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Indian Path

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This trail for us is one that you do once but never really return to. The hiking it good. - some ups and downs, stumpy trails, 1 look off where you can see the ocean in the far distance. There are 3 coloured trails. We did 2 in one day, then returned again to complete the trail we skipped the first time. It’s a nice quiet woodsy hike, however extremely boring. Some areas can be quiet wet at certain times of year. The road to the parking lot is dirt and is often very soft and muddy so just getting there can be an experience (early spring). Great for hiking with your is on leash only... however people not being able to read and all, we met several unleashed dogs running up ahead of their owners. Not very nice to have lose dogs approach on-leash dogs. I expect these are locals who think they own the trail. So overall, nice to do once for a new place to go, but not an “omg I must go again” trail.