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19 hours ago

Walking along the river was nice but not much else to look at and trail was not very well kept when I visited.

j'adore y aller avec mon chien

Attempted in Jan 2018. Covered 18km in the first day. Beautiful winter scenery and just the right amount of trail difficulty for someone used to trekking and climbing in the Rockies. Only regret was not taking enough photos!

Encountered an unexpected severe drop in temperatures. Forecast had called for -18C as the overnight low, but a high pressure system blew away the anticipated snow clouds and dropped temps to below -30C. We were not ready for that extreme level of cold and bailed the next day. Can’t wait to gear up and try this out again someday, but maybe not in January.

6 days ago

Today we went with our 3 dogs and had a great time, it was clean snow and clear markings of the trail.

A nice little trail with lots of creeks and little log bridges but just waaaay too much car noise from the nearby highway and county road. Once we got up the ridge a bit and away from the roads it was really nice though with some nice song birds. Lots of great downed trees and gnarled trunks. Some great trees for 10-15ft climbs to have a break and swing your feet. Will come back when the snow is gone to get into those trees!

18 days ago

Nice and easy

A really great 2 hour walk with lots of beautiful natural features like downed trees. Lots of little creeks and ponds to poke with sticks! Lol. My daughter and I had a great time trying to guess the animal tracks! And inventing our own possible animal answers!! Lol. Definitely a nice winter hike! Agreed with another reviewer who said it’ll be amazing in spring. Will definitely be back!

A lovely day. A lovely sunset through the trees. Incredibly icy due to the thaw freeze thaw freeze rain thaw freeze of the last few days so take cautious steps or bring crampons! Lol. Definitely pricy to park as someone said but it’s $11, a great cause and supports the great people of Christian Island/Beausoleil Island FN who keep this trail open for our enjoyment! Thanks you guys! Think I’m correct about that!? Lol.

the trails were absolutely gorgeous. if you're looking for a pretty easy walk or trail run with an amazing view this is the place!

Nice trail. Pretty scenery. The first part is close to a the road so the sound of traffic was pretty loud however as you progress you can’t hear it. The paths are narrow and wind a lot which I like.

Very nice trails. A little more “people-y” than I prefer and you can hear the traffic from the nearby highway. Nice wide trails, streams and scenery. Very enjoyable!

Near where I grew up. I swam in the radioactive waters basically my whole life so I’m fucked but it’s home.

We had wanted to go to Raven trail however it was closed due to issues with beetles. This park was just down the street and we were traveling with our big pup. Much to his delight, the start of the trail is also a giant off leash dog park! The trail conditions were amazing and loved the side trails that took through the woods

walking through here with three dogs on fifty foot leashes proved immensely challenging. the path ways are often narrow (mountain bike sized) and the sides are overgrown with stubby brush. I eventually shortened the leads to 8-5' lengths just so we could all pass through unencumbered. there is a well marked trail here, just follow the neon green spray painted markers on the trees. the terrain is undulating and crosses over a stream and circles a pond. it was a really nice walk. that said, it's winter and there were numerous spots that had a sheet of thick ice topped lightly by snow. so mind your step if you are coming this way soon!

We just went and the trails are closed due to forest beetle infestation maintenance.

Nice trail that meanders along an out of service rail line. I have heard that bears have been seen in the area of the Fort so might be an idea to wear bells or have spray.

We brought our 6 month old Husky here and were all impressed! It is paid parking ($5 for a full day), but it definitely is worth it. The Conservation is VERY well maintained. We did not see any dog poop anywhere on our 3 hour hike. All of the owners seemed very responsible and there were garbages at all entrances. There’s even a fenced off leash dog park at the north end of the Conservation. Definitely recommend!

1 month ago

We went mid January, during one of the unseasonably warm weekends. It was muddy but the trail was still fine to do. We did the loop to the summit. Not a hard trail, some interesting elevation and nice views. great quick hike close to Toronto.

1 month ago

It’s an okay trail but I defiantly don’t recommend it if you have an active dog. There’s a rusty wired fence outlining the boundaries of the forest. It’s very difficult to see and has barbed wire on the top and bottom of the fence. In my case, my dog ran into and and cut her nose pretty bad on the fence. Don’t walk it if you let your dog unleashed.

1 month ago

this is a much smaller tract then you'd think by walking through it. this tract actually ends at a spot where the trail crosses over a fence that's been knocked down. most folks step over the fence line and keep walking. this is the point at which you'd also start to notice small piles of household debris dumped in the forest. they are usually pretty clandestine, but it is sad, regardless. the trail is a pretty well known one locally and well traveled. generally, dogs here are off leash. if you have a problem with that, this isn't the trail for you. I've never seen anyone doing anything but walk their dog or take photos (scenic background) here. it would be great for a beginner's trail run as it is pretty flat. if you go past the fence line, then use a mapping programme like all trails record function to mark your turns (or you could end up wandering for quite some time)!

Parking on the road.

2 months ago

Just wondering if you need snowshoes for this hike

Great trail with amazing forest and changing scenery!!!!

2 months ago

The trail was great! We made sure to not walk on the Cross County ski paths(it was super easy to stay off their tracks), but still encountered a very unpleasant vocal skier . Being considerate and respectful goes both ways ☺️
Please remember it’s a multi-use trail!

2 months ago

This a very busy tract with plenty of people allowing their dogs to run and crap all over . These dogs are not all friendly so beware . The bugs will devour you too . Long pants and boots a must because this is a hot tick area . The Grand Valley trail used to continue across the road up to Cedar Creek Rd. till the land owner denied access ? You can continue south to Sudden Tract to make this a worthwhile Hike . Watch your step on this one !!

Excellent trail for silence and meditation.

Really good trail. Peaceful in winter. I am definitely going to return to either cross country ski or cycle in the spring/fall.

Great trail.

mountain biking
3 months ago

This was a great ride and a wonderful trail. Also some spots along it said it was equestrian, which I suggested an edit with. This is the third trail i've tried in the area and now my favorite.

Nice easy trail. Peaceful.

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