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Excellent place to explore abandoned buildings and bunkers (fenced off areas for the most part)

This was a lovely hike with lots of different terrain, beautiful views and good signage makes it pretty easy to follow. The pup and I will return!

Pretty walk in the middle of the city. Great for date nights - lots of people watching, dining and drinking options, art, etc. Love coming in the morning to watch the sunrise.

1 month ago

Beautiful panoramic look-off views. Very moderate level trail with narrow paths, and some steep climbs and rocky areas. Completed in about 3 hours.

Lovely easy hike with interesting history and great views

This is one of the best spots in the HRM for having it all. Tons of parking, bus route right to it, picnic tables, wooded areas, rocky shores and cliffs, tras suitable for walking and running, tones of history and ruins from old harbour defensive structures and wonderful scenery. But the highlight for me with this trail system is the sunrise. So far the best I have seen in the HRM, and with in a minute walk of the parking lot. I love to watch it then I have more motivation for the up coming run or hike!

1 month ago

Very easy trail for the whole family. Mostly we cam to see the Dingle Tower. Beautiful views from atop the tower. Plenty of parking.

Historic site with many different trails available to explore the area. No shortage of parking and there are plenty of beautiful views.

2 months ago

Great day spent exploring McNabs Island. Nice trails and fun to walk around the ruins and lean about the history of this island. We took many breaks and enjoyed nature. Fun day!

Gorgeous area to hike with dogs. Make sure you have a gps or map as it’s easy to get a little turned around in there.

trail running
2 months ago

2 months ago

Excellent trail system for the whole family in the heart of the city! Plenty of parking but can be very busy. Washroom facilities located throughout the park. There's a rich military history to this park as well. Highly recommended!

2 months ago

It’s a good choice if u don’t want drive too far from downtown, especially suitable for daily exercise.

Very user friendly for all ages. Dogs allowed on leash. Tracks water's edge.

Great trail to walk if you need a getaway from the city within the city.

trail running
3 months ago

Got to run with the dog off leash !

Enjoyable hike. The bottom paths are wider and flatter than the trails to the lakes. There are plenty of side paths to get yourself turned around. Very little in the way of trail marking but the paths are pretty easy to follow. The app was helpful, but you may lose cell reception at the far end of the trail.

The trail was quite clean with no litter and only a few rusted artifacts. I will be coming back.

Great public space in the middle of Halifax city with outstanding views. Lots going on with public art, business and plenty of places to eat, refresh, drink and dine.

Once we reached the trail it easy enough to follow. Lake was pretty. We parked at Maskwa and walked in from there. We relied on our GPS doing it this way and added 2km to our hike. Also got to see Charlies Lake by taking this route.

3 months ago

great hike with variety of levels (easy to moderate). neat to see the Jack pine growth after the forest fire.

First part of trail is walking through loose large gravel/rocks. With lots of water. There are multiple paths to get through so you don’t have to get wet. Once you get deeper in trail is better to walk to n. With the two tracks there are lots of pathways to go through. Main trail is not well marked so is very easy to go off the main trail onto a separate side trail. AllTrails app was essential to get back on track when we veered off course.

It’s amazing trail. I would recommend it as it is really moderate compared to most of the moderate trails in Nova Scotia. Most of the time you walk into forest but several amazing views make the trail really beautiful.
Bring bug spray.

This is particularly nice early morning. Ferries sounding the foghorns, sunrise, smell of coffee brewing just to name a few.

Perfect trail to use as alternative to urban hiking. Water views are very nice and historical significance to the area adds to appeal.

Did the hike with our 9 month old in a back pack carrier and it was lovely!

Oh wow! What a beautiful location and walk for any time of the day. It gets better after sun down with the restaurants and shops lighting their patios. You won't want to miss the sunrise and sunsets.

Beautiful location, especially in the early morning for the sunrise and seeing the cruise liners coming the Halifax port. Dog Friendly off leash before 9am I believe. Trails are well groomed and water view on three sides of the park.

The trail head (River Drive @ the old Camp Victoria) may be private property, but it still appears essentially accessible and not blocked. One resident along that road said I was welcome to continue down to the end, for purposes of hiking/exploration. The drive down the road is very poor, and almost unsafe with a regular car.

The map indicates an older dotted line root from the parking lot by Camp Victoria, over where an old metal bridge used to be (1990s and before), and up Otter Lake and Salmon River on the west side. This path is falling into disrepair, and is difficult to follow. You can access that path by crossing on the rocks (may have to wade up to your knees) on the west side of the parking lot where the bridge used to be at Otter Lake.

The main path on the east side of Otter Lake and Salmon River is generally good, very rugged and thoroughly adventurous. As the path reaches a swampy stream region on the north-west side of Crowbar lake, it takes a detour up into the hills, and connects with the trail system leading to Myra Road (Porters Lake). The piece of trail (shown here in red) that continues on to Woody Lake and Porcupine Lake is of unknown status to me, and may be mostly overgrown. A volunteer crew should aim to re-establish this trail, as both Porcupine and Salmon River Long Lakes are almost inaccessible except via water craft.

Side Note: There used to be a mill up at Wisdom Mill Lake, and it was probably named after either John Wisdom (an original builder of Dartmouth and someone who operated mills) or some related Wisdom family descendent. There was a long road which led from Preston northward, passing Loon Lake on the west, to Wisdom Mill Lake. It was called "Wisdom Old Wood Road", and is only visible on older maps pre 1940s or so. It would be an extension of the dotted-line path indicated on this map, reaching northward from a residential Preston road.

I enjoyed it and the great views. I'm happy to see York Redoubt being restored. Picnic tables and informational signage.

Nice quick spin. Took about 4h with a full pack (testing some new gear for Chignecto). Definitely a MTB trail - first few kms are fairly flat or gradual, but between the rocky road surface and roots one should opt for ankle support. After a day of rain there is a fair amount of standing water in spots (esp on secondary trails). but there are developed trails to bypass the worst spots. Great lakeside spot to hang a hammock at the very end.

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