This was an overall nice hike. A great day hike with no gear. The terrain is a bit rough in sections, and the far North section takes you along the top of some beaver dams. In late August it was damp, in the spring I can imagine it would be very wet. The path is also overgrown in spots. So long pants are wise. There's not much in terms of elevation change. One or two slightly steep hills. The bugs were active I would be apprehensive doing this in the spring. Total hiking time ~5h + breaks.

I hiked in with 17Kg (37.5lb) of gear, mostly camera equipment. I had absolutely no problems. 7km the fist day, 8km the second day. Good sky views from sites 528, and 530. The ski is reasonably dark, but it's under a flight path. So if you're doing time lapse work you're going to get airplanes.