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Really good trail. Make sure you pack plenty of water and snacks with lots of energy. Did the whole thing along with most of the side trials.

This trail has amazing views. Definitely bring snacks and lots of water! We didn’t do the full 15km loop. There are lots of opportunities via side trails to make this hike shorter if necessary. This trail is pretty rugged, but very enjoyable. Due to the steep cliffs and crevices, it’s probably a great idea to bring kids. I will definitely be doing this hike again!

Best Trail ! Beautiful View ! Easy and breathtaking!

The lookout point is absolutely breathtaking. So worth the trek!

awesome trail! light house should not be missed!

Absolutely amazing. It is a very difficult trail, though. It seems it's designed to break your ankles, lol. The air pressure(?) changes when you get up onto the cliff, and it feels like a different world. McKay Harbor is an overnight camping spot (no fires allowed, AMAZING spot though), and from the Harbor down to Cemetery road (bottom right corner) might be the hardest spot. Definitely recommend a sandwich and some granola bars (I found eating a clif bar on the cliff somewhat humorous) and taking LOTS of water. Highly recommend a camelbak. <3 <3 <3

The view from here was breathtaking, the rocks were sometimes tricky to maneuver but overall the hike was awesome.

This trail has become over crowded. In general the hike is great and the views are amazing but in my opinion too many people use this trail at the same time and it becomes unpleasant.

Not 15 km. Got lost. Did 27.... my bad. Even going the wrong way for 3km is worth it if there's a view right? Highly recommend bringing snacks to avoid that high noon hangry faze, small pack of carrots IS NOT ENOUGH. I repeat, snacks are a must!! Brought two dogs with me, one was really handy pulling me up the inclines during the hangry/crying phase of our adventure. The other was nothing more than a cute 20lbs sack of potatoes I had to carry the whole time. Ladies, put that long hair in a bun cause the spiders are cray cray up in there. Went for a swim and found that 5 had caught a free ride! I can not stress enough that is was not 15km, I wish knew that so I could have brought a tent... or some more snacks!

Nice short trail that is generally a loop with good variation and views. Can get very busy on summer weekends so beware that without a reservation you may not even get into the park!

So peaceful
The boat wrecks were well visible with the naked eye, but you only get to see two.

1 month ago

Amazing views! Long hike.

We are novice hikers in our late 20's, this trail is completely worth the 15k trek, but it is a long 15k, we found the 5k-10k point the most demanding, bring PLENTY of water as there are no fountains or such! also the part of this trail which takes you down to the beach and across (see map) is no longer, it deadends and you must return up the hill! the views when you hit the coast are something else, but also don't dismiss the forest! Antony & Hayley.

Awesome hike, great views, all kinds of terrain.

1 month ago

Next to Horse lake trail is the Georgian Bay - Marr Lake Trail which has the best view.

Just beautiful.

Nice hike and great view. Would say 75% of the trail is moderate the rest is a little harder. Go early and bring a snack - it's a long haul.

Challenging at some points, worth the views

Went here end of October last year. Only one other person on the trail! It was absolutely incredible, I had no idea Ontario was so beautiful. A must see

Good hike with some really nice views

Should be noted that you’ll need reservations to hike in the Cypress Lake area and the trail is fairly busy. You can make reservations ahead of time online or on the phone with Parks Canada. Cost per car is $17 including parking and entrance fee. If you don’t make reservations ahead of time, chances are you’ll be able to make the 530 to 930pm. Great place to bring a family, not really any difficult hikes in the area.

did the 15km, no regrets

Great hiking! Definitely want to come back in the fall!


3 months ago

Great little hike!

Love the rough terrain and the elevation that gives you the best look outs but you have to be really cautious if you are going in spring as snow makes it way more difficult and dangerous

Great trail..very rocky.. don't know why it's rated as moderate, it's fairly challenging !

4 months ago


An amazing trail with stunning views. Trails are well maintained. A lot of elevation changes. Bring water and snacks for sure as well as proper footwear. If planning on doing the whole loop leave early as to finish with some day light.

Amazing trail ... very rough terrain. Make sure to leave enough time to complete the loop in the daylight.

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