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Ontario, Canada Map

Great trail. Did today, still lots wet snow but some brave souls were camping.

Beautiful trail, a bit wet but very easy, mais que nous sommes chanceux!

Came back to try the walk again after being iced out last time I was here. It was good! Not a huge fan of train track walking but it was peaceful and there were some nice birds to watch. It’s still slushy and icy and hard to walk in parts but it’s not too bad. Start at the trail on the road along the active train track and come back up the old train trail and up the stairs to Fort Willow which is a nice little treat at the end of the 5km hike before getting back on the road! A good 1:45 minutes bit of fresh air.

Nice little walk. I parked at Tiffany falls and walked this route in reverse (there is a small parking lot there but there wasn’t a clearly designated parking area at the beginning of this map).

Did this walk/hike about 4/5 weeks ago and there was a lot of mud (to be expected)! It was still exhilarating and fabulous! Caves, a quarry, lovely look-out area and little brooks. Can’t wait to do it over and over again and of course to experience it now in the spring. My watch said we did 9km in total.

Nice trail, it’s very easy to hike too. The view is nice when there’s snow. Only takes about 2hrs to finish the trail and you can walk back from the big streets instead of the same way to save you about an hour time.

Easy trail, fairly quiet, lots of birds

Really enjoyed it

Beautiful walk in the city.

Very pleasant.

Great hike after the ice storm and no damage to the trees

trail running
3 days ago

Running again with condition left over ice, pallet snow and wet snow from freezing rain last weekend. Many area are quite slippery and with packed ice or packet ice with paddle of water underneath. Not good to hike or run if you don't have a proper hiking or trail running shoe.

Fun trail. Lots of wooden walk ways over small rivers, ponds and even a waterfall. Lots of fun for the dogs!

Last fall on a beautiful day. it was a great day out with the teenagers and great opportunity for pictures. Close to home we will definately be back.

Love to get out on this trail. Nice to have some that I can access. Wheelchair accessibility is very important

Gorgeous homes in the area to check out, lots of historical buildings. Great walk. Like a small village.

trail running
7 days ago

Flat trail that is good for running. On a nice day there is a lot of cyclists using the trail. The trail does run parallel to the road to a good part but you are down lower than the road so you feel like you are in the woods.

7 days ago

Great view of the lake from the lookout especially in the evening. There are a lot of stairs to walk down after the look out point, which ok but I rather be on the ground. For that reason I only give it 4 stars.

trail running
8 days ago

Cannot say it is very technical steep up and downhill, or with rock and rough trail, but it's S-shaped maze trail with up & downhill will not make you too bore. Constantly up and down can train up the short burst up & down. Some of the lower area are still cover with ice and other area are muddy but are still perfect for trail running. BTW, the scenery are nice with wildlife (I saw woodpecker pecking) only lack of river and stream.

8 days ago

A perfect Canadian Shield fix for those looking for rocks, pine trees and water. There are many scenic views of both forest and the lake. I did the trail a few times winter 2018 in the morning and had no other hikers - lovely solitude. However, I am guessing it is very popular and busy in warmer weather.

9 days ago

A lot of other hikers today and the trails are very muddy at the moment but that doesn't take away from the great main trail.

Shoes with gripped soles come in handy in a few spots. I wouldn't recommend wearing sandles in the summer.

The trail is 75ish% covered by the forest canopy. This makes for a beautiful sight when the sunbeams shoot through onto the path.

As well, I was lucky enough to have a few chickadees eat seeds out of my hand.

Starkey Hill Trail has a few gems to offer; it is worth exploring.

I walk the trails weekly.
Always something new to see if you take your time and look around.
An annual pass is well worth it if you live locally.

10 days ago

Really nice scenic trail, I went mid week on a damp overcast day, there wasn't allot of traffic but I would imagine it will be packed in the summer when the foliage is in full bloom. There were a couple of washrooms throughout the trail which was nice. The main trail is paved and is fairly level but there is a fairly steep incline in and out of the park, there is paved ramp with stairs in some part but is steep to get down. I think there may have been another ramp down that was less incline that started at the same part and entered the trail further down. I really enjoyed this hike unfortunately the trail was closed for maintenance half way down to Eglington, there was a ramp to get off the trail, so I think you could have went up to the street and re-entered further down the trail

10 days ago

This trail runs from Christie Conservation in the south through Beverly Swamp up to the Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve in the north . Some sections are on road , some of which can be busy . One section is quite steep and could be difficult to casual hikers . Christie park is very regulated with pay parking etc . The Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve is unregulated and has been know for large bush parties in the past . Beverly Swamp in the middle is a bug's paradise . You will need sturdy boots for the off road sections and log pants for tick protection permethrin treated preferably . Definitely need mosquito repellent and deer fly patches . Fairly long days outing bring lots of water and as all water along the trail is considered contaminated . The adjoining land owners are not friendly so best to ignore them . Enjoy !

Enjoyed the area! Came during the spring, so it was quite messy, but enjoyable :) I will be writing a blog post about my trail trek on thecaptainandhislady.com

I'm not sure why this trail is rated moderate...it is short, flat, and rather dull. Also, it is somewhat difficult to find.

Loved it! You can read my blog posts on thecaptainandhislady.com :)

Read my blog post on thecaptainandhislady.com :)

This section of the trail goes through a simcoe county forest tract called Charcoal. there is no getting off this point to point trail. you walk between George Johnston Rd and Vespra Valley Rd. there is some movement in the water so it shouldn't be quite so buggy in the summer. on both sides of the trail, as you approach Vespa Valley Rd, there is marshland. with huge expanses visible, it would undoubtedly be a great birding spot.

Awesome secluded trail that has trees, fields and hills.

It also has a pokéstop at the partridge fen deck.

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