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1 day ago

Always a great hike with spectacular views. A good workout going up but how hard you will work is variable—you can determine the right pace for you. The back road, my usual way down, is an easy forest walk. A hike not to miss.

It’s amazing trail. I would recommend it as it is really moderate compared to most of the moderate trails in Nova Scotia. Most of the time you walk into forest but several amazing views make the trail really beautiful.
Bring bug spray.

Gorgeous lookouts, you can do it as a loop, peer down into the little coves to see large groups of purple jellyfish, lovely sound of shorebirds at the end

2 days ago

a great hike. fun for kids. nice spot for a swim at the first fall

Beautiful spot especially when you walk the rocks close to the water's edge

Great trail. The first part along the beach is not the best way to start the trail, as it is quite long and not that beautiful... but lots of different paths and views are amazing ! Also not a lot of people so you get time to enjoy the trail on your own !

This is particularly nice early morning. Ferries sounding the foghorns, sunrise, smell of coffee brewing just to name a few.

Perfect trail to use as alternative to urban hiking. Water views are very nice and historical significance to the area adds to appeal.

Great views along the entire trail. Some boggy areas, but managed not to ruin my boots. Some steep climbs and ascents. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear. Entrance to trail can be confusing. Weathered sign says ‘Private Property’ and there is a low gate to hop over.

Great little loop. Some hard wood , soft wood, mossy ground cover, spectacular views of the bay especially at low tide.
There are little benches for rest stops.
Some wooden board walk in wet areas with wire on top for traction if muddy.
The south eastern section has lots of BlackBerry brambles and could be trimmed back. In early to late August there will be plenty of fruit.
We nibbled on wild blueberry, partridge berry, hairy plumboy. This trail has lots of wild edibles if you know what to look for.
There was an eagle nest with mama feeding her hungry young.
We didn't see anyone while walking. It was a perfect stroll away from the busy five islands touristy hikes with equally lovely views.

Stunning landscape views and one of my fav spots so far with our travels. Far from the maddening crowds...
Parking has only a few spots.

Beautiful waterfalls
Very steep getting down and up from the falls
Thanks to whoever put rope there
Trail is decent lots of deadfall in the path

Great hike. Trail can be a little hard to follow at times. We used our phone’s gps to keep us going in the right direction. Lots roots and rocks to be mindful of. Some steep climbs.

7 days ago

Great trail. Easy to miss the small parking area suitable for only a couple cars. Short hike but the landscape and views are great!!

7 days ago

Easy walk through woods. Portion of the trail is more of an ATV path.

7 days ago

great trail for families. easy for all. scenic.

7 days ago

A challenging trail with a very steady ascent to the top but the payoff is certainly worth it. This trail rivals Skyline for the view from the top. absolutely fantastic!!

An amazing view! A bit scary with the exposure of the drop off and ocean. Just spectacular! A great bowl of chowder and beer from the Chowder Hut!

9 days ago

Beautiful scenery the entire length of the trail.

Other than the horse flies I enjoyed it.

Continuation of the Salt trail. Amazing with cycling!

Great views. Must do! Cycling only otherwise won’t see anything

Beautiful place! when you turn left on the beach you can observe seals. Only wonder why is moderate since its so easy.

Did the hike with our 9 month old in a back pack carrier and it was lovely!

Oh wow! What a beautiful location and walk for any time of the day. It gets better after sun down with the restaurants and shops lighting their patios. You won't want to miss the sunrise and sunsets.

Beautiful location, especially in the early morning for the sunrise and seeing the cruise liners coming the Halifax port. Dog Friendly off leash before 9am I believe. Trails are well groomed and water view on three sides of the park.

Great view, nice trail.

I'm familiar with part of this system, from Otter Lake up to Crowbar Lake.

The entrance on River Drive leads to a parking lot by the old "Camp Victoria", and a place where an old metal bridge used to be at Otter Lake. The road used to be public, but apparently it says here its now private property. When I drove on that road last week, a local resident said I was OK to go....not sure what that means or how authoritative it is. As far as I'm concerned, its reasonable if there is no barricade or chain blocking the road. There may be provision in the "Trails Act" in NS for this road to be for considered for public purposes of accessing public waterways (ie, Otter Lake and the river). The private property sign along River Drive may be ambiguous, ie, does it just mean "beyond this point on this road" or the forests on either side of the road? If they intended to completely block access, then why not put up a chain?

Please search for "Salmon River Long Lake" on this site, as I've written a more detailed description of this, and little bit of history.

Another point is that there is or was a "Lookoff" trail, which leads to a high look-off location directly north of Barren Lake (East of Otter Lake) . I recall a very nice ripe harvest of high-bush blueberries in September, when I was in Scouts back in the 90s.

13 days ago

This trail system is called "Crowbar Lake", yet the map only shows the portion from Myra Road to Granite Lake. I'm not familiar with this portion, but rather the section from Otter Lake up to Crowbar Lake.

Please search for the other trail on this site: "Salmon River Long Lake", in which I provide great detail on a related trail system and some history. Half of that system is still available. The second half may no longer be accessible: from the Crowbar lake detour up to Salmon River Long Lake.

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