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I went as far as Taylor road about 15km was a beautiful hike. planning on finishing entire trail by end of summer 2019. look me up watch me get old or have any questions . . Instagram- curemdap1

2 days ago

Awesome little loop. Take the trail slow and dont rush, actually a lot to see along the way if you look. lots of old growth trees.

3 days ago

Amazing trail. Short. Beautiful. Near the city. Well used (which is great)! More difficult in the winter but still so nice.

3 days ago

A cold beauty today.

Nice little short winter hike on the a
beautiful trail to the waterfall. Nice winter wonder land view of all the trees and river leading up to the waterfall. Perfect for dogs and kids. The waterfall
is absolutely beautiful with all the frozen icicles and snow. Can’t wait to come back in the summer for even more pretty views!

This seems like a great trail and will enjoy another visit, but it is very easy to get off trail due to poorly marked trails.

4 days ago

winter wonderland

4 days ago

Fantastic trail, although I pout when I see how busy it's become.

Overnight camping is lovely, although it's becoming increasingly difficult to find fuel for fires at campsites. Keep in mind that while not an operating park you can still be fined for cutting down live vegetation. The wardens are cool, but they are serious about their park.

Enjoy the trail, but for the love of God, please help us keep it 'wild'. Pack in, pack out. Follow 'Leave No Trace' principles.

trail running
5 days ago

Nice if you get out early - sadly lots of dog owners with no respect for leash rules .. really frustrating to be chased and jumped on by dogs. Nice tho if you can’t get out of town to other trails

I arrived around 10am on a cold but sunny Saturday in January and the hike was wonderful. I only saw two other people the entire time I was there and they were just heading in as I was heading out. The waterfalls in the winter are amazing, and the lookout was quite nice as well.

Tip for beginners : walk on the far sides of the trail to get a footing on solid ground, and not slip.

Wonderful hike at Beamer Conservation. The views of the escarpment are amazing to look at and you get a nice view of Lake Ontario. It was nice with all the snow although some parts of the trail are icy. Hiked part of the Bruce Trail further down and came back up. The terrain is mostly flat with a few uneven areas however the rivers provide a great scenery.

hiked the whole thing in 1 run took 16hrs to complete

nice easy trail, very clean,

8 days ago

Nice forested walk with litigation side trails to explore.

We did about 2.5km of this trail and made it as far as the old military radar tower. Beautiful scenery and trail was not difficult at all. Our kids came with us and enjoyed it as well. We plan to see more of the trail soon.

Great wildlife, peaceful, very easy access.

on Nature Loop

9 days ago

you're in the city but feels like you're hiking in the
back country!
There are two small lakes, forests and open meadows to explore. just enough hills to get your heart rate up! Love this area!

Nice little trail. Pretty short.

10 days ago

Beautiful trail that provides a great workout with its many ups and downs. we have hiked it many times , spring ,summer and fall and each season offers its own charm. Fall is perfect since there are very few bugs .
make sure you're wearing good foot wear due to the uneven ,rocky terrain. The long loop takes about 2 hours, the short loop 1 hour.

Started at the golf course and went to the tower. Nice walk.

Trail was well maintained in the winter. stairs over the major bridge were well salted. Very easy trail mostly flat also did the hardwood trail that connects to this trail much more hilly.

Started at the golf course and walked to the tower.

Some would call me an idiot for hiking alone, some would call me an idiot for hiking in the winter while pregnant (there’s ice on the hill especially); but sometimes a hiker’s gotta hike.
Beautiful day to be out and a great loop to get some exercise.

10 days ago

My rating is for the overall park, whereas the trail itself would perhaps be a 3.5 star. It is a well maintained and standard state park. My husband and I went on a very warm day in February, and the trail was very busy. It’s fantastic for most/all skill levels, and would be fun with children. I rather enjoy a more remote hiking experience, which this particular hike was not. With paved trails winding through the upper north country forest, and breaking open to a beautiful view of the Minnesota-Canadian border, and the thundering 130’ High Falls, I will have to return, to hike the other trails in a different season. (Hiked: February/2017)

Really enjoyed this trail, although it was a total challenge. We only managed to get out there in early November and we committed to hiking it in one day. We were able to complete it in just under 5 hours, but that was really pushing it because we were short on daylight. I wouldn't recommend a November hike because it was also very swampy. But the stony elevations and the views and the micro-environments were fantastic. Challenging but satisfying!

Easy trail. lots of mosquitoes and ticks in the summer

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