2 months ago

Very easy for the most part, just the last 100m are a bit steeper but still no difficult terrain.
The trail is beautiful and well marked. The surface is mostly packed soil and often overgrown. Beware of poison ivy on the sides of the trail.

Information panels inform the history and flora along the trail. They cover an old wolf den, beaver ponds, water falls, turtles, and various plants and trees along the way. We encountered a lot of wildlife for such a short walk, frogs, various birds, a fox/coyote (still debated), and chipmunks. Also a few too many caterpillars and mosquitos for my taste. The lookout provides a surprisingly good view of the surrounding hills, far better than the small elevation gain would suggest.

Overall a nice short walk, but beware of abundant mosquitos in the summer and poison ivy along the trail.