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1 day ago

winter wonderland

trail running
1 day ago

Nice if you get out early - sadly lots of dog owners with no respect for leash rules .. really frustrating to be chased and jumped on by dogs. Nice tho if you can’t get out of town to other trails

nice easy trail, very clean,

on Nature Loop

5 days ago

you're in the city but feels like you're hiking in the
back country!
There are two small lakes, forests and open meadows to explore. just enough hills to get your heart rate up! Love this area!

Nice little trail. Pretty short.

Trail was well maintained in the winter. stairs over the major bridge were well salted. Very easy trail mostly flat also did the hardwood trail that connects to this trail much more hilly.

Some would call me an idiot for hiking alone, some would call me an idiot for hiking in the winter while pregnant (there’s ice on the hill especially); but sometimes a hiker’s gotta hike.
Beautiful day to be out and a great loop to get some exercise.

7 days ago

My rating is for the overall park, whereas the trail itself would perhaps be a 3.5 star. It is a well maintained and standard state park. My husband and I went on a very warm day in February, and the trail was very busy. It’s fantastic for most/all skill levels, and would be fun with children. I rather enjoy a more remote hiking experience, which this particular hike was not. With paved trails winding through the upper north country forest, and breaking open to a beautiful view of the Minnesota-Canadian border, and the thundering 130’ High Falls, I will have to return, to hike the other trails in a different season. (Hiked: February/2017)

Easy trail. lots of mosquitoes and ticks in the summer

What a great experience! We loved the boardwalk loop and all other trails it leads off too!

The sugar shack loop was my favourite part! Seeing the old, dilapidated shack was interesting. Walking along the old stone farm fences at the end of the hike was a nice change of scenery too.

well marked and wide trail with plenty of loops. we missed a turn and took a nice stroll down a quiet road for a bit, which was also perfectly pleasant. muddy in the rainy season.

7 days ago

Excellent trail! Absolutely beautiful in the winter and very easy to navigate. I would definitely recommend checking this one out!

nature trips
8 days ago

Quiet, nature filled quick wander.

Busy, nice view of Detroit skyline.

8 days ago

Worth the easy hike up in the warmer months and a snowshoeing trek up in the winter! Great little spot with the option to continue on to some tougher trails.

I hike this trail often with my dog. This trail offers ease of access and is an excellent beginners trail with a spectacular view. As often as I’ve walked the Hawkes Ridge Trail, it never seems to get old.

Things to remember;
1. Definitely bring a camera.
2. You may want to consider water/mud resistant footwear as there are two areas that can be a little muddy. No big deal if you forget, you can easily go around.

this trail is in Windsor, Ontario and not in Sutherland, as Sutherland is 100km northeast of Toronto

This is the best trail

I take my dog to this park a lot! There are 2 big ponds for them to swim in. A lot of dog and people interaction. Good trails for walking. There are a fair bit of bikers, so if your dog is nervous around them be ware. Overall a great place to check out!!

Easy trail. Nice views especially in the winter when trees are leaf bare.

beautiful walk. slightly icy in spots as we went in the winter and there are quite a few hills. it seems well maintained and lots of maps so you don't get lost

10 days ago

Lovely hike, but muddy after rain or snow but overall beautiful place

A nice easy walk (if icy due to the recent thaw/freeze). The original info on this trail said dogs on leash...we drove all the way out there to discover that there were no dogs allowed at all. Played responsible dog owner, did it anyway, really quickly as we were the only ones there. Will be lovely in the summer.

12 days ago

not much of a walk, but great for small kids. there is lots of grass to play on, a small park, baseball diamond, some sights to see.

paved main trail, a couple unpaved trails that weave in and out. great sights to take a break at (the fish ladder) also two free parking lots, and a giant staircase for runners. easy for small kids, no crazy slopes, and a parkette on one of the exits. good for biking too.

a longer trail, took us an hour to walk in january with a toddler. some slopes are steep, so not ideal in winter with ice.
perfect in summer for trail running.

My husband and I had a great time here! The trails were well marked and the views were beautiful!
Cant wait to come back and hike this trail in the fall.

It was nice. I think it would be amazing looking at in different seasons. One more beautiful than the other.

Great for walking the dog off leash! The dog can swim, run and play with other dogs. Most dogs are friendly, but we have encountered a couple that were a bit temperamental, but no major issues.

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