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The lookout point is absolutely breathtaking. So worth the trek!

awesome trail! light house should not be missed!

Absolutely amazing. It is a very difficult trail, though. It seems it's designed to break your ankles, lol. The air pressure(?) changes when you get up onto the cliff, and it feels like a different world. McKay Harbor is an overnight camping spot (no fires allowed, AMAZING spot though), and from the Harbor down to Cemetery road (bottom right corner) might be the hardest spot. Definitely recommend a sandwich and some granola bars (I found eating a clif bar on the cliff somewhat humorous) and taking LOTS of water. Highly recommend a camelbak. <3 <3 <3

I love the Boardwalk. The walking surface is well maintained, the views are wonderful and the ambiance is terrific. It’s the best place to spend a couple of hours walking.

Really good to walk where there is no auto traffic.

10 days ago

This trail is a great workout if you are going for a day hike, if you are going backpacking i recommend you go light, and i mean no more than 15 kg if you dont want to struggle, unless you are in excellent shape. Its a nice trail but it has a lot of elevation changes and challenging terrain, its not a bad thing but just to have in mind. All camping sites are really cool with nice views to the lakes. So the hike is totally worth it. Recommend bringing trekking poles and if you are concerned about ticks or mosquitoes as i am, cover yourself up as there are sections where you will have to go right in between the bushes. One thing i found peculiar is that all 5 camping sites are right on the path of the trail so even though its not busy expect to see the odd hiker passing by right next to you. Toilet on site 529 is not marked. Took a while to find it on a little path behind a big rock literally by site 529 west of the picnic table. In short its a nicw trail but it is also challenging so be prepared for it! :)

great loop, very nicely maintained trails with boardwalks and gravel. nice views of the lake.

11 days ago

Very nice trail right by the water. Moderate difficulty. We did it with a 3 year old and it was doable.

For travelling on foot this trail sucks! Too many cyclists. There are better trails to walk or hike on than this. There are some parts downtown though that are good to walk on but most of it should be left for the cyclists. It is a great trail to bike on though.

The view from here was breathtaking, the rocks were sometimes tricky to maneuver but overall the hike was awesome.

15 days ago

can't believe I did this

Great trail for mostly any age. Easily maneuverable with beautiful sights to see. Not a major challenge of a hike.

on Rattlesnake Point Trail

19 days ago

Amazing views, moderately challenging trail, highly recommended!

Awesome views, great trail for all...

Ran into plenty of wildlife, a few more snakes, mosquitoes and deer flies than we would have liked but overall quite a beautiful hike with somewhat challenging terrain. Prepare for bugs if you’re hiking in july!!

Great view. Easy trail to bike and hike. There is places to stop for food along the way and water stations.

Not 15 km. Got lost. Did 27.... my bad. Even going the wrong way for 3km is worth it if there's a view right? Highly recommend bringing snacks to avoid that high noon hangry faze, small pack of carrots IS NOT ENOUGH. I repeat, snacks are a must!! Brought two dogs with me, one was really handy pulling me up the inclines during the hangry/crying phase of our adventure. The other was nothing more than a cute 20lbs sack of potatoes I had to carry the whole time. Ladies, put that long hair in a bun cause the spiders are cray cray up in there. Went for a swim and found that 5 had caught a free ride! I can not stress enough that is was not 15km, I wish knew that so I could have brought a tent... or some more snacks!

Great multi-use paved trail, used by both cyclists and hikers. This path offers great views of the Ottawa River the back of the parliament buildings and Rideau Canal.

24 days ago

Beautiful views at the lookout at the top of the rock! Great variety in the trail terrain.

Nice for an afternoon out

Nice easy trail, I've done it twice, one with a friends toddler and 4 year old. A nice easy hike with parts skimming the shoreline.

Way too crowded, lots of garbage left around. Actual trail is okay, I need a little more of a challenge , I guess. Nice views of the area.

So peaceful
The boat wrecks were well visible with the naked eye, but you only get to see two.

Good wide easy trail for walking, running, rollerblading, biking- just about anything - I saw no horses
Beach all the way along path, which continues into Burlington.
If you are lucky, you will get to see lift Bridge in action - awesome

Amazing trail but bugs can get bad when walking or running it

30 days ago

Amazing views! Long hike.

We are novice hikers in our late 20's, this trail is completely worth the 15k trek, but it is a long 15k, we found the 5k-10k point the most demanding, bring PLENTY of water as there are no fountains or such! also the part of this trail which takes you down to the beach and across (see map) is no longer, it deadends and you must return up the hill! the views when you hit the coast are something else, but also don't dismiss the forest! Antony & Hayley.

The BTA does a great job of maintaining the trail. There are some lengthy sections without access to water so plan ahead if the weather is warm. I did only camping so it made for a couple of long days to reach the next campground. Started in Wharton then to Cape Croker to McKays Harbour to Reed's Dump to Mountain Trout Camp to Cypress Lake and finished off to Tobermory. Actual terminus of Bruce Trail another few meters past the GPS coordinates of this map but otherwise accurate when we hiked it.

Beautiful trail with moderate difficulty. Enjoyed it !

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