15 hours ago

Very easy hike - basically just walked back the tracks several kilometres (away from the ocean - closest to exit 7 but on highway 3. After a few kilometres along the flat tracks you see a little road to the right with a castle symbol on a small sign. As you go along, look for the yellow, red, or blue castle signs. Follow whichever one suits your difficulty level. None of them are overly difficult - I might recommend not taking your dog up the hardest/steepest trail and you have to walk up or down some rock face. Parts of the trails very very muddy - mud holes you had to try to get around. You scramble up the final section of castle rock. There's a Canadian flag at the top and the view of the Atlantic Ocean is beautiful. You can see for miles in all directions due to how high you are. This was an enjoyable hike and I would do it again.