6 months ago

Nothing special here, just a quick walk through the woods. Suitable for all ages.

Fun, level walk to the southernmost point of mainland Canada! The trail is muddy, so wear proper footwear. It’s also very windy at the tip. We saw tons of seabirds!

Great landscape/waterscape photography locations. excellent in early spring and late fall for waterfowl migrations.

excellent birding trail in spring. great for wjitetail and fox opportunities as well. one of the most used trails in the park for birders/photographers

Nice little trail with a bit of history a boardwalk and lots of birds

washed out
Sat May 18 2019

This is our most used go-to walking trail. It has some elevation differences at several points of the walk. There is a lot of heritage, history and nature to view here. This walk you get a little bit of everything! Half on land, half on unrailed boardwalk.

Mon May 28 2018

Very easy. Multiple access points. Good relaxing hike/walk. Go in spring (May) for great birding opportunities.

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Sat May 12 2018

Multiple entrance points to determine the length of your walk. Walk averages 20-30 mins when I go with my two children. Historic houses that you can enter, depending on time that you go. This walk is part land/dirt-stone and part boardwalk . This walk is one of my favourites as there’s always something new to see!

beautiful day out. picnic and lots of gorgeous photos

Fri Aug 18 2017

The trail is easy but there are some season footpaths that are difficult. We took a footpath that landed us on the beach it was gorgeous.

Very cool trail! Worth the visit if you're from SWO

The east side footpath is windy; don’t be surprised if you step into mud or get splashed by crashing waves. The west paved trail offers a calmer presence; gazing over the edge of Lake Erie, it’s hard to tell where the lake ends and sky starts. http://lightwander.co/blog/point-pelee/

Fri May 26 2017

Quick hike to the eastern shoreline with plenty of biodiversity in sight!

9 months ago

Sat May 11 2019

bird watching
Thu May 02 2019

bird watching
Wed May 01 2019

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