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you would need a good ground clearance and 4wd

11 days ago

I hiked through Carcross Desert to the viewpoint in early August on a very windy day. The effort-to-view ratio for the viewpoint is very high. It's low effort and super amazing views of Bennett Lake. I would recommend stopping there on the way to Carcross!

on Cheam Peak

14 days ago

Some easy off-roading (during summer time I guess). Need a 4x4 truck with high clearance. Nice views everywhere when no wildfires. Will definitely return.

You can get lost for hours and it is the best thing ever!! This is a great trail for ATV !! 5 stars !!

This is a great hike for beginners because it offers various terrain from a dirt path in the trees, to steep rocks and is only around 2 hours round trip. There is even a toilet at the top, no walls though, so if you wear a good pair of hiking boots or shoes and you will have no problem making it to the top. The drive in is a rough 14km but the view at the top makes it all worth it.

15 days ago

Great hike, just as hard coming down as going up. Rocky and slippery. Awesome views.

off road driving
16 days ago

I complete the 22km, took me most of the day , nice experience I did it in a SVT Raptor , was not easy but can be done , dont do it by your self or in the night time I encounter with a bear , black bear crossing the road

Great to go on with friends

23 days ago

One of my favourite hikes of all time. You will need a proper 4wd truck/SUV with decent ground clearance to make it up.
Hike took around 3.5 hours round trip with stopping for photos in between and at the top

Little bit difficult to find the trailhead. Once you find it you have a moderate hike for the first .5km which is mostly uphill. Then after that it is an easy hike into the lake. Beautiful lake never busy. Been there a couple times now.

For experienced hikers, this will be an easy, dare I say relaxing, hike. For beginners, like myself, this can be challenging. Completely worth it! If you're worried about the "moderate" level, wear good, sturdy boots for the rocks, bring lots of water and take your time! You've got this!!

Wouldn’t really rate this as a hike, more of a walk due to its extremely short distance and it should be rated as easy, not moderate. The lake was really pretty but didn’t really offer much other then sitting around it. Scrambled up the mountain behind the lake and sat on top which was definitely the best part of the hike.

Beautiful, had the whole place to ourselves.

1 month ago

Good change to an alpine hike from more typical lower mainland trails. Nice flowers, butterflies and birds as well. The views at the top are supposed to be great but visibility today was limited due to smoke. It was still really good even though I didn’t get the “full experience” at the top. The trail itself is in excellent condition though the same cannot be said for the road. The road has a lot of washout but they are really solid bottomed so you don’t need to worry about anything but clearance.

It was alright. I definitely would say it’s a wee bit harder than moderate! What the reviews lack to include is; the rock wall you have to traverse across.

Don’t get me wrong, the views are totally worth the end goal! Just make sure you’re ready for A steady climb and you’re wearing good shoes!

off road driving
1 month ago

Great for Jeeps. First time taking our Rubicon JL, definitely will be back!!

This is a great hike. The lake is beautiful. If you hike up Mount Ward the view of the Lake is amazing. The trail head however is hard to find.

Great hike! You need a vehicle with some clearance if you want to avoid walking all the way to the trailhead. Getting to the lake was fairly easy but you can continue to Mount Ward and Allison Peak if you want a bit more of a challenge. Seeing the window on Window Mountain was amazing. You can make your way to the window if you are confident enough. Me and my friend didn’t attempt because a pretty nasty storm rolled in on us once we summited Ward. I’ll be returning so that I can make it to the window next time.

1 month ago

Just did this hike yesterday, August 5th. We spent a total of 5 hours to complete the hike including an hour at the top, and stopping every few minutes to enjoy the views.

I would recommend accounting for an extra 1.5 hours for the drive to and back from the trailhead. The drive isnt super bad, any 4x4 pickup truck or a jeep would do.

Views and the hike is worth all the effort.

Access to the trailhead was super easy. A vehicle with clearance is kinda mandatory when you get off the main road (deep puddles, rocky). My 2000 Grand Cherokee eased through effortlessly.

Did the loop (up to the Window, Allison Peak, Ward Peak, a swim in the lake to cool off). Glad I did it- the weather was cooperative and I saw lotsa cool things (peaks I’d climbed before, a Mountain Goat on the way to Allison). Met a couple of really nice people going up to Ward as well (Bryan and Sandy- thanks for the chat and photos).

Think I’ll do this again, a very enjoyable challenge.

1 month ago

Real beautiful, good workout, 1h 45 up, 1h 20 down from staging area, 4x4 or walk to trail head.
Took too much water but always prepared.
Lots of people and trucks , but friendly,
Highly recomend

Amazing hike amazing views and a bit scrambley to the peak
The road in is about 11 Km very rough but no problem with my 4Runner as long as you take it easy...helps to have good clearance on your vehicles

1 month ago

Snow is gone on the road and trail. Some rough road here and there. Somebody asked if a Forester would make it - I’d say it can - just be wary of some of the runoff sections. Keep to the sides and you shouldn’t have an issue.

Trail has two muddy sections around the middle section. Was slippery in spots but there’s enough dry spots to get through.

Easy and nice!! You can even camp at the far end of the trail!

Found the trail head without a problem using this app. My Jeep Trailhawk had no problems navigating the mud holes and rocks, mind you I would have driven anything in there. The first three quarters of the hike up is on a tremendous amount of loose rock and is quite a climb up. Once to the top it was a spectacular sight. A shout out to Mackenzie for posting the mile marker.

1 month ago

This can be a steep trail for beginners. The road up there can take over a hour and very hard without a Jeep.

off road driving
1 month ago

amazing off roading will be back again great for jeep

1 month ago

The road is NOT good condition right now. You can maybe get 3-4km from the trailhead before the snow is densley packed. We hiked an hour or so to the trailhead but had to turn around. Unless you have snowshoes and a full day of time to do it, it's worth waiting until the melt. That being said, we still had a blast walking along the snowed in FSR and looking at the views!

1 month ago

Some road walking on the little fishing village secluded island. Some beach and rock scrambling as well. It is a loop, but we did not complete the whole loop. 17+ km, probably 20-22 if whole loop completed.

1 month ago

Did near end of July for sunset and it was spectacular. 2 small patches of snow, easy to navigate over. The road is as awful as they say. Ideally need high clearance and 4WD, or you could probably make it in a 2WD Jeep, or a car you don’t care about breaking.

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