautiful and interesting. Great views, some ascents and descents, lots of wildflowers. Great trail for birdwatching--May is prime time to spot warblers (I've seen yellow and chestnut-sided in past years), rose-breasted grosbeaks, and more. Winter, look for gold and ruby crowned kinglets.

trail running
Saturday, April 22, 2017

Very good trail run for novice runners. All routes are well marked.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Great trail, many paths perfect for the novice Hiker!

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