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Great walk anytime of year.

Very nice view at the end. Worth the hike!

We went on Dec 31. Note, the gate is closed so you walk in — it has to be at least 4km walk in — it’s a pretty road along the water but you need to build that timing, 45-1hr walk in/out into your plan. We only did 1/2 of the first loop as a result. There was some ice on parts of the path which is pretty rooty and rocky so that slowed the pace as well.

Nice Christmas eve stroll with the dog

This is as close as you will get to Central Park in Halifax as it’s a beautiful park with endless trails and things to see. Can also see several old war bunkers and interpretive signs which is very interesting. There are a couple parking lots - this park is always extremely busy and really comes alive in the summer. Parts of this park are off-leash... some parts are no dogs allowed at all. Some are only on-leash - you have to watch your every move for little signs where the areas change. Are easy to miss. Beautiful views of the ocean/harbour and can even see York Redoubt and Dead Man’s Island from the park.

We love doing the frog pond loop. We always take our dog for walks here. It is a very busy trail with a large parking lot. You can venture off this trail onto other connecting trails in Sir Sanford Fleming Park. Very easy walk with minimal ups and downs. Trail is mostly dirt with a few small boardwalk sections.

27 days ago

Beautiful hike only minutes away from Peggy’s Cove. Only room for parking 4-5 cars and the trail isn’t marked from the road. You just have to look where there’s other cars pulled off to know where it is. Otherwise you can park along the road if the small pull-off is full. Parts of the trail are sometimes muddy - chose footwear appropriately. In the summer this trail is extremely busy with both tourists and locals alike. Note: inland the temperature will be 10 degrees warmer than the Peggy’s Cove area (typically anyway). It would be good to check the weather and wind speeds before you head down to this trail. There are lots of good places to have a picnic on this trail. There are also remnants of war bunkers to take a look at. The trail has several off trails and you could explore for ever. This trail is directly on the ocean. Best day to do this trail is on a sunny day, as you will get the most beautiful green-blue reflections from the water in any pictures you take. There are extremely steep parts and scaling up and down some large rocks. Do not wear sandals like some unknowing people do. Also... don’t be one of those people to go down on the black rocks...unless you want to die of course. This doesn’t just apply to Peggy’s Cove.. anywhere along the ocean. These rocks mean a wave can come out of nowhere and sweep you under and take you out in a rip tide. Do not let your kids or animals attempt to swim here either. The trail is good to hike with dogs on but there maybe be parts you need to help them along with (or turn and go back the way you came). This is a trail I would do more than once for sure.

This trail for us is one that you do once but never really return to. The hiking it good. - some ups and downs, stumpy trails, 1 look off where you can see the ocean in the far distance. There are 3 coloured trails. We did 2 in one day, then returned again to complete the trail we skipped the first time. It’s a nice quiet woodsy hike, however extremely boring. Some areas can be quiet wet at certain times of year. The road to the parking lot is dirt and is often very soft and muddy so just getting there can be an experience (early spring). Great for hiking with your dog...it is on leash only... however people not being able to read and all, we met several unleashed dogs running up ahead of their owners. Not very nice to have lose dogs approach on-leash dogs. I expect these are locals who think they own the trail. So overall, nice to do once for a new place to go, but not an “omg I must go again” trail.

Beautiful, it was pretty wet, but it’s December! Totally doable. Didn’t do the full loop, but was gorgeous even in the rain.

If you don't want to do the full loop, we had a very nice hike to the "skull head" lookout on the top of the granite cliff face, taking about 2 hours from the south parking lot and back. One thing worth noting, we were expecting the hike to be "hard" from the trial rating, and although the hike did become quite challenging following the first right turn onto the loop, the first long section of the trail from the parking lot consists of a wide flat gravel trail. Still some nice scenery along this portion.

Went in mid- November. Trail still good but a bit muddy. Definitely need sturdy boots- lots of rocks and uneven terrain. Coastline views are spectacular. Well worth it.

1 month ago

Fun hike with breathtaking views once you reach the top of the rock.

My brother came with me. It was short but we enjoyed it.

This was a perfect time of year. I wouldn't do this Itbe summer as the vegetation would be too closed in and I hate wearing bug sprays. I'd rare this as moderate with challenging spots of low difficult. A beauty of a high spot viewing the frozen lake.

An amazing workout! Beautiful trail in the winter. I can only imagine what it would be like with bugs and lots more foliage, because the trail was sparsely marked and I lost it once. However, the views at the tops of the little peaks and the frozen lakes were absolutely gorgeous.

Great views. Suggest to take two vehicles and park at each end so you don’t have to double back.

It was a foggy day for me with a surprise clearing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Loved this. A bit hard to follow at times so had to rely on the map. But a great hike for me and the dog!

1 month ago

Best place on earth

Beautiful path along the coast. Some rocky terrain so need good boots. Lovely views.

This was a lovely hike with lots of different terrain, beautiful views and good signage makes it pretty easy to follow. The pup and I will return!

2 months ago

Beautiful panoramic look-off views. Very moderate level trail with narrow paths, and some steep climbs and rocky areas. Completed in about 3 hours.

Well marked, beautiful trail. Definitely hunters around in November, wear bright colours. Number of large trees down on trail that I had to navigate around, (over and under lol) because of high winds recently. Thankfully the trail markings where very clear to get me back on track. Thank you so much!

2 months ago

We took a wrong turn and ended up on the ski hill which was super cool. Took a wrong turn but it turned out great. A major hill at the beginning but really fun:)

Shot easy loop, typical pond/wetland area. very nice to have a spot like this right in the city.

Great spot to get a hike in when pressed for time. The dogs love it and it is ready for use year round.

A nice walk with an amazing view for almost all the way. although it is a short trail, there are tons of foot paths to be explored, you could spend days doing it. if you don't mind pulling up a rock it is a lovely spot of a picnic. the oven and rock features make it an amazing place for photos, scenery painting or insperation. Definitely a place I will keep going back to!

2 months ago

Did the hike on a nice fall day - Beautiful trail. Steep ground but good footing.

This was a great trail right in the city. Had to stop and really pay attention to the map. Trail markers were hard to find. Backtracked a bit. Fun adventure. Need good stable footwear. Lots of roots, rocks, climbing and stumps to navigate. Took us longer than expected.

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