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mountain biking
1 day ago

Great biking trail! Scenic, well-groomed. Came out at Lawrencetown Beach - fantastic spot to stop and rest and then turn around and head back. Love it!

Wonderful trail with steep rugged sections and some narrow sections. fantastic view at the end.

Amazing! Sad to see visitors trespassing on the areas clearly marked as no go zones. Pleased to see authorities tracking down violators. Remember it’s not all about you, it’s about appreciating and preserving nature.

Beautiful views. Forest floor is lush with moss and mushrooms . We were also treated to the sight of a juvenile bald eagle and a parent on a branch right above us .

Saw a moose 10 feet away from the high traffic trail but the view at the end is absolutely gorgeous!!

Nice easy hike but I only gave it 3 stars because 6k of 9k are on the rails to trails. Nice view of Mahone Bay when you get to the top of Castle Rock.

amazing views. there walk to the trail head along the beach and the Sea stones of not fun, but the elevated views from the point are gorgeous.

this is not a moderate home anymore. 30 years ago it was a cut and maintained trail and was easy, but the ocean and severe weather has turned it into a home that requires sturdy shoes, and had some tricky spots. watch your fitting on the rocky shoreline. amazing views and one of the best hidden beaches you'll find anywhere.

13 days ago

Unfortunately we saw no moose, but it was a great quiet beautiful spot early in the morning.

Amazing trail!! We had great weather with no rain but high humidity. Stayed at Refugees Cove and Seal Cove both had swimming beaches which was great as it was mid-July when we were on the trail. Highly recommend!

Fantastic trail do not miss it. A short walk to see a great view. I mountain biked it and had a great time. Some great cliffs & rock formations.

15 days ago

The lookout is unbelievable. Trail is very accessible to all.

16 days ago

A nice shady easy trail to a waterfall. Gradual climb on path. Waterfall worth the walk in.

16 days ago

A steep hour long climb up to great views over the clyburn valley and ingonish area. A loop trail. The trail is a old access road less steep and easier in the knees but long and boring. A couple lake lookouts.

16 days ago

Absolutely amazing views! Some of the best on the Cabot trail! A must see!

16 days ago

As expected, spectacular views! Trail was an easy stroll. Saw families with strollers and flip flops. Had opportunity to pass through a Moose exclosure...be sure to close the gate behind you. Hiked this trail the day after we hiked the Franey trail. Wanted something easy. It was.

17 days ago

Hike up was challenging. Great views from the top. Bring snacks and water. My 11 year old son brought a book and stopped to read a chapter when we reached the top ( 4 km marker). Took the ATV trail back down.


Nice quick trail at end of day. We completed this one after a late dinner to work off my large fish and chip plate.

Beautiful trail and views. We picked a very hot and humid day to hike here and will choose a cooler day next time. Luckily, we had lots of water with us and we took our time! Highly recommend this trail.

24 days ago

The view of the falls is very much worth the hike in! If you’re able to, get up to the second plateau to get a better view of the top of the falls (when you’re standing at the end of the trail facing the falls, turn around - there’s a steeper, root-ier climb that requires a bit more flexibility and strength than an “easy” hike). The flies were bad, but what can ya do! If there’s a walking stick offered at the beginning of the trail, use it and return it when you’re done (there were about 5 leaning against trees earlier this week).

24 days ago

The fork was open to both directions on Monday morning and was able to do the loop. Saw a mother and baby moose about a km into the walk, roughly 100 feet from the trail, and another larger female moose on the way back to the lot from the Skyline look-off - she was much closer, maybe 20 feet from the boardwalk. Amazing trail, and relatively easy - I’d call it a walking trail as opposed to a hiking one. Very well groomed and wide.

Wonderful hike with so many changes from the path, to the board walk, and along the rocks. Wet ground today through the woods but worth it coming around to the beach. Very easy but you need good shoes for walking the rocks. Missed this hike last year when a man was returning up and said there were bears ahead and I might want to just walk to the beach.

26 days ago

Beautiful trail beautiful scenery! Rated as hard and it is but well worth it. Did the trail in 3 days but would probably opt in doing it in 4 next time to enjoy it more. Refugee cove and Seal cove campsites were perfect! Would recommend for sure!

First part of trail is walking through loose large gravel/rocks. With lots of water. There are multiple paths to get through so you don’t have to get wet. Once you get deeper in trail is better to walk to n. With the two tracks there are lots of pathways to go through. Main trail is not well marked so is very easy to go off the main trail onto a separate side trail. AllTrails app was essential to get back on track when we veered off course.

on Franey Trail

28 days ago

Always a great hike with spectacular views. A good workout going up but how hard you will work is variable—you can determine the right pace for you. The back road, my usual way down, is an easy forest walk. A hike not to miss.

It’s amazing trail. I would recommend it as it is really moderate compared to most of the moderate trails in Nova Scotia. Most of the time you walk into forest but several amazing views make the trail really beautiful.
Bring bug spray.

Gorgeous lookouts, you can do it as a loop, peer down into the little coves to see large groups of purple jellyfish, lovely sound of shorebirds at the end

Great trail. The first part along the beach is not the best way to start the trail, as it is quite long and not that beautiful... but lots of different paths and views are amazing ! Also not a lot of people so you get time to enjoy the trail on your own !

Perfect trail to use as alternative to urban hiking. Water views are very nice and historical significance to the area adds to appeal.

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