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It was pretty but the trail is not well marked. I would not classify it as hard.

Amazing trail lots of paths to chose I enjoyed the landscapes and different species and plants. It’s a good walk up and down the hills. I recommend this site

not sure why it's rated moderate, I'd consider it pretty easy, but then I'm also used to steep mountain hikes in the west. none the less, great scenery and a great way to recharge if you're needing that nature break away from town.

Beautiful and not too hard for kids

3 months ago

The hills and stairs were great exercise. Not marked the best but had a great time finding our way!

Great trail and fairly maintained. Lots of hills and nice trees. A lot of people keep their dogs off leash but they shouldn't be as it's an on leash area.

this Trail was about 45 minutes north of Toronto and we did about a 4 km walk. there are lots of ups and downs and it's really hard to believe you're so close to downtown. We went on April 22nd and there was still a fair bit of snow and ice but the temperature was around 12 degrees C and beautiful for a walk. Will come back again.

4 months ago

Horrible trail, not only is the bridge out at the beginning of the trail there really are no markings. We got lost, didn't know where the trail was and wasn't. We go hiking every weekend and this was such a disappointment.

This trail has been a favourite for years - it’s hilly (“99 steps”) and they’ve done some maintainence over the years so it’s much easier at the beginning however this is not a light stroll. It’s hilly and if winter - slippery and involves some creative moves across the terrain :) Will definitely get your heart rate up. Lovely space for a family walk, a date, a stroll, for dogs too.

5 months ago

We “hiked” this trail on February 18, and there was a good bit of snow on the ground on top of thick layers of ice. I use the word “hike” in quotes because it is basically a straight, flat path with a couple of places where you go uphill. I have no idea where they get off categorizing this trail as hard/black. It is moderate at best, even with a foot of snow on top of layers of ice!

Also, there are NO trail markings; I mean NONE! Zero, zilch, nada! It is not like they are not visible or hard to follow. THERE ARE NONE! So it is super easy to get turned around. We had to use the AllTrails map to make sure we didn’t go in endless circles around the mostly frozen creek. It is pretty in the winter and I’m assuming it is very pretty when the weather is warmer, but this isn’t hiking on a hard trail by any stretch of the imagination. It is a walk in the woods where you will get lost if you aren’t following GPS on a map! We finished the loop in a fraction of the average time it takes us to hike (we hike regularly but we are not professionals).

FYI, as of 2/18/18, the bridge at the beginning of the trail is out; it has partially collapsed into the creek below). But it felt solid enough so we just walked over it and we were fine as there was no other way apparent to us to cross the creek. I was shocked that there were no markings whatsoever and no maintenance of the trail. Too bad! Won’t “hike” this trail again.

watch out with winter hikes, slopes are difficult to navigate,but still doable with minimal ice.

8 months ago

Great trail with lots of side trails. That said, few to no markings so it was easy to get turned around.
If your using the AllTrails map it might not be up to date. Twice it lead us to a point where we'd have to cross the Humber Creek. The last one we crossed since it was getting late! Brrrrrrrrrrr.

The bridge at the beginning of the trail is out of commission, but sturdy enough to cross so keep that in mind.

Great trails, amazing views . Does have a lot of hills and rough terrain but love it. A little muddy in some parts , and they do need to come in and remark some of the areas. I found many people were getting lost from the Bathurst entrance ( I parked at the 19th side rd ). Blue trail turns to White markers near the end . Over all great like will defiantly do it again.

At the entrance of the trail there is a sign indicating that ticks are present in the area. Enter at your own risk.

trail running
11 months ago

Really liked this course minus the $2.50 for parking, not marked the best but now have a better idea of the route.

Parking cost $1.50 / hour. Trails are great for kids with some elevation. Bring bug spray as there are plenty of spots with standing water and mosquitoes. Recommend wearing older or hiking shoes as they are muddy portions on the trails. We followed white trail to Keele then attempted to divert to the blue. Ended up doubling back on blue and returning to car on white trail. We travelled about 6km in 2 hours with 3 kids in tow.

11 months ago

Lovely forested area. Most of the main trail is wide, well-marked, and fairly easy. There are a couple of steep grades and other smaller trails tat are not marked. Unfortunately, the main trail was closed at major sections, so I could not complete the loop. I didn't see the waterfall or pond, but perhaps those are on the closed sections.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

I have Been coming here since i was a little kid.
I would definitely recommend this trail to any one.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Much low lying terrain retains ground water. Watch for flooding and poor signage on trail. Keep small children and animals well supervised at arms length.

A little confused about the trail map - first half was clearly marked then trail got narrow and a bit overgrown but it was the actual trail on your map. Gorgeous tall, old maple forest - lots of hills and valleys. ❤️

nice forest, few visitors, poor signage

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I took my 3 kids for a trail walk. the maps take you into the grounds of Seneca College where you have to pay for parking to drive into the grounds to start your hike. there are several entrances into the trails off of Dufferin but nowhere to park your car if that is how you have arrived. once we paid for parking and got in the trails were just infested with mosquitos!! we couldn't even complete 0.5km and were bitten everywhere! very disappointing.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Okay but signs could be more frequent. We got lost in a residential area quite a way from the trail after walking through a field which brought us out onto a road in the residential area.
We are very new to this app and hope to get out walking the trails frequently.
Great job putting this all together. :)

It's a great set of trails: slippery but gorgeous in winter, buggy but gorgeous in summer, and stunning in the spring and fall. The only downside, unfortunately, is as others have noted (thought it was only me that was bothered by this) that *very few* dog owners follow the dogs on leashes sign. It's not an off-leash dog park and with so many dog-walkers, it can feel like that to anyone just trying to hike, or with an on-leash dog or skittish kid, and not interested in your "he's well trained and only wants to say hi" dog. It can also get very busy, but hitting the side trails with higher elevation changes tends to fix that.

Short but fun!

very different in winter then fall// many locals walk dogs off leash.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Love these trails!!! Dogs are exhausted by the end of it! Every season looks splendid here.

cross country skiing
Monday, February 06, 2017

excellent nordic skiing on a Saturday afternoon.

Monday, January 30, 2017

love this place for snowshoeing. variety of trails and terrain and very picturesque.

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