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Went snowshoeing on this loop today. Absolutely beautiful! There were a couple tricky bits because it was all ice under the newly fallen snow, but nothing risky.

This is a gem of trail located within the city. We were glad we had our trail crampons and hiking poles as most of it was ice covered. It's not well marked, but luckily we met someone coming in the opposite direction and followed their tracks.
We are definitely going back to explore the rest of the trail system.

Although some may have rated this same adventure a 2 or 3 star, I rated it a 5 because I loved it. That being said there are some things to watch out for on these trails. We started with a planned trip around Charlie's lake loop, meeting another hiker he told us the rest of the loop was completely ice and we should probably go a different way. So we took Mike's trail. The trails are barely marked so 100% you need a GPS. We got lost and then found a unknown trail that wasn't on the GPS that was marked with ribbon. Followed it and found Fox lake loop. And made our way back with the GPS.
Key points. All the trails were very icy this time of year, use a GPS, go early in the day incase you get lost.
The trails involved lots of obstacles to get over, as well as climbing sometimes. Usually just jumping over rocks and tree branches.
Really excited to go back!

Nice Christmas eve stroll with the dog

Well marked, great camping spots and the landscape changes drastically throughout the trail so it never gets boring. I did it with 1 overnight stay. There was a good camping spot on the farthest loop where the portage trail crosses the actual trail at upper five bridges lake, it’s fairly flat with smooth small gravel and beautiful lake view. At a fast pace it took me 8 hours total hiking but I stopped for breaks which aren’t included

This was a great trail right in the city. Had to stop and really pay attention to the map. Trail markers were hard to find. Backtracked a bit. Fun adventure. Need good stable footwear. Lots of roots, rocks, climbing and stumps to navigate. Took us longer than expected.

it's a good trail for walk, but you still can hear the traffic noise

Had to backtrack a couple times to pick up the tea.after losing it. Definitely tired out the dog. Had a great time.

5 months ago

Great technical trails close to the city. Make sure to pay attention as trails are largely unmarked.

beautiful day on the trail today. did it in 1h40 and was walking with a fast pace. most scenic views are to the right on the first half of the trail. will definitely be back

Nice 2 hour and 15 minute hike but quite frequent encounters on this loop.

Good hiking trails. However, if there were any markers, I did not notice any. could not find my way around the lake.

I went after a big rain so it was a little soupy close to the lakes but someone had put down logs to walk across in most parts and even made a makeshift bridge out of fallen branches. I recommend going for sure, more of a moderate to easy hike and the trail is well walked on and easy to follow

This was only my second hike ever, parts were challenging, but overall great trail and view at the top. Can’t wait to try the rest of the loops!

6 months ago

Beautiful views.

Did this as a family 2 years ago and loved it! 7.5 hours at a leisurely pace. Beautiful scenery.

Best done in May before bugs and people come out! Or in the Fall maybe.

Fairly easy to follow even with a few bunny trails when on the Kearney Lake side of the lake but was unable to find crossing to the other side to complete loop. Even created own crossing but not able to re-locate trail on other side. Had to u-turn. Will try to do trail counter clockwise next time and hopefully find crossing.

A pristine and well-marked trail. The work volunteers put into this route really shines through! Easy to navigate, with the exception that I accidentally crossed the loop the first loop intersection both times, adding a couple kms.

Went on a day with lots of rain and there was surprisingly little mud.

Took ~5.5hrs to power through at a fast and furious pace, but would absolutely recommend taking a full day to enjoy the views and swim.

Beautiful trail and views. We picked a very hot and humid day to hike here and will choose a cooler day next time. Luckily, we had lots of water with us and we took our time! Highly recommend this trail.

Great hike. Trail can be a little hard to follow at times. We used our phone’s gps to keep us going in the right direction. Lots roots and rocks to be mindful of. Some steep climbs.

Really enjoyed this trail. Lots of great views. Well marked and easy to follow. Kids loved that there were lots of boulders to climb. Will be coming back to hike some of the other Bluff Trail loops.

I run this trail 1-2 times a year. A great workout and pushes me to my limits. If you are trail-running, plan at least an hour+ for this run and bring lots of water. If you are hiking, plan at least 3+ hours. everywhere along the course you will find great views.

Being a runner, I do this the first loop 1-2 times a year. A challenging course which pushes the limits of my abilities. When you do get to one of the look-offs, the views are breath-taking. Plan at least 3-4 hours if you plan to walk the first loop.

Great hike. Really will do it again some day. I encourage everyone around to go and do it.

Only did first loop. with Megan, Holly and BobbySue

Really enjoyed this trail. Especially the look off.

Very nice relaxing trail.

Great hike very beautiful with lots of places to stop and enjoy the view. As often said lots of roots and some climbs but all in all doable.

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