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5 days ago

Castle Rock Trails are accessed from the Chester Connection Trail. The portion of the track on the map shown here, to the west of Labrador Lake, is on private property and is therefore discouraged. There is trail head parking in East River. Up to date information and a trail map is available from www.chester.ca. This is a new property for the Municipality of Chester. Your feedback is always welcome. Enjoy everyone. It's a lovely hike.

Continuation of the Salt trail. Amazing with cycling!

Great views. Must do! Cycling only otherwise won’t see anything

Did the hike with our 9 month old in a back pack carrier and it was lovely!

mountain biking
11 days ago

Definitely preferred biking over walking it!

Nice quick spin. Took about 4h with a full pack (testing some new gear for Chignecto). Definitely a MTB trail - first few kms are fairly flat or gradual, but between the rocky road surface and roots one should opt for ankle support. After a day of rain there is a fair amount of standing water in spots (esp on secondary trails). but there are developed trails to bypass the worst spots. Great lakeside spot to hang a hammock at the very end.

Gorgeous trail! Excellent for beginners, no mud at all, nice and flat. Definitely one of my favourites!

mountain biking
24 days ago

Very nice trail. Bring bug spray tho.

Would recommend. :)

In the past I’ve completed this trail but the other day two of us tried to do it and a fallen tree caused us to go around and we weren’t able to find the trail again and we’re forced to turn around. Would love it if someone could either add more trail markers or make the path more obvious so people don’t get lost. Also, there’s private property which is easy to accidentally venture into. Trail was hard to find

Slight elevations. Smoothe. Fairly busy - walking, running and biking. All very accommodating. I enjoyed biking on this trail! Lots of birds and squirrels.

Very nice relaxing trail.

Short but sweet

Beautiful hikes with lots of great surprises along the way!

mountain biking
1 month ago

Not bad, mostly flat, decent view, good exercise. Bring water and snacks!

We also saw 2 eagles they were huge and they went woosh woosh wee and flew away i slow motion. Prey coo

Can’t see much of the lake

Was a hike that gave a great variety hiking levels! Looking forward to going again.

1 month ago

The view from Castle Rock makes it all worthwhile. I did not enjoy the long walk along the Road. In the future I would walk in and out along the old rail line.

Nice trail. I have been a couple times and enjoyed it.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trail with lots of granite, new entrance on Alabaster way is nice with easy access. Lots of options for almost every level of rider. One of my favourites around Halifax.
Nice to see a fair amount of work is being done on the trails.

Just hiked this for the first time with some friends who do it annually, we did the loop in 1 day ... which was not easy ... and didn’t really give the opportunity to see the beauty at each lookout ... would recommend taking two days

Very technical, but no markings!

1 month ago

Very easy hike - basically just walked back the tracks several kilometres (away from the ocean - closest to exit 7 but on highway 3. After a few kilometres along the flat tracks you see a little road to the right with a castle symbol on a small sign. As you go along, look for the yellow, red, or blue castle signs. Follow whichever one suits your difficulty level. None of them are overly difficult - I might recommend not taking your dog up the hardest/steepest trail and you have to walk up or down some rock face. Parts of the trails very very muddy - mud holes you had to try to get around. You scramble up the final section of castle rock. There's a Canadian flag at the top and the view of the Atlantic Ocean is beautiful. You can see for miles in all directions due to how high you are. This was an enjoyable hike and I would do it again.

2 months ago

I love it up there i just dont like the fact they cut all them trees down and cleared all that land and now it just sits there and they are doing nothing with it....there were sooo many good trails up there until they did the clear cutting...I like going up to the big open marsh land up there where the round little pond is

2 months ago

Heard about and saw signs for the trail. Finally tried it last Tuesday, was not expecting such an amazing trail! Certainly recommend.

2 months ago

Great trail for on leash dog walking. Tons of other people around

Kinda boring and not aloud to have dogs of leash but over all not bad.

Nice flat trail you can do a short walk or a long one depending on your mood.
It's out and back easy to navigate with nice views

Absolutely the most beautiful place in Nova Scotia ❤️❤️

Good and on the harder side and can make it shorter by just going to skull rock which is just off the trail!

Tail is closed. Do not try to use trails

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