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Very buggy, had to jog a few parts because they were so bad! Trail was nice, fairly easy but could be a bit bumpy for a stroler. Also my car window got smashed while we were hiking and things were taken from my backseat so that really sucked, but the hike itself was nice.

For travelling on foot this trail sucks! Too many cyclists. There are better trails to walk or hike on than this. There are some parts downtown though that are good to walk on but most of it should be left for the cyclists. It is a great trail to bike on though.

47 degrees today but still a lovely walk!

Great multi-use paved trail, used by both cyclists and hikers. This path offers great views of the Ottawa River the back of the parliament buildings and Rideau Canal.

It’s a very nice trail with a cool limestone kiln. The lookout wasn’t as good as the pictures made it seem but it was very pretty. If you move at a good clip the bugs are not much of a problem. The paths alternate between one person wide and uneven path to five people wide and wood chips which makes for interesting changes to the scenery. Would definitely go recommend.

Love this trail! I use it for biking as well as walking my dog some really great look out points.

Did the whole jack pine trail in 52 min. Pretty well groomed and easy for all types of hikers, families included. Mosquitos are kind of aggressive near the boardwalk but if you move at a decent rate you should be fine. Nice trail

This loop is pretty flat and the trails are mostly well groomed which makes it good for all ability levels. We went after a big wind storm so there were a few downed trees covering the trail and some Giant puddles requiring us to go off the trail to get around. That isn’t a complaint, just a warning in case someone is planning to go with a stroller. Saw lots of gardener snakes, red squirrels, chickadees, and a duck, goose, woodpecker and a heron. There is a variety of scenery, forest, swamp, ruins, fields etc. Bathrooms at 2 of the trail heads.

Nice winter easy winter trail. Also good for Nordic cross country skiing. Trails are relatively flat. Great for viewing birds!

Better for cross country skiing than snowshoeing but enjoyable all the same. River was frozen over well so we were able to venture out!

6 months ago

Nothing wow but pleasant enough trail. Very flat and new growth mixed forest.

Two things stand out: the lake is pretty impressive considering this is a lake smack near the Kanata suburbs; the portion of the trail near the "North Dogsled" intersection is a lot rockier and more hilly. I would give that part 4 stars.

The area seems mostly promoted as a place for mountain bikers (there were lots of fat tire cyclists when we went) but we saw lots of walkers too.

We found street parking off 2nd line road. There are a couple of entrances.

Lots of red squirrels!

mountain biking
7 months ago

Rock and roll times.

Great walking trail with such beautiful scenery.

paddle sports
9 months ago

Reading all these posts and complaints of the highway noise makes me think: did you buy a home in the east end and commute to work; how did you get to the trails. wow

9 months ago

Not a bad little walk. It had some pretty areas.It was a very close to the highway and the loud traffic threw off the experience a little.

This map contains a trail that is off access!

Walking trail vs hiking. Bring bird seed in the winter and they will come right into your hand to eat it (if you stand still) :)

10 months ago

Sadly, no part of this trail as marked on the map ever comes close to the creek. Also, there are power lines that cut through part of the trail. This is a simple nature walk through a small forest. It's close to the highway so you can always hear the traffic. Part of a trail for skiing in the winter.

trail running
11 months ago

Definitely not an "easy" trail for trail running. Rather technical with many roots, rocks, and sometimes mud. It's called "Rock Hopper" for a reason. Lots of fun, but stay alert!

road biking
11 months ago

Watch for the detours around Hurdman during LRT construction. Also, the path has been flooded under the Hurdman Bridge for quite some time. You will need to portage your bicycle around it.

Excellent pathway for cycling, walking, jogging, nature walks, birding, and for accessing the river to canoe or kayak. Much quieter than the western section of the Ottawa River Pathway. Lots of wide open spaces in certain sections while others are heavily forested. The path is well maintained and well signed so wayfinding is quite easy. Passes the RCMP Musical Ride and The Canada Space and Aviation Museum.

Nice, brisk walk

Bathrooms are awesome

I do a 4.5 km loop off of the parking lot on hunt club. Dogs allowed only during the summer, once it snows the cross country skiers take over

Monday, July 24, 2017

Marshland trail so expect plenty of mosquitoes. The trails are also rather treacherous with rocks and tree roots that are easily tripped over.

Good easy trail great outing with the kids. The trail has easy access and they are wide trails

Pretty well maintained trail. Was a nice hike!

Excellent trail network, also connects with all the other Western Greenbelt trails so for a day's worth of hikes you can be quite busy.

Loved this hike! Started at beaver trail and worked my way to lime kiln ruins across to jack pine. Saw some deer, a weasel, frog, snakes, and cute chickadees that followed us for sometime. There is a portion of the forest that looked burnt but it made for a oddly beautiful hike. The lime kiln ruins also was a nice place to explore. I would definitely recommend this trail!

Well marked with many options to adapt to all levels and time available. My only deception is that I can't bring my dog along.

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