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The lookout point is absolutely breathtaking. So worth the trek!

nice trail although green markers are not advisable when the trails are overgrown ;) of course I got lost and found it tough to find my way out, perhaps that's just me. overall, good trail I'll visit again

Great trail for family bike ride. Well maintained, nice scenery. Will be back!

Good hike. 7-8 km with off shoots to extend hike length.

Trail was covered in red aunts me and my dog had both gotten eaten.

Nice little hiking trail. Always love this spot when I dont want to big of a hike, but not too small of one either.

Trail head in Locust Hill is infested with Red Ants. We had to get our dog into the river to get them off, ran back to the car after and still had to pick about 15 off of her. We must of disturbed them on the way in because they were everywhere on the way out.
The trail seemed really overgrown this time. We havent been in a couple years.

This trail is pretty big for being in the city. If you dont know it, you could end up getting list. A few ponds, to fish and and take pictures.

It was ok. Pretty flat, not well maintained. Wouldn’t hike it again.

great spot! Nice lookout also.

great kid-friendly family trail

This route has a variety of terrain. Rocky, bushy, slopey. Wear long pants. Be prepared with 1.5L water , Sandwich, 2-3 cereal bars. 10km Hike

trail running
2 days ago

Power hiked the ascents and ran the flats/descents. Several amazing views packed into a relatively short trail. Trailhead sign isn't lying about the steep ascents/descents and slippery sections. Roughly ten stream crossings, some over boulders, but overall trail is easy to navigate. Worth the effort, one of the best trails in Ontario!

awesome trail! light house should not be missed!

2 days ago

Brought the dog and kids, lots of rocks and vines to climb and step over through the trail, the first lookout point you can climb down rocks to go swimming, clean clear water, very cold, and slippery rocks underneath.

Lots of trails. Very clean.

Overgrown. Hasn’t been cleaned or used in a long time. Lots of bugs.

A hidden gem. I asked a couple on the main trail if I was near the entrance to the side loop and they had never heard of it. It was the most challenging hike I had taken my 5 yo grandson on and he loved it (even though he thought the cave was not big enough.).

2 days ago

I made my own South Side Loop and it was great! A lot of variety from smooth paths to rock scrambling! There's even a river crossing! Rough, Rocky, Slopey, Bushy. Wear long pants! There might be a beaver in the area. Pack atleast 1.5L water, Sandwich, 2-3 Cereal bars.

2 days ago

Great little trail system that goes all along the water with little scenic off-shoots. Lots of places to swim (at least in 2018 when the water was low) so bring your suit on a hot day. With the number of different trails you could make this as short or as long as you like.

There are also some neat points of interest, in particular the spirit trees. However, an environmental suggestion: please don’t leave your man-made junk at the foot of the spirit tree as an offering. If you feel compelled to leave something rather than leave the trail as you found it then please make it something that is a timeless offering that fits the spirit of the trail - a rock you painted; a note you etched on a piece of bark you found; a leaf snipped into the shape of an animal; or a small inuksuk. Nobody, including the spirits I’m sure, thinks your trash, plastic items, or manufactured toys and crap are a particularly great spiritual gift. If someone travelling this path could not have gifted it hundreds of years ago then don’t gift it now. I’m pretty sure the spirits don’t think all our industrial churn-out is particularly uplifting.

Great views, the tour is good but wandering around could be just as interesting.

We saw 3 owls and the parts along the river very pretty!

A good place to bring kids to experience a variety of things in nature without having to travel far.

2 days ago

Difficult in places but so so beautiful. Did the yellow loop and it was about 3 hours.

Lots to see and many small rock formations around.

3 days ago

Solid 5+ Km'er
In one ear and out the other

It was great. I took two kids with me, and they had a ton of fun. The whole trip was about 4km walking. I definitely agree with parking at Tiffany falls and working your way to Sherman Falls.

Wide, flat and well maintained trails for an easy hike but no views from the actual trail.

Wide, flat and well maintained trails but not much a view in the summer.

Excellent for riding .

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