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is the Gaspereau River trail still closed-and why is it if it is?

Absolutely gorgeous views but you need to watch your feet as the trail can be rocky or soft. Very easy to twist an ankle. And yes sometimes it can be tricky to find the path. This is NOT private land. It’s a conservation area and the trail is maintained. Wonderful rocky points to climb and sit. Saw people fishing off them. Beautiful spots to watch the sunset. No services and there’s no easy way to return to your car. So plan to hike back. I went three times during my week in the area. A hidden gem b

Great hike! Beautiful views all the way, gorgeous fauna and lots of places to stop and let the dogs have some water. Loved the variation of trail from open flat rocks to short steep stints to deep forest and windy trails through lush plant life. Our dogs had no problem with this hike, just took it slow to allow for breaks and water. 3 hrs round trip with our breaks.

Beaitiful and surprising trail. Babbling brooks, a small waterfall and soft moss underfoot we loved this trail. Bring a map as pays off the trail a little harder to locate. Maps at trailhead.

15 days ago

Really enjoyed this trail, very easy hike with amazing views at the end! The trail itself was relatively well marked and very easy to follow. I began my hike around noon on a Saturday in peak tourist season and had the trail all to myself. Definitely worth the slight detour off the Cabot Trail - I would highly recommend to everybody!

This is one of the top trails we have hiked. Rated a 5 star from us. Do not miss this trail. If you are looking to do a trail in norther Cape Breton hike this one for sure. A rough road to get there but well worth the drive. •••••

Great trail for hikers of all levels. The end of the trail is a beautiful lookout and is spectacular to see, especially for somewhere so close to the city. Make sure to keep to the left when you start out on the trail as it can be easy to get off the main trail veering ever so slightly right and you’ll get into some thick brush.

We did 18.5 km loop starting at northern entrance and not doing the escarpment offshoots , nor the spots in to camp.
The trail was under tall old growth trees for the majority of the hike. It was lovely! We crossed several streams , two rivers & unknown number of creeks (dry and moist).
This is not a hike for people wanting flat walking surfaces or cell service or even terrain . There were several climbs and descents every hour. There were trees to climb over, go under or walk around (at least three/km of trail). The views were of mossy forest floors, ferns, old trees, plethora of fungi and tonnes of toads. Some were so small!!

We easily did this hike in two days -1 overnight. We are not fast walkers, but steady. We cooled off in the Brookes and rivers. The hardwood stands felt like the rainforest with the amount of humidity they gave off.

Overall, totally worth it, but not a walk in the park.

I also hiked the devils elbow round trip to the falls and back. Definitely not for beginners. A lot of elevation changes with some fairly steep inclines. Take your time and bring lots of water. I'd definitely recommend though.

1 month ago

a great hike. fun for kids. nice spot for a swim at the first fall

Great views along the entire trail. Some boggy areas, but managed not to ruin my boots. Some steep climbs and ascents. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear. Entrance to trail can be confusing. Weathered sign says ‘Private Property’ and there is a low gate to hop over.

Great hike. Trail can be a little hard to follow at times. We used our phone’s gps to keep us going in the right direction. Lots roots and rocks to be mindful of. Some steep climbs.

I'm familiar with part of this system, from Otter Lake up to Crowbar Lake.

The entrance on River Drive leads to a parking lot by the old "Camp Victoria", and a place where an old metal bridge used to be at Otter Lake. The road used to be public, but apparently it says here its now private property. When I drove on that road last week, a local resident said I was OK to go....not sure what that means or how authoritative it is. As far as I'm concerned, its reasonable if there is no barricade or chain blocking the road. There may be provision in the "Trails Act" in NS for this road to be for considered for public purposes of accessing public waterways (ie, Otter Lake and the river). The private property sign along River Drive may be ambiguous, ie, does it just mean "beyond this point on this road" or the forests on either side of the road? If they intended to completely block access, then why not put up a chain?

Please search for "Salmon River Long Lake" on this site, as I've written a more detailed description of this, and little bit of history.

Another point is that there is or was a "Lookoff" trail, which leads to a high look-off location directly north of Barren Lake (East of Otter Lake) . I recall a very nice ripe harvest of high-bush blueberries in September, when I was in Scouts back in the 90s.

We saw sea lions just off the shore. Trail is quite muddy in parts!

1 month ago

A must experience trail system!

Really enjoyed this trail. Not overly challenging and beautiful views of Nova Scotia’s rugged coastline. Will definitely be back to do this hike over, and over again.

Trail closed. June 2018

Very technical, but no markings!

2 months ago

We are seniors and we really enjoyed this hike. Lots of tree roots to step over. The trails are sometimes not easy to follow. However, we used a GPS App on our iPad which helped us not get off track. This hike must be so beautiful in the fall.

Good trail to go with friends. Different paths provide variations of difficulty to suit the needs and skills of everyone. Don’t recommend doing this in the winter time or in cold conditions. The trail is mostly on a hill and paths will be icy in the winter time and at cold temperatures. Prepare for a long and vigorous hike since it is on a hill. The look off at the end is well worth it (overlooking Antigonish harbour) and the top provides lots of open area to camp, have a fire, and relax.

Great hike. Definitely need proper footwear. I would pack differently next time and go earlier in the day. I think the falls at the end would have been much more exciting in the spring or early summer. Definitely do it again.

Great hike, beautiful views. Recommend good hiking boots if you want to explore too far the terrain is very rocky.

Amazing trail, with a wide verity of scenery it has something for everybody, and depending on how brave you are, many small rock beaches to explore

Make sure you go to the look off part very nice view

Love Shubie trail

Some newly felled trees across trail on West side of Ash Lake, otherwise in great shape this spring.

Well marked trail. Nice mix of terrains too. It can get a bit swampy in the lower parts.

7 months ago

Beautiful walk beside the river.. I have done it in December during snow which was really amazing. You can hike even after the trail if you want to, but make sure that you dnt get lost

on Shubie Park Trail

7 months ago

I walk this trail every weekday morning with a group of men and it is perfect for our group. The trails are kept in excellent shape and better yet the park keepers are a very friendly lot. We walk for an hour or so, then it is off to Tim's for social time. This fall there was a concerted effort to make the trails free of obstacles. So it should be quite ideal for skiing if we get snow that stays.

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