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nice trail although green markers are not advisable when the trails are overgrown ;) of course I got lost and found it tough to find my way out, perhaps that's just me. overall, good trail I'll visit again

Overgrown. Hasn’t been cleaned or used in a long time. Lots of bugs.

Lots of flies in summer but beautiful scenery

very secluded which was amazing however over grown in some spots

This is a great trail with a bit of everything to make it interesting. Lots of up and down trekking to work your body. The marsh board walk was fun. I was surprised how quiet these trails are considering that they are very scenic, but my wife and I did pass by people here and there on the trails. The trails were well marked with points of interest signs. The conservation area also has nice picnic areas to have your lunch after hiking. Recommended. Bring your bug spray after a rain though. Lots of grass and marsh areas to attract mosquitoes.

Easy trail, well maintained. Nice quick circuit tracks

4 months ago

Agree with others it’s a great short hike. Loved the view from the top of the uphill. Some great trees especially two gnarled old wise trees on the right of the trail near the end of the loop. The trailhead is actually at the sign for 3337 12th line. Park on the roadside and away you go. Loved it but left me feeling it was too short. Wanted at least another km more when we reached the end. Nevertheless very very lovely!

A really great trail! With some great little view breaks. The sun was shining beautifully today and the big blue sky contributed to the day too but really it’s my favourite hike of the year so far! Definitely worth a couple hours to explore and appreciate. Elevation changes, great signage, a great creek and a nice maple and cedar forest. Two thumbs up.

We hiked the Chickadee and Kingfisher trails on a gorgeous, sunny March day. It was very slippery in places and muddy, but my kids loved that! The scenery was breath-taking and the gurgling creek sounds relaxing.
It would’ve helped to have a trail map posted on at the beginning of the trails, so I would recommend printing one out from the Scanlon Creek website. Although the trails are well marked with a bird silhouette sign, the entire loop was not marked. My 5 yr old son was getting tired and I wasn’t sure which was the fastest loop back to the start.

Not a bad first experience with this app! Trail not well travelled so it had a nice trail breaking serenity to it as I divined the route a bit. Trail isn’t always totally obvious but this app kept me on it at times I questioned it. Just on my way out as if it were a karmic gift for getting out hiking/snowshoeing by myself today I saw the biggest pileated woodpecker I might’ve ever seen. It was like a huge fat crow. Maybe pushing 50 to 60cm it seemed in body length. That alone was worth it! :) Recommended but careful if going soon - the honeycombed snow made footings on slants unreliable at times. Plus 3 today though! Can’t complain! :) Did the loop through the Marsh not just the board walk. Took a couple hours with some selfie and “snack” breaks! ;)

6 months ago

Great little gem of a trail for locals and visitors. Bird watching and board walk

walking through here with three dogs on fifty foot leashes proved immensely challenging. the path ways are often narrow (mountain bike sized) and the sides are overgrown with stubby brush. I eventually shortened the leads to 8-5' lengths just so we could all pass through unencumbered. there is a well marked trail here, just follow the neon green spray painted markers on the trees. the terrain is undulating and crosses over a stream and circles a pond. it was a really nice walk. that said, it's winter and there were numerous spots that had a sheet of thick ice topped lightly by snow. so mind your step if you are coming this way soon!

under these specific conditions, I'd rate this trail as very difficult. it's January and we're in the middle of a thaw. there is very little snow cover left and what is left is either ice or hard pack snow with little or no give. there is undulating trail here (we followed a little black chickadee marker) with steep incline/decline sections. the most steep parts have steps built in (little help when the step is mostly covered in leaves and ice). I'll freely admit that I ambled along the well heeled path until I was about 1/5 down my first steep decline. by then I was slowly and carefully choosing my footing and wondering about the wisdom of this adventure. (did I mention it was freezing drizzle, too?) in fact, I recall thinking that was goes down must come up. and really if it was this mu-and then I slipped into my first, but not last lunge/semi-splits manouever. this was soon followed by a few bum scrambles and lots of laughing and muttering about my unwise choice in trail for the day. from there on i usually scrambled along next to, but not on, the path. quite by accident I made it back to the trail loop and finished up with only a few detours.

Beautiful walk on the Chickadee Loop Trail (Black) but it was very icy in many spots. There are some areas of elevation and were quite dangerous. Keep an eye on where you are planting your feet!

Nice little loop, fairly well marked, little incline very easy. lots of birds and small wildlife.

Great trail with amazing forest and changing scenery!!!!

7 months ago

the trail starts away from the naming sign ( continue down 12th line to the green sign for 3332 12th line). initially, there is an uphill slog that makes you wonder about terrain, but you must come down gradually as you make the loop. to the left is the well traversed uphill where you will eventually ramble below a few fallen trees. nothing crazy, but you need to be reasonably mobile. there are a few fallen trees to the right from the entrance loop (or off the finish if you go left). I got lucky and was mostly able to follow a snowmobile/Nordic ski track. it was just near the finish where a large tree had fallen that I lost track of other's tracks. if you're headed here soon take long snow pants as the snow is deep (especially where it hasn't been trodden over). fabulous trail with beautiful tall pine. at the top of the initial climb there is a great view to both left and right where the terrain drops away.

7 months ago

there are two paths off the parking area from the 11th line side. we took the trail to the left and stayed on it until we stumbled into a well marked mountain bike trail. we took that trail with its switchbacks near the highway side until the dog grew too cold to continue. using the map we could see where we were relative to the start. winter is a great time to check this spot out as you can see from the well-marked footsteps in the snow where a "real" trail is. there are some gentle grades, but nothing too challenging.

Nice easy trail. Peaceful.

Good quick hike with dog park. Areas for communal eating. Great for harvesting puffballs.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Upon entrance, don't be fooled by the parking booth, as it is no longer occupied, and therefore, there are no envelopes to pay for parking. Instead, continue driving straight along the gravel road until you reach the parking lot. Once there, you may begin along the trail, which is conveniently marked with several different signs designating different types of birds and forest. In addition, a green sign with bare feet mark the trail loop, so you won't get lost. Overall, the trail is well groomed (as well as the grounds) and the creek features a unique environment featuring amphibians, birds, and coniferous and deciduous trees. You will also find several sign posts and boards featuring interesting facts about the wildlife and environment in the area. Great for kids.

One of my faves. Hike it frequently. There's a surprisingly tough accent toward the middle/end of the kingfisher, but it's totally doable and there's a nice look out at the top to take a breather.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The scanlon creek trails are the nicest ones I know that are very close to Newmarket. The kingfisher loop has a few steep sections. The lake is now a creek, and while it can be a bit buggy at time, it does feel like true nature even though the suburbs are a short drive away. There were lots of birds calling when we went for a walk and the terrain was very interesting for the young children in our gang. A bit steep in a couple of sections. The discovery play garden is very fun for kids (especially the big boulder)

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

easy but enjoyable hike!!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Familiar/ lots of variety

Monday, January 30, 2017

plenty of trails to choose from. most are in the woods. well marked but couldn't find a trail map to see where individual trails led you.

Careful of hunters

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Very nice trail. Clearly marked. Mix of terrain. A bit challenging. Quite scenic. I really enjoyed the hike. Wish it was longer.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Lots of fun for the whole family. Good terrain with well marked trails for the novice.

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