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on Noisy River

1 day ago

The entry of the trail is really hard to find. Parking in the street. But the forest looks amazing.

1 day ago

I was able to hike this while trail in sections, or you can go the whole trail out and back if you want to. I only went the one way and hiked some others off of it. It's a fairly easy trail with a few parts that can get hazardous due to either slippery rocks or fallen trees that blocked my path so much I had to try to find the trail again. It takes you along the entire shoreline of the park and I stopped to have lunch and hang out by the water multiple times. The trail also has backcountry sites you can stay at as well. definitely a must!

12 days ago

This trail is a great workout if you are going for a day hike, if you are going backpacking i recommend you go light, and i mean no more than 15 kg if you dont want to struggle, unless you are in excellent shape. Its a nice trail but it has a lot of elevation changes and challenging terrain, its not a bad thing but just to have in mind. All camping sites are really cool with nice views to the lakes. So the hike is totally worth it. Recommend bringing trekking poles and if you are concerned about ticks or mosquitoes as i am, cover yourself up as there are sections where you will have to go right in between the bushes. One thing i found peculiar is that all 5 camping sites are right on the path of the trail so even though its not busy expect to see the odd hiker passing by right next to you. Toilet on site 529 is not marked. Took a while to find it on a little path behind a big rock literally by site 529 west of the picnic table. In short its a nicw trail but it is also challenging so be prepared for it! :)

great run on this trail. I farted a lot during today's run.....kept the bears away !

This is a great trail but be forewarned that as of this date, the map on AllTrails is incorrect. The first intersection is not where it shows on this map it is south of Starling Lake. Hiked the big loop in 3 days (2 nights) with my 2 boys. Lucky to see a moose at Head lake on the 2nd night.

Nice hike. Park needs to do a better job maintaining the trail though.

Ran into plenty of wildlife, a few more snakes, mosquitoes and deer flies than we would have liked but overall quite a beautiful hike with somewhat challenging terrain. Prepare for bugs if you’re hiking in july!!

on Long Lake Loop Trail

24 days ago

Great trail, just needs a little maintenance where there are fallen trees across the trail.

1 month ago

We stopped along the shore after just a couple minutes for a cookie. We were cautioned of some steep sections by a passing volunteer.

We then headed into the woods, and were given a warm welcome by a million mosquitoes. Thank goodness I packed the bug nets. Had I not, I would have quit 5 minutes into the hike. Bugs love me, far more than Erica anyways. It was a warm day, but I covered up, head to toe, with a ball cap, bug net, jacket, light gloves, and long pants. There were swarms. I’m not really used to that many bugs. Typically in the past, I avoided walking into the woods of central Ontario at this time of year, because of the bugs.

Due to my barrier method of protection leading me to be overdressed for the temperature, I got good and sweaty. The good news was, that I was not getting bit much at all. Just a few buggers would attack through my ball cap, or my light gloves occasionally. That said, I was still feeling a little agitated by the constant buzzing and swarming. This caused me blow through the trail at a brisk pace, with Erica wishing I would dial it down just a notch.

Willard the Adventure Poodle was having a pretty happy time, but poor Hilton the Adventure Mutt was getting crushed by the bugs. There was not much to be done about that though, and she did a commendable job of soldiering on.

As a result of the wind on the water, and the bugs in the woods, I did not snap many pictures, but I did try to get a few from the trail.

It was a nice trail. It was mostly fairly easy going, but there were some steeper rocky bits to navigate along. There were a few nice views as well, as the trail occasionally popped out of the dense woods. You could tell that early in the spring, some sections would have been wet, but for our early June hike, the trail was basically completely dry.

Due to our high pace, we completed the trail quicker than we would have typically. I’ll admit, I was a little relieved when we emerged from the woods.

There is not a more beautiful hike in Ontario, in my opinion. It is for more experienced hikers and would absolutely rate this one has hard, as opposed to moderate considering some of the elevations and hiking requisite knowledge required. Trip preparation and proper gear is essential, but absolutely worth it!

Relatively new trail that branches off the Coastal Trail in Pukaskwa National Park. Being new it had marker ribbons instead of proper blazes, and parts were newly cut vs. being well-worn. First part of trail is easy-to-moderate but in the loop section you're faced with challenging climbs up massive granite out-crops. At the top get ready for some amazing views of Lake Superior and smaller surrounding lakes, rivers, and valleys.

The BTA does a great job of maintaining the trail. There are some lengthy sections without access to water so plan ahead if the weather is warm. I did only camping so it made for a couple of long days to reach the next campground. Started in Wharton then to Cape Croker to McKays Harbour to Reed's Dump to Mountain Trout Camp to Cypress Lake and finished off to Tobermory. Actual terminus of Bruce Trail another few meters past the GPS coordinates of this map but otherwise accurate when we hiked it.

its great

The trail kicked my ass, but I want to go back when it's a little cooler. July during a heat wave was my mistake.

Did this trail as part of the Fall 2017 Haliburton Hike festival. Luckily we had a guide. Amazing viewpoints, challenging and peaceful. Can’t wait to go back and would love to try camping at Sheldon Lake.

1 month ago

Challenge for a beginner, but possible for most people to complete. There are enough rocks, loose sticks and roots to be a bit dangerous at times. I didn't see it wet, but I would expect a few spots to be harder than usual if the rocks and roots are slippery. The wildlife at night at the end of June was a symphony all night with the morning filled with birdsong. I only wish there was more trails, or possibly alternate routes around the more dangerous spots so more people might enjoy the whole trail. I also noticed the toilet near 530 was not marked, so I walked a kilometer just looking for where it was until I went into the bush to make a cat hole and found the toilet.

With a friend, hiked the loop clockwise. 5 nights/6 days. Our first big hike. Was tough. Many steep climbs. Rewarding views. Wonderful campsites. Saw very few people along west part and top. More traffic along east side..Amazing hike! Not sure about rating as moderate. When compared to moderate sections of other trails (eg Bruce Trail), I think this Killarney Hike may be difficult.

Great trail. lots of scenery and fun to hike.

Great and easy trail, some wildlife and great campsite on the lake !

Great trail! Gorgeous views, beautiful pines, and a sweet little waterfall!

The trail was really nice seen deer in 3 seperate spots. The ticks on the other hand were hungry I got bit twice and took 8 off the dog just crawling not latched on. Still good times

2 months ago

it was a very fun trail. you never saw the same sort of area twice. from rock cliffs to crossing swamps on large logs. I will definitely be going back!

This was a phenomenal trail. Ups, downs, mud, rocks, streams, waterfalls. It has it all! I wore my Fitbit and from the trail entrance where I parked my car it’s actually just over 15km to do the trail TO the loop and back. My only complaint is that sometimes you get arrow after arrow after arrow and sometimes you really have to search where your going. But now that I’ve done it once it should be easier to navigate a second time.

I’ll be back for sure! Highly recommend for people looking for a good, tougher trail to walk.

Great hike.

This is my favourite hike to do at Frontenac. Particularly Tetsmine but adding Hemlock last fall was amazing. Hemlock had the best fall colours of any of my hikes last year. There's a spot where you see across the lake and you walk alongside it for a while and it was simply breathtaking with the beauty of fall.

Tetsmine is my favourite Frontenac trail because it has so much to see and its very balanced. There are several "wow" moments and they are evenly spread out. There are mines, waterfalls, a gorge, this beautiful meadow lined with mica bits (when the sun shines it looks like you are walking on golden pathways in a meadow - amazing!) when the water level is high there's even an infinity pond. This trail is awesome and its a challenging hike but we'll worth the effort and the extra drive to the far parking lot.

This one is quite spectacular in the fall. There are some amazing spots where you can watch the leaves fall like rain or walk through a rainbow of trees. so beautiful! It's not the most challenging of hikes - it's one of the easier Frontenac trails for this distance but still has difficult moments. It's great that if you don't have time for the full trail you can cut off 3km and do Bufflehead instead. Also lovely.

buggy,buggy,buggy.Nice trail.

2 months ago

Second time doing the loop at the bottom end of the Western Highlands, accessed from Hwy60, and it was amazing. I happened to pick the perfect weekend (2nd weekend in May) which was perfect hiking temperature of around 14C in the day, but a but chilly at night (around 3C) but the best thing ... zero bugs! And I mean zero. Hit the window between not too cold, and before they hatched. My first time on this trail, last year, was incredibly wet and I didn't have the right boots, so felt like I was "portaging" around wash-outs on the trail all day long, and took me 2.5 days (2 camps) to get through. This time I had proper boots and it wasn't as wet - and did the loop in 9.8hrs hiking. Even so, I did spend a night a Maggie Lake which was amazing. I live in Toronto so I drive up and stay at a hote/motel in Huntsville the night before so as to get an early start. Great hike that's totally do-able in a weekend for Torontonians.

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